• Not from this earth: 10 underrated Guitar Go(o)ds

    16 Jun 2008, 19:52

    1) Neil Zaza - 'Cinematic' (With Peter Frampton and Jordan Rudess)
    Album: When Gravity fails

    2) Boz Scaggs - 'Loan me a dime' (With Duane Allman)
    Album: 'My Time'

    3) Camel - 'Ice'
    Album: 'Coming of age'

    4) Dave Meniketti - 'Say goodbye'
    Album: 'Live in Japan'

    5) Peter Green Splinter Group - 'Hiding in shadows'
    Album 'Destiny road'

    6) Luther Allison - 'Perfume & Grime' (with Otis Grand)
    Album: Pay it forward'

    7) Leslie West - 'Waiting for the F change'
    Album: 'Alligator'

    8) Peter Frampton - 'Changing all the time'
    Album: 'Peter Frampton'

    9) Deep Purple - 'Anya'
    Album: 'Live in Europe' (The Stuttgart Version)

    10) Ronnie Earl - 'Isabella'
    Album: Greatful Heart'
  • Hardly known Bands and their fantastic Tracks (Give 'em a try)

    17 Oct 2006, 7:34

    Hi folks.

    this is my first try, have mercy.

    Sittin' in the Dark
    on 'Mas Hysteria'
    Classic Rock

    A hardly known gem, taken from a Concert at 'My Fathers Place' in Long Island and broadcasted on WLIR-Radio, New York in 1981.

    Guitar/Vocals - Carolyne Mas
    Guitar - Rick Desarno
    Bass - Ivan Elias
    Drums - Vince Barranco
    Sax - Crispin Cioe
    Keyboards - Charles Giordano


    Silly Sally
    on 'Just a Poke'
    Psychedelic Funkbluesjazzprogrock

    Awsome! The most fascinating Drum Solo I ever listened to.
    The sound seems to rotate around your head.
    Like C. Mas, Sweet Smoke was better known in Europe, than at home, in America.

    Steve Rosenstein - Guitar/Vocals
    Marvin Kaminowitz - Guitar/Vocals
    Jay Dorfman - Drums/Percussion
    Andy Dershin - Bass Guitar
    Michael Paris - Tenor Sax/Percussion
    Steve Rosenstein - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals


    How the Gypsy was Born
    on 'Live 95'

    Frumpy was a very popular blues-band from Hamburg/Germany in the first half of the seventies, who gained some success while touring the U.S. with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Procol Harum and Traffic

    Inga Rumpf - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
    Carsten Bohn - Drums
    Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Organ/Keyboards
    Karl-Heinz Schott - Bass
    Rainer Baumann - Lead Guitar


    Run For Cover
    on 'Red Card'
    Progressive Rock

    After 'Family' parted in 1973, Singer and Micro-Smasher Roger Chapman and John Whitney formed the 'Streetwalkers'

    Roger Chapman - lead vocals, percussion
    John Whitney - electric and slide guitars, keyboards
    Bob Tench - electric guitars, vocals, keyboards
    Nicko - drums, percussion
    Jon Plotel - bass, backing vocals