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The KnifeLike a Pen 30 May 21:22
Martin StrakaCave Story 30 May 21:19
New OrderJetstream 30 May 21:13
Hyperduck SoundworksThe Land of Remembrance 30 May 21:12
AtypicPillars & Mirrors 30 May 21:06
Portion ControlRandom Shift 30 May 21:03
WireOver Theirs (Live) 30 May 20:57
The OrbToxygene 30 May 20:50
Portion ControlTheme From Onion Jack 30 May 20:41
The Stone RosesI Am the Resurrection 30 May 20:33
Death from Above 1979Romantic Rights 30 May 20:30
Stephen Bennett & James C. McMenamyChurch 30 May 20:30
OrbitalFahrenheit 303 30 May 20:22
MeshHow Long 30 May 20:16
Cobalt 60If I Was 30 May 20:12
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Another tragic ageing geek with a neck-beard that thinks he's witty and sophisticated because he listens to obscure bands, and likes sci-fi and uses terminal IRC clients on Linux to talk to other neck-beards about obscure bands, sci-fi and Linux then cries himself to sleep at night because no-one really loves him and he smells like cheese and the neighbourhood kids laugh at him because his hair sticks out all stupid no matter what he does and if he uses gel it just makes his hair look even mankier than it actually is and sometimes he just wishes he would die because then people would miss him or maybe they wouldn't but he'd be free of them and their mockery and those girls that just laugh at him...

Something like that, anyway.

I use MusicBrainz to tag my music collection. So should you. All the cool kids are using it. You want to be like one of the cool kids don't you...?

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"Computers: They're great for porn 'n that."

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