• Top artists facts...

    29 May 2008, 14:11

    Don't remember where I stole this one...

    1. Tori Amos
    First song heard: Spark
    Favorite song: Not the Red Baron
    Song with highest position on charts: Father Lucifer
    Favourite album: Boys for Pele

    2. Regina Spektor
    First song heard: Prisoners
    Favorite song: Braille
    Song with highest position on charts: Samson
    Favourite album: Songs

    3. Venus Hum
    First song heard: Montana
    Favorite song: Do You Want to Fight Me
    Song with highest position on charts: Montana
    Favourite album: Venus Hum

    4. Imogen Heap
    First song heard: Let Go
    Favorite song: Leave me here to love
    Song with highest position on charts: Headlock
    Favourite album: Speak for Yourself

    5. Lamb
    First song heard: Gabriel
    Favorite song: Sweetheart
    Song with highest position on charts: Less Than Two
    Favourite album: Between Darkness And Wonder
  • Scarlet's walk revisited

    29 May 2008, 6:36

    The Tori Amos album that I feel I would like to change (except for the Beekeeper) is Scarlet's Walk. Great album, but in my opinion it needs some revision. Here is how I should do it. I know it's like a sonic novel so it's strange to rearrange the songs ... but anyhow:

    1. Wampum Prayer
    2. A Sorta Fairytale
    3. Sweet Sangria
    4. Strange
    5. Virginia
    6. Taxi Ride
    7. Mountain
    8. Mrs. Jesus
    9. Carbon
    10. Wednesday
    11. Crazy
    12. Pancake
    13. I can'’t see New York
    14. Scarlet’s Walk
    15. Gold Dust

    Single #1:
    1. A Sorta Fairytale
    2. A Sorta Fairytale (demo)

    Single #2:
    1. Pancake
    2. Your Cloud

    Removed songs: Amber Waves, Don't Make Me Come to Vegas, Another Girl's Paradise.

    Info: Mountain is a website b-side, and the ASF demo I'm reffering to is the one from A Piano: The Collection. Your cloud would be released as a b-side only.
  • My revision of The Beekeeper

    23 Mar 2008, 16:26

    So ... it's been like 3 year since Tori Amos released her criticized album The Beekeeper. I had a hard time with this album at first, but some of the songs really grew on me, while others didn't. So, a fair amount of time after the release (three years...) I decided to try to arrange The Beekeper in my way. Here's my revision:

    1. Original sinsuality
    2. Dolphin Song
    3. Sweet the sting
    4. Sleeps with butterflies
    5. General Joy
    6. Jamaica inn
    7. Mother revolution
    8. Parasol
    9. Goodbye Pisces
    10. The power of orange knickers
    11. Toast
    12. Barons of suburbia
    13. Marys of the sea
    14. The Beekeeper
    15. Garlands

    (For those who don't know: Garlands is the b-side from the DVD, and Dolphin song is a track from A Piano - The Collection nd was recorded in 2003 but didn't make the album.)

    (Removed songs: Ireland, Ribbons undone, Hoochie woman, Cars and guitars, Witness, Martha's foolish ginger.)
  • the Knife

    29 Jul 2007, 12:29

    How could it take so long for me to buy The Knifes first album (The Knife). So far I've given it one listening and it's so good. The best part is Karin Dreijer's amazing voice. Ah - it's so yummy!
  • The summer tour is now over

    10 Jul 2007, 19:53

    Yes, the small tour I did this summer is now over. I'm in some sort of post-Tori Amos-tour-depression. It's really strange. Suddenly the last show is just over and you're sitting there in front of the computer, listening to low-quality boots of some of the shows.

    It's really hard to choose a favourite show this summer, since all of them had bits that was amazing...

    The gig in Hamburg was really great since it was the first for me this tour. I got a seat behind a pillar(!) but managed to move one seat to the side so I got a good view. It was so great when Santa walked in. I loved when she played My Posse Can Do, it was really sweet. What surprised me most at this show was that the two songs she played from The Beekeeper (General Joy and Hoochie Woman) sounded sooo great live. I was aspecially surprised that I liked the latter one since the album version don't do much for me. Mr. Zebra was really great to hear too.

