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9 May 2011, 5:46

Orlando´s take on Middle Men Soundtrack
by Orlando Gonzalez on Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 11:42pm

* Middle Men (Brian Tyler)
* 2010
* ABKCO Records
* Rating: ***/2

The premise about Middle Men is very simple, a couple of guys get the idea of scanning pictures of naked ladies and post em in the internet, that my friends was a breakthrough in the way we perceive porn today. Sadly this guys didnt think the whole concept through and so , Jack Harris (Luke Wilson), an entrepreneur gets involved making the concept of billing for it more appealing for costumers and owners alike. Of course in the meantime there's a subplot about the Russian mob getting involved in the deal, a shady lawyer, a porn star and Jack´s family. This is Brian Tyler and director George Gallo first collaboration and I got to admit that for my money, it was a very productive one indeed.

Let me sidetrack a little, the other day I listened in the radio a Tyler´s interview were he mentions that sometimes after the big blockbuster assignments he takes something a little under the radar. As he puts it, he likes to experiment different styles and sonic scopes that the big budget films doesn't let him to. So Middle Men came in 2010, I believe he had The Expendables and Battle: LA coming up, before that, Fast & Furious, The Final Destination and Dragonball Evolution, so Ill take his word in this one.

Back to Middle Men, Tyler crafted a couple of motifs that wave and interpolate one to another in different points of the story. With so much going on in the film it was a necessity that this motifs could be perform in more less the same sonic range. Got interest by now??

The first theme is introduced in "My name is Jack Harris", very explanatory right?? well with this type of film were right and wrong are usually in a complete blur, the theme goes by the same rule. Tense violins make the introduction, slowly the begin to get busier till the electronic percussion comes in. Then by the hand of violins, cello and electric guitar they make the statement of the theme, I believe its on 4/4 range. The theme works well cause its dark and brooding but at the same time, it carries the weight of the emotional part of the character. The theme reprises in Full Circle, Broken and Aimless Electricity Upon Touch , the first one , comes out in a pivotal scene where Jack finally gives up to temptation but at the same time he feels guilt about it. It is a very personal track, the synth and the guitar works perfectly here giving the track a mesmerizing effect. At the end the Jack Harris theme is introduced by a guitar riff, very subtly, in a sense of loss that not many composers can achieve. Broken comes up when Jack finally realizes what he has lost over his addiction issues. The track is less subtle than AEUT , this time the theme is carried by a lonely piano with backed up strings that slowly they give away telling us that Jack is ready to make a choice. Finally at Full Circle we listen to the theme at full statement, I bet this is the way Tyler meant the whole theme to be.

As for the business theme, we get "Middle Men" which I have to admit, is very catchy, it starts out with this sassy guitar riffs , very grungy and playful. Some metal percussion thrown in and you have the perfect groove for this type of film. Now at the 1:12 mark the third theme comes up, which is comes up every time Harris or his business has some kind of conspiracy against it. Friendly Warning marks the example of this, with nervous string and light percussion, they build the drama up to the point where the metal percussion comes up. So this is Brian Tyler doing something different from his usual "blow the walls with my sound" kind of music.

In the end Middle Men is a nice break from Tyler usual sound, better yet, it gives the movie a purpose and context, which usually in this kind of film, it gets lost between right and wrong. The score wont suit everybody´s taste but it is <in the right mood> a very sensitive score <at times> that not only reflects the going drama in the screen, but it also reflects what happens to an everyday man that loses his ground.

1. My Name Is Jack Harris (01:46) 2. Middle Men (02:21) 3. Tightrope (02:42) 4. Wayne And Buck (02:09) 5. Broken (04:07) 6. Down The Rabbit Hole (02:47) 7. Boat Ride (02:23) 8. Back To L.A. (01:42) 9. Aimless Electricity Upon Touching (04:30) 10. Paranoia (02:11) 11. Friendly Warning (03:22) 12. Guilt (03:39) 13. Trouble (01:57) 14. FBI (02:55) 15. Alejandro (02:30) 16. Full Circle (02:36) 17. Middle Men Finale (03:07)

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