• Maintenance, Balance, Survival and Hyper-mania

    29 Sep 2010, 20:43

    ah-- what a difficult balance: between the amphetamine (Rx, not "crystal"), and the bullshit they give the "addicts", which doesn't work, and the alprazolam, lorazapam, etc.-- those do well for establishing the /balance/, i so desperately seek-- since leaving Dr. Buprenex behind. But, he and I: we had to say goodbye.

    Since then, i've learned things-- secret things they keep from your sight at the clinics, you know-- and I understand more clearly what i experience is "Hyper-mania", or in archaic terms, one might say i am a maniac, and psychotic.

    How does that grab you? but-- here's the real double-take-- /They/ don't tell you that shit! it's like... playing a game of "Clue", or something. before my discovery, it would be: "Why am i so shitty today", or conversely, "Goddamn, i am in a really freakin' good mood today". Apparently, scientists deem that such /affective disorder/, or "mood swing" is abnormal.

    i don't know. i do believe the meds help. But, instead of alprazolam, which REALLY helps, i'm getting some friggin sh*t "Hydroxyzine Pam"! You know what /that/ is? It's basically /Benadryl/ which hasn't yet been approved for OTC distribution: a goddamn antihistamine, for chrissake-- for a recovering ____in addict... i mean, c'mon!

    f'n crazy man. the United States is ALL F'd up when it comes to this shit...

    now... where was i?
    oh... trying to do something productive, and not in front of this goddamn-- not cathode ray tube-- but whatever the hell; these liquid crystals all lighty-uppy-...

    "hey pig!...yeah, you! Hey pig piggy pig pig pig: all of my fears came true...." [ T.Reznor ]
  • Inquiry RE: Playlist - Usage; Recommendations

    24 Jul 2010, 14:57

    Hello, rockers, rollers, baby strollers:
    I, being of feeble mind and lazy as hell, not to mention a master in the art of suckling upon the grande teat of Time...

    I wonder: what is the recommended method by which a Decibel Audio Player user should best /import/, or load an existing playlist (e.g. M3U, PLS, XML/XPSL, etc.) for playability in the D.A.P.?

    Through trial, and error, I did reach success by adding a folder which contained only M3U (note, however, the same action failed on pointing to such a folder containing XPSL doc, as exported by some such brethren Linux audio app player: them whose-a-whats'is be so many now-a-'buntu-days).

    On pointing to said folder containing some M3U formatted data (which seems to function, properly, as may be remarkable for that data was formatted as XPSL, then exported from ____ to M3U. Wish I could recall those conversion details for you, noble developer(s) , but what-- am I, supposed to remember what I did 45 mins ago? What? You wanna fight about it? [hee hee: references]

    Anyway-- what you suggest, yo?

    I believe my success was in using the /File Browser/ joint, vs the Library shizzle. Dig? Whereby he points that /File Browser/ to him's M3U location, when-- to his great delight, and the player's ability-- it be playin' all this whack junk , 'n I be grooving, yo!

    But... is this the best way? Are there alternatives?
    Don't get me wrong: I realize it's touted as a /simple/ player. A user should respect these boundaries, and expect little more than what he or she did read on the label. In other words-- if it aint's got's nunya that bi'ness, then who am I to plant some evil seed-- only to bloat this beautiful player. Such notions of unnecessary changes, my friend, I implore you disregard what now spewed from 'tween mine here ask rack!

    Regards. Best Wishes. Peace, and Love, and Good Happiness stuff. [... it's gonna be loud!... ]
  • Decibel Audio Player: Best Resource for Issue Reporting, User Inquiry, etc.

    23 Jul 2010, 23:57

    I experienced some strange behaviour, using Decibel today. As I find the player an outstanding software, I hope I might best be informed of the apropriate chain of communication, so as to best inform development of potential issues, as well as to find solutions for a self-help resolve.

    Many thanks. And keep on keepin' on; rockin' in the free world, and all that other good, happiness stuff...

  • Dispel everytihng

    27 Jun 2010, 2:31

    If you were to dispel everything, tell me
    "How do you feel?"
  • Read from that book already, for Fun's sake!

    24 Jun 2010, 2:04

  • Displeasure, Juxtaposed. Vexing

    23 Jun 2010, 6:51

    I find I am displeased in the amount of time i have rather wasted in virtual nothingness; that same void I yet avoid in whatever-face book-shitter your-space,

    I should not be displeased in things of music, however.

    This, I find a bit vexing.

    And you?
  • with what blink

    17 Jun 2010, 8:55

    of whose eye
    what pork pie
    hat might i wear
    the eye blinks no tear
  • Barbiturates, Tuinal, Secinal (SP?)

    17 Jun 2010, 8:29

    and the like...

    and what is that book of "how to die happy" (sic)
    and where is it that i get all of these things?

    euthanasia, as it were...
  • The Declaration of Insane Pretense

    17 Jun 2010, 8:05

    If I were to have a child
    or If I were to marry,
    or, whatever the hell...

    I believe the name shall be "Amphetamine Morphine S____".

    “Life's so different than it is in your dreams” -- T. Waits
  • Caffiene Verses

    17 Jun 2010, 8:00

    it seems to me
    it just occurred
    it is nothing if not
    the retarded (rahter, learning disabled)
    red-headed step child
    for trying to replace it like

    Comment, I dare you.