<3 a best absolute love addictive adorable amazing angelic voices atmospheric awesome awesomeness awwww ballad beautiful beautiful ballad beautiful voice best intro ever better than original better than radiohead better than the original bittersweet bro is dead but in my heart and on my back he lives on cacca candy flavored tunes catchiest song since step you catchy catchy as hell childhood ciocolato scritto male classic cute deep song dragonball evolution theme dramatic and depressing dreamy engrish epic excellent arrangement freedom fucking awesome fucking epic fugly covers but nice song geniusly composed girl power girls kick ass good song for crappy movie happy have a bit of fun heartbreaking heavenly voices i could listen to this forever i wanna be a pop star like ken hirai if this were a pokemon i would catch it if you hate this then you have no heart im not goth but this song is good in a werid way incredibly catchy inspiration inuyasha japanese rickroll just cant get enough koda kumi wishes she had this song lol at the lyrics love at first listen love the instrumentation mainstream artists that actually experiment with different genres and succeed makes everything feel a little brighter makes me smile makes me think of the secret life of the american teenager makes me wanna punch people for fun manly tears masterpiece memories my boyfriend sparkles omg omg omg overrated but still good peaceful please save namie doctor powerful rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape sad sad songs songs to listen to while fighting bosses in a game stalin is amused stalker song stupid song used in a stupid video by two asian guys sweet sweetheart talented the worst song ever this is what dreams are made of this song makes me think of you twilight sucks but this song is good walking in a christmas day watchmen watermelon-watermelon-watermelon wintry women with amazing voices wtf werewolf yayayagagagadadadadawowowo yes your english sucks we all know it