Nikoleta, 26, mujer, Canadá
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Things about me:

» I work from home. Sometimes I feel like my social skills become completely nonexistent because of this. It's also really hard to force yourself to get out of your pjs, especially in winter.
» I try my hardest to not go out during the day and I'm up all night
» I live in Toronto. And love it.
» I collect papers off of the street (grocery lists, letters, whatever)
» I'm kind of abrasive and aggressive most of the time, so people usually don't give me a chance, I'm really quite a pleasant person.
» I'm very very sarcastic. You'll know I like you if I'm sarcastic with you.
» I'm extremely girly.
» I don't wear pants, only skirts. I've finally started wearing flats after years of only wearing heels. It feels weird.
» I'm a huge geek.

Things I love (in no particular order):

» Zines (or independent publications in general - recommend your favourite zine or distro to me!)
» Creative people
» Comic books
» New friends (feel free to add me, or message me)
» Tea
» Colouring books (but not your typical kind, I like when people doodle and then give me their doodling books to colour)
» ATCs
» Crafting (I love sewing, knitting, beading, crocheting, I love it as long as i can make it)
» Sci-Fi (books, tv, movies, whatever)
» Horror (Again, same)
» Board games (I'm incredibly competitive and love a good board game)
» Stats
» Books (and book shopping/used book stores)
» Video games.
» Wandering around aimlessly.
» Office supplies.

Things that bother me:

» When people drink cold liquids out of mugs. Milk is a loophole, and glass mugs are a mindfuck.
» When people stop me mid-sentence to talk on their phone.
» Improper use of they're, there, their and other such annoyances (well, unless English isn't your first language)
» People who put strollers on the bus and then take their baby out of them, or even if they don't. They always park themselves right at the front of the bus so it's awkward for other people to get by them.


My Eclectic Score: [98/100]
My Super Eclectic Score: [745/1000]

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