    My second show, in Düsseldorf was so awesome. The G8-version of Fat Slut kicked ass so much! The following three things was the best:
    1 I requested Marianne - and she played the best version of it ever!
    2 She played Just Ellen. Ok, I have never heard it before and the songs isn't that great - but it's great to have heard such a rarity.
    3 Pancake. Ah, it's so good!

    The next show I attended was the one in Copenhagen. Highlights from this show was Cruel and Silent All These Years. I had a great time and really great seats.

    The first of the two shows in London was so great. She played Cool on Your Island and it was so f**king good! Ah, I just wanted to rush the stage and make out with her. And I loved the Brain fart-improv. Yes, I love Black Dove (January), but if she hadn't messed it up I would not have heard Bliss = one of my favourites from To Venus and Back. Yes, Anastasia was another great song she played this evening!

    Ah, the last show. It felt a bit sad but at the same time great to have seen her five times this summer. Isabel entered the stage. I hoped for Clyde - that would have meant that I had seen all the four dools. But you can't get it all... Anyway, I can tell you that the following songs made me droowl, cum, pass out, cum again etc etc:
    Cooling, Beauty of Speed, The Waitress, Tombigbee and Tubular Bells.

    Well, the songs I've mentioned here are just some of the great songs she played at my shows. I can't write them all down. Now I just hope that I'll win a bunch of money so I can attend some shows in the US. It would be so great! But I won't get my hopes up...
  • Seen three, two to go...

    1 Jul 2007, 11:53

    So, this week my summer tour will end. I have seen three Tori Amos shows, and I have "only" two more shows to see this summer. The two shows in London - the 3rd and 4th of July. I'm leaving tomorrow and will spend four days in London. I'm gonna meet up with some people, both friends I know since before, but also a bunch of people from the internet, mostly folks from the Afterglow forum. It's gonna be a great four days.

    I thought I could share some of my personal highlights from this tour so far...

    At the Meet&Greet in Düsseldorf I requested Marianne. Tori's hand was full of request, but she found a spot on her finger to jot down my wish. And she played it. Even better - it was one of the best versions of the song she has ever done, so emotional.

    Caught a lite sneeze has always been a huge favorite of mine, so it was really sweet to finally hear it live.

    So far I've been lucky to see a diffrent doll at every show. That means that Clyde has to come out at one of the London shows ... that would mean that I've seen all of the four dolls.

    I managed to speak to Tori both in Düsseldorf and Copenhagen. She signed my hardcover book from A Piano: The Collection.

    Other songs that I really enjoyed was My Posse Can Do, Dragon, Mr. Zebra, Teenage Hustling, Fat Slut (with the G8 verses...), Pancake, Tubular Bells, Silent All These Years, Cruel and many many more.

    More to come ... I guess I'll make another entry once I get back from London
  • Thomaz on tour!

    27 Feb 2007, 9:40

    So, I've now ordered all the tickets for my summer tour with Tori Amos!

    June 4th
    Hamburg, Germany

    June 6th
    Düsseldorf, Germany

    June 13th
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    July 3rd
    London, UK

    July 4th
    London, UK

    Ahw, it feels really sweet. I'll be touring solo except for Copenhagen, because Lena will join me for that show.
  • Lamb - Between darkness and wonder

    6 Ene 2007, 10:14

    So, after browsing the swedish online music stores and coming up with nothing, I finally found this record on Tradera, the swedish equivalence to eBay. The CD was in mint condition and I got it pretty cheap.

    This is an amazing album. I know critics said that Lambs last record - Between Darkness And Wonder - wasn't as good as the previous, since there no longer was that same element of surprise and innovation. Well, just because you don't make something completely new and surprising doesn't mean it's bad. Suckers...

    I really like it. I belive it's the one album from Lamb that I like most, atleast I can easily listen to it all, whitout skipping any songs. The favourite from this album is whitout a doubt Till The Clouds Clear.