• The Chinese Butterfly Brigade (the SUFJAN STEVENS CONCERT!!)

    26 Sep 2006, 0:28

    The Sufjan Stevens concert was, needless to say, amazing. It was at the pageant in saint louis, and let me be the first to say, the pageant is SO much nicer than The Mississippi nights. The nights is a smokey fucking bar thats dimly lit and sometimes crowded. Although I do have fond memories of it because the Built to Spill concert was very good, I could have done without smelling like a cigarett when I got out. And the Pageant has no smoking in it. I always liked Sufjan's music, but I appreciate it even more now that I have seen it live. The concert was a smooth and uplifting recital of great music in a nice relaxed atmosphere. The performance that Sufjan gave was very well composed. The timing and coordination of all the wonderful and varried instruments was executed with an intelligent design to it. The concert had alot of thought put into it. One of the best things I can say about this concert, is that, it brought a meaningful ray of fun into my life. The concert and the atmosphere of the concert was relaxing and uplifting. Sufjan and his performance reminded me of funny little parts of life that I take for granted sometimes. And I like the funny little parts of life. Road trips, wasting time with friends in the summer, and making meaning out of ideas which impact or touch your life are funny parts of life that make life more bearable. And I think those things were what drove the atmosphere behind the inspiring performance that Sufjan Stevens gave.
  • Sufjan Stevens

    24 Sep 2006, 13:52

    The Sufjan Stevens concert that I have been waiting for months to see is coming up tonight at the Pageant and I am very much ready to see it.
  • My first concert-Built to Spill at the Mississippi Nights

    19 Sep 2006, 0:04

    Just having my face bricked off by the amazing talent of Built to Spill live at the Mississippi Nights makes me wonder why I haven't gone to more concerts. Standing front stage not three feet from the lead vocalist I discovered a new appreciation for music. Being immersed in the environment which Built to Spill radiates is a thought inspiring experience. Smoke from the dimly lit corners of the Mississippi Nights played and refracted the light which the music and instruments of Built to Spill shaped. The band had a rush of talent, but rather than trying desperately to impress those around them, they simply experimented with their music and put some real life and feeling into it. I caught myself in an odd valley of calm, immersed in such a monumental wash of sound and raw talent. The best part of the show was witnessing great songs performed by musicians who truly cared about their art. The feeling that they weaved into the songs was very much a tangible aspect of the experience. I don't know if this was a typical or amazing concert, because I have nothing to judge it against. But I suspect it was an amazing concert, and I most definitely intend to build upon the experience with other concerts.
  • Distraction

    29 Ago 2006, 2:34

    Music is great. I love all kinds of music, I also believe that there is good music in every genre. Conversley, I also believe there is SHIT in every genra. And although music may be great, music does not help with organic chemistry and human anatomy. I promise. When I have to deal with those lecherous, evil classes, music is my enemy.
  • Bleeding Life

    24 Ago 2006, 19:49

    I can feel my life already bleeding into human anatomy and organic chemistry. Those classes are going to envelop my life like water envelops a choral reef.
  • My own house

    19 Ago 2006, 14:35

    Finally, I got moved out of my parents house, and into my own. Two good friends of mine who are going to the same college bought a house in Saint Louis, and I get to live there. Cconsequently the same major too because its a college of pharmacy, so there is only one major. It is a pretty big house for only 3 guys. So this should be fun to try out for a while.
  • small town

    11 Ago 2006, 21:54

    Man, I am so fucking tired of this small town. It has so much less to do than Saint Louis. But I only have to put up with it for another week or so, then I go back to Saint Louis and get to eat some sushi and climb all over the City Museum.
  • Sufjan Stevens!!

    3 Ago 2006, 23:51

    I finally got a ticket to go see Sufjan Stevens in Saint Louis. He has a concert there in September that some of my friends are going to. Hopefully it will be a good break from having my brains railed out by pharmacy college.
  • Summer

    30 Jul 2006, 1:16

    Even though I havent really done anything this summer except take an extra physics class at the beginning of the summer, I still dont want it to end. It will be kind of nice to get back to Saint Louis, but doing nothing also has a certain enduring quality to it.
  • Journal eh?

    26 Jul 2006, 22:15

    Hmmm, writing random shit people might or might not look at...well that sounds better than looking at Organic chem notes right now so why not. I am really thinking about going to a Sufjan Stevens concert with a friend. Sufjan is good music...and it would be a great sidetrack from pharm school.