• The depot

    4 Feb 2011, 13:41

    Wed 2 Feb – Groundhog's Day at the Depot with Darkfold

    Simply put, we came, we saw, we kicked their ass! Thanks to the rest of the groups that played with us. It was odd playing in a coffee shop and comically I wasn't alone in the quest to introduce banned liquid substances into the all ages joint.
  • Maiden Rocked Chicago!

    20 Jul 2010, 13:17

    Sun 18 Jul – Iron Maiden, Dream Theater

    it was fantastic! What really amazed me is that the boys are in awesome form and have not lost any of the chops. Bruce was awesome and has that fantastic VOICE! The triple, or quad guitar attack if you include Ed, was face melting. My only complaint is that they didn't play for 8 hours. Ah-hum. Best track of the night... it's a tough one but it has to go to "hallowed be thy name". Or Fear of the Dark. With the crowd singing along it was like being at a metal ritual.
  • 3/25/10 The Tallis Scholars in Minneapolis

    26 Mar 2010, 9:15

    Thu 25 Mar – The Tallis Scholars in Minneapolis!

    Sure we looked and probably smelled like we had just gone for a run though a park after drinking but that’s part of the experience. The concert was magnificent and the scholars brought down a piece of heaven for our musical adoration. Although the crowd was stuffy and the patrons much more civil then ourselves, we sat in awe of the simplistic beauty of the human voice and suffered a brief moment of collective amnesia as the musical ages rolled. The one glaring omission, at least evident to Vemrion and myself, was the pallid nature of my fellow patrons. Personally, I’m rather passionate about my music and classical “fans” need to take a page out of their metallic second cousins book and loosen their ties just a bit. To expect a mosh pit in a basilica is grandiose to be sure but there can be no doubt as to the fervor of the combatants. I wish the same could be said of classical music supporters. Bravo Tallis Scholars, thank you for gracing us with your artistic presence!