You sure that's Sixties?


29 May 2007, 21:40

I was at the train station earlier today, and I met a girl I hadn't seen in two years. (She was in my class in high school.)
She came up to me and said, "Gee Patrick, you look so sexy"

Obviously, I was perplexed.

"I... er... what?" was all I managed to say at that point.

Turns out I misunderstood her (which should have been obvious at first instance).

"I said you look so sixties. You know, like one of The Beatles!"

Now I wonder how much she actually knows about the Beatles, but that's a wholly different point.

She told me it was mainly my hair that made me look like a Beatle - and I seriously wonder whether that is something I should regard as a compliment or not. Yes, I haven't done much about my hair recently, and, yes, it's just lying around there on top of my head. Actually, my hair's been really short for the past 20 years (see the Tintin pic for an illustration of that fact), but a couple of months ago I decided to let it grow. It's not very long yet at the moment, so this is kind of an in-between phase. Or a Beatles phase, should you prefer that term.

It got me wondering, though. Specifically, which Beatle do I look like? I mean, I'm definitely not John Lennon. Not just because I don't wear glasses or because I'm not a hippy, but also because I just don't look an inch like him. I don't really look like Ringo Starr either, because I mostly picture him with a moustache. Then again, they all wore moustaches at some point, so I guess that's not a valid argument. Still, his hair was always slightly longer than mine. Next up is George Harrison, but I can immediately dismiss him too. His hair was way too long.

Gee, so the girl was mistaken then? Actually, I don't look anything like a Beatle! But wait - there's one Beatle left. In fact, it's the Beatle who wrote and sang all of my favourite Beatles tunes: Paul McCartney. And come to think of it: I look quite a bit like him. Well, like sixties-Paul. Let's find a picture.
Oh yeah, I'm Paul McCartney. Thanks for pointing out I look like a Beatle.

Well, actually I don't look much like Paul either, but who cares? I certainly don't, ha!

By the way, this whole discussion brings me to another thing. Earlier today, I came across this video of Paul McCartney performing my favourite Beatles song, Helter Skelter:

Just thought I'd share that with you too.


  • Phillyzero

    Lol, that's all I can say xD

    29 May 2007, 22:50
  • WalterDigsTunes

    I've been called everything but Paul. I do tend to get John particularly when I'm wearing glasses.

    31 May 2007, 22:29
  • WuNDeRKaMMeR

    you're great!! XD I would have never been able to make such an intro for a video...=D

    10 Jun 2007, 20:22
  • WuNDeRKaMMeR

    by the way, here's a thing that I've always wanted to ask someone, but I never found anyone suitable to be asked: what the hell does Helter Skelter mean?? =) Thank you!

    11 Jun 2007, 8:21
  • Pattrick

    A Helter Skelter is a slide that you can find in an amusement park. You know, for kids :p Here's a picture

    11 Jun 2007, 9:00
  • WuNDeRKaMMeR

    Ah wow! cool, I've never seen such a slide! =O Thank you^^

    15 Jun 2007, 12:42
  • JakeJustice

    I got called Ringo once. It's me big nose.

    21 Ago 2007, 21:40
  • timothy1986

    Hahaha, ik denk dat ik weet over wie het gaat. Het begint met M en rijmt op alijke :-P. Maar over welke beatle je bent... Qua muziek denk ik Paul. Qua persoon ben je toch denk ik wel George (behalve dat je dan niet into de hele india stuff bent) ;) En ik, tja :P I am the walrus goo goo g'joob

    5 May 2008, 9:50
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