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Aphrodite's ChildThe Wakening Beast Escuchando ahora
Aphrodite's ChildSeven Bowls Hace 2 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildAegian Sea Hace 8 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildThe Seventh Seal Hace 9 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildThe Lamb Hace 14 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildThe Four Horsemen Hace 20 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildLoud, Loud, Loud Hace 23 minutos
Aphrodite's ChildBabylon Hace 26 minutos
Pearl JamEven Flow Hace 32 minutos
Pearl JamOnce Hace 36 minutos
The Heavy MindsYou've Seen It Coming Hace 2 horas
ÞursaflokkurinnÆri-Tobbi Hace 3 horas
ÞursaflokkurinnBrúðkaupsvísur Hace 3 horas
ÞursaflokkurinnBrúðkaupssálmur Hace 3 horas
ÞursaflokkurinnSigtryggur vann... Hace 3 horas
AirCe Matin-là Hace 3 horas
AirYou Make It Easy Hace 3 horas
AirRemember Tema favorito Hace 3 horas
AirTalisman Hace 3 horas
AirThe way you look tonight Hace 3 horas
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  • SerenadeinLead

    yeah julie c:

    Hace 1 minuto Responder

    ah yass juno reactor, have you seen them live? they slayyyy.

    Ayer 11:43pm Responder
  • coffee_and_TV_

    yeah i know the slits, i love that album with shoplifting and typical girls!! especially those tunes. can't remember the album name tho. female fronted punk is so awesome

    19 Nov 10:06 Responder
  • coffee_and_TV_

    ayyy thanks did you follow me? killer music taste btw

    19 Nov 6:19 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    The whole Navy(military thing altogether) was how badly I wanted to move on from my past here. Not just move away, but have a better setup overtime in starting a new life elsewhere. When I was in the separation process, it was just sad seeing people who've invested so much of their time and passion in life for that lifestyle to end up getting sent back home. Glad I wasn't among those type of people. I have to say though, the worst of it is at the boot camp which only lasts 8 weeks. After it's over, it's all a smoother process to be apart of. Overall though, I feel fine without it. Glad to move to California out of it instead.

    18 Nov 19:39 Responder
  • Parabellum13x

    Shit like that is pretty much my shit, haha.

    17 Nov 3:24 Responder
  • ketamineface

    You will probably like chu ishikawa. His tetsuo ost is excellent. Im a sucker for soundtracks and actually find myself recommending ost composers over professional bands. I see you have alot of artists in your library so u may already be a fan?

    16 Nov 23:34 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    It'd be out in the desert. I can't stand living in the cold, which it already is here. Basically, it's the best option for me to move away from my parents and work on getting on my own. It's especially a great option of getting on my own somewhere far, far better than Kansas. I would kill myself if I was 25 and still living with my parents. Dependency getting dragged on just leads to a go-nowhere lifestyle. It's just not going anywhere living how I am where I live now. / tl;dr version: You're right, dependency sucks and goes nowhere.(3)

    16 Nov 16:04 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    high school was to get my own place but I guess I just found myself to eventually realize that deep down I just want to get away from the shit life I've been raised into living here. I went to tech school here for a trade(machining), but it's a struggle to find solid work with it here. I've gotten myself to a point where I have no passion anymore to work nor educate myself toward anything here. I applied and went into the Navy earlier this summer, but it was my recorded history with transferring from my Catholic high school to a normal one that got me sent me back home. I was depressed in my history and got sent back home for it because the Navy's down-sizing/being more selective. Wasn't all that bad to me because I ended up meeting a guy from California out of it who said if I ever get fed up enough with my life here, then he'd have no problem helping me move there. Going to go ahead and take it. Already went on a short trip there to see what I'd be getting into and it was awesome.(2)

    16 Nov 15:53 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    Oh yeah, that sort of feeling is exactly why I'm moving to California this coming January. I can't stand Kansas, and I especially can't stand the way of life my parents have raised me through growing up here. Sure they had the whole roof over my head/food provided when I needed it/got me through required schooling-type stuff that parents should provide, but they were never good for any advice or helping me at all to actually, legitimately enjoy life. All they've been there for is helping me to survive and get by but never there to show me what life should really be about. My parents raising me through Catholicism+Catholic schooling made my childhood and teenage life a lot less valued to look back on then if I was just raised normal. I couldn't even finish my Catholic high school. Had to quit early in my Senior year(4th year) and switch to a new high school because people were such faggots. I graduated back in 2010 and shit hasn't gone anywhere since. My next move planned out of(1)

    16 Nov 15:37 Responder
  • ketamineface

    We must be the only 2 ppl who think its bollocks lol. Ive just been listening to faith no more and Alexander oneal recently. Wat sorta genre u after?

    16 Nov 0:42 Responder
  • Parabellum13x

    Listen to Dead Moon. And The Gun Club.

    15 Nov 21:11 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    "1.9.14 Life changing experience" What was the life changing experience? or is it private?

    14 Nov 23:19 Responder
  • TheSurrealFiend

    I have plenty of others wishlisted. Some that not a lot of people have even heard of. Decided to pick some major ones to display there. And yes, they are awesome.

    14 Nov 23:07 Responder
  • Parabellum13x

    I love OFF, Black Flag and Red Kross, fuck yeah.

    14 Nov 20:16 Responder
  • Parabellum13x

    Greg took control of the band. Even Reyes couldn't save that album. And now they have fucking Mike Vallely on vocals. Just listen to OFF!. So much better.

    14 Nov 20:06 Responder
  • krustywazoo

    Yeah, Secret House Against the World and Talkin' Honkey Blues are my favourite records of his! And, nice, you're on a Mr Bungle kick!

    12 Nov 3:26 Responder
  • tsuboband

    Hell-o and thanks for friendship great bands in your library !!! Just let you some links of my band if you want surf on it and listening our music !! Take care and cheers from Italy TSUBO TSUBO Facebook Page == TSUBO Youtube Channel == TSUBO @ Latsfm == TSUBO Twitter == TSUBO @ Sound Cloud == TSUBO @ Bandcamp == TSUBO @ Grooveshark

    11 Nov 11:23 Responder
  • jespreblob

    yeah it sure does... marq spusta is a genius..

    7 Nov 21:46 Responder
  • fufurufu

    Jajajaja, el otro día me las quemé sin querer echando el superjoint ritual :P

    4 Nov 2:26 Responder
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