My Top 15 Albums of 2010! Really? Yes, Really!! And more? Wow!


29 Dic 2010, 5:32

I usually say something about every release but I’m running out of faux-witty things to say. A bunch of hipster records are on here this year, more than usual I feel. Agalloch, Surfer Blood, Beneath the Massacre, Sufjan Stevens (gets BL points for making a very weird record I did not anticipate), and Bomb the Music Industry! were on the cusp but didn’t quite make it. The Thermals and The Gaslight Anthem both released their worst yet still enjoyable records, Superchunk joined the ranks of Dinosaur Jr. of releasing an album after 10 years that wasn’t completely embarrassing, and I don't care that the Hunx and His Punx record is a compilation, it's going on the list. I didn’t listen to a record more high this year than Sun Araw’s, The Wonder Years released the best New Found Glory album since Catalyst, and Titus Andronicus probably put out the best album of the year. But I spent all of January, February and March walking the streets of New Brunswick listening to the Vampire Weekend’s Contra and that feeling still holds over in December.

Top 15 Albums of 2010:

15. The Gaslight AnthemAmerican Slang
Essential Tracks: American Slang, Bring It On

14. Black WineBlack Wine
Essential Tracks: Haunted, Chateau of Ghosts

13. The ThermalsPersonal Life
Essential Tracks: I Don't Believe You, Alone, A Fool

12. Screaming FemalesCastle Talk
Essential Tracks: Boss, Normal

11. Sun ArawOn Patrol
Essential Tracks: Ma Holo, Deep Cover

10. Hunx and His PunxGay Singles
Essential Tracks: CRUSING, Teardrops On My Telephone

9. The Wonder YearsThe Upsides
Essential Tracks: Dynamite Shovel, Melrose Diner

8. Best CoastCrazy for You
Essential Tracks: Crazy for You, Goodbye

7. WavvesKing Of The Beach
Essential Tracks: King of the Beach, Idiot

6. Tigers JawTwo Worlds
Essential Tracks: Return, Smile

5. SuperchunkMajesty Shredding
Essential Tracks: Digging for Something, Rosemarie

4. Ted Leo and the PharmacistsThe Brutalist Bricks
Essential Tracks: Ativan Eyes, Bottled In Cork

3. Paul BaribeauUnbearable
Essential Tracks: Eight Letters, Blue Cool

2. Titus AndronicusThe Monitor
Essential Tracks: Theme from "Cheers", Titus Andronicus Forever

1. Vampire WeekendContra
Essential Tracks: Run, Giving up the Gun

I’m lucky enough to call most of these bands my friends (if you think the technical death metal band from Italy isn’t one of those bands, you might be on to something) and they released some of the best music of the year. WSP/LNW/Maker/Front Bottoms/Bieber Summer 2011 tour plz

Top 5 EPs of 2010:

5. MixtapesThought About Growing Up

4. Fleshgod ApocalypseMafia EP

3. MakerI-91

2. Late Nite WarsIt's Okay Or Even Worse

1. The Front BottomsSlow Dance To Soft Rock

My 2010 Mix Tape:

Side A:
1.Against Me!White Crosses
2.The Gaslight AnthemBring It On
3.SuperchunkDigging for Something
5.Male BondingAll Things This Way
7.Surfer BloodFloating Vibes
8.Titus AndronicusTheme From “Cheers”
9.HarlemFriendly Ghost

Side B:
1.The Wonder YearsMelrose Diner
2.The MenzingersI Was Born
3.Late Nite WarsWork Isn't Working
4.Ted Leo and the PharmacistsBottled In Cork
5.The ThermalsAlone, A Fool
6. Venetian Snares - Posers And Camera Phones
7.S U R V I V Eomniverse
8.Vampire WeekendGiving up the Gun
9.Kanye West - Runaway

Boy did I blow it last year when it came to instrumental progressive metal and glam rock bands.

Best Albums of 2009 I Didn’t Hear Until 2010:

2. Steel PantherFeel the Steel

1. Animals as LeadersAnimals As Leaders

Screaming Females played the best I’ve ever seen them in a New Brunswick basement, New Found Glory played their best album all the way through (supported by Saves the Day playing an oldies-leaning setlist), The Ergs! reunited (!!) to battle cancer, The Court Tavern hosted the hottest acoustic show I’ve ever witnessed, and Fucked Up played simply the best punk rock set of the year complete with Black Flag’s Nervous Breakdown while I was wearing my Black Flag Nervous Breakdown shirt.

Top 5 shows I Went To In 2010:

5. Screaming Females, 1/9/10, Meat Town USA, New Brunswick, NJ
4. New Found Glory / Saves The Day, 2/20/10, Starland Ballroom, NJ
3. The Ergs! / Hunchback, 12/5/10, Asbury Lanes, NJ
2. Brian Fallon / Dave Hause, 5/7/10, Court Tavern, NJ
1. Fucked Up / Kurt Vile, 2/18/10, Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ

that's it, bye


  • Bayon3twork

    I would put AAL's Wave of Babies (digital single) in there somewhere. It's part of their discography right?! :D

    29 Dic 2010, 9:16
  • Rustedstringz

    Brian, just curious, but are you official not punx anymore? Seems a little Williamsburg Hipsterish for your prior tastes.

    29 Dic 2010, 16:12
  • derelicthobo

    Music Frank doesn't listen to = Williamsburg Hipster music Frank check out Cloudkicker.

    29 Dic 2010, 23:18
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