• "I used to be just another face on the bus"

    2 Sep 2009, 12:46

    Cambodia - tradical lyrics, with a magical soundtrack.
    Paper Planes - Love when they play this song in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"
    Crying Lightning - Thumbs up for the new single!

    And on friday it's Håkan Hellström at Gröna Lund once again ;)
  • Action, Drama

    20 Nov 2008, 18:50

    Ever felt that your life is like a movie?
    Somtimes I can look at what I'm doing from an outside perspective and then I somtimes realize that "this is exactly like in movies". It does not always have to be a good feeling, but mostly it is. I find myself feeling like my life is improtant and what I do is something I will always remember, and that can not possebly be a bad feeling.
    The fact that it does exict a countless amound of differnent movies, makes the whole idea of your life being a movie more interesting. Because it's easy to say that "this feels exactly like a movie", but it is not often that I start considering whitch kind of movie.
    Acctually it could be anything from a bollywood movie, to a low-price swedish movie to a romantic komedy or to space-ship-action.

    When smif-n-wessun thinks about the whole life-movie situation it sounds like this: Movie
  • Happiness in several ways.

    18 Nov 2008, 21:03

    Now's the time for me to feel happy.

    Kapten Röd's debut album got to be one of swedens greatest records, atleast in the latest years, and atleast in the reagge/hiphop genre in Sweden. This is an record where I listen to and acctually like EVERY song. It has come to be an habit to not like every song in an album, but that's something "kaptenen" makes me change my mind about, atleas for his record.

    Here are SOME favorite quotes from the amazing artist:

    "Så när dom säger vi ska titta och arma våra förebilder, svarar jag dom vilka, jag ser inga på TV, jag ser inga i rikstan'. Dom säljer livet så det är inte dit vi siktar."

    "Ta Inga Order";
    "Höger Extreministen går i skuggan, han sprider sig undan för undan.
    Och propagerar för brott i det dunkla, sen skyller dom allting på förortens ungar.
    Och med en dröm om grönare lundar där dom kan gå med sina renrasiga hundar. "

    "Ta Inga Order";
    "Botoxsysteri, men är det till en lycka eller last när ditt smajl sitter fast."

    "Man behöver inte segla på de sju haven, För att träffa rövare med skjutvapen, Nej, vissa springer runt och leker Gudfadern, Och placerar några ynglingar i sjuksalen."

    "29 mars";
    "Vissa säger lev din dag som din sista, Vissa söker lugn man bara finner i kistan, Men jag vet att bara inte kärleken vissnar, Kommer allt det vackra övervinna det bistra"

    Thats it, there's more but to much to write.

    And by the way, Bloc Party are going to play in Stockholm in february!!!!! :D
    Bloc Party på Cirkus
  • B- Dayyy !

    3 Oct 2008, 23:33

    yo everybody´! quite drunke while i'm writing this but let's make a try anyways.
    Today it's friday, and today is the day after my b- day. (!!)
    I made my parents go away for the evning and invited a few friend to ma place. :) I had a very nice night, whit many (all) of my old friends.
    no everyone is gone an dmy brother is sleeping at his room (as he has been the latest hours), my parents is home and it's time for me to go to bed I think, (befor they realise that I'm drunk....) so bye bye...

    I got a record from the best and most wounderful friend in the world :D
    Raw Footage

    Love and peace to all in the world who wants it!
  • What am I talking about?

    25 Sep 2008, 14:40

    "You have to get it out somewere befor your mind explode. You now, it's always great to atleast write things down, so you can stop carrying around all those thoughts in your head." That's what many say. And to me that's just a big cliché. Who says that all your soon-to-be-exploding thoughts will dissappear, only by writing them down or by telling them to another? They will still be there, sticked to your mind, and they will still make you as confused as before. So what's the point? Well maybe it's as sad as this; You just want to talk och write (or whatever for that matter) about whats in yor head, because you need to get this things acknowledged, and by that you only feel good for the moment. Seems very pointless to me, but I'm shore that I will, despite this, continue to write about my mind, because thats how it goes, we love to do things that are pointless.

    Mile End - Pulp
  • Fool's mind

    24 Sep 2008, 16:21

    Hello space!
    I'm a sick persona, my nose won't stop dripping and I can never make up my mind. I can come up with this great idea, like oh yea thats what I want or thats what I'm going to do. But then time pass and that great thought or feeling dissapear, i'v just forgott all about it, and then once again I feel as lost as a fish on land. Then after more time passing, new ideas or feelings come to my head, and then I can feel all good again. But whats the point I came to think of now.
    What's the point of getting this great Ideas if I just keep forgetting about them?

    Seems like everything was better then. (everything but my music taste..)
    Big City Life
    Dem Gone
    Stan (live) - Eminem ft. Elton John
    Thank U Mamma
    Reclaim the City
    Ghetto Gospel
    Fuck Forever
    I Will Always Be Your Soldier
    Koka Kola Veins
    Because I Got High
    The Party Is in You
    Blinded by the Lights
    Det regnar i Stockholm - Beväpnad Tjockis
    Road To Zion - Damien Marley ft. Nas
    A Massage to You Rudy
    One Blood - (Greenstreet Hooligans Soundtrack)
    Lemon Tree
    Souber - Karu Kari ft. Abir
  • New Streets

    21 Sep 2008, 0:18

    I'v been listening to the streets new album (everything is borrowed) in about two days now (not constantly) therefor I wanted to give you out there my favorites;
    Everything Is Borrowed
    Love You More (Than You Like Me)
    On the Edge of a Cliff
    On the Flip of a Coin
    The Escapist
    I’ll not feel no fear, cos' I'm not really here, I'm nowhere nearA bit diffirent album, which is great at the moment, but still the same old streets.

    While I'm writing this, I'm a damn tirde human, so sorry if I things sounds a bit confused or something.
    Today, Sturday has been a no-activity day, I'v just been sitting at my best friends house only watching TV and a disney Movie (alladin).
    Now I'm home and hopfully I can go to bed sometime, but first I have to wait for my father to come home. The Clock is now turnig two in the morning, and I really need that sleep. So to pass the time while I'm up and waiting with mom, I sit here, by the kitchen table with our porapble computer and writing this blogg post. So atleast this is for some kind of good mather.
    This last week has been a mess, not a mess where many thins happen and everything sround you is totaly crazy, this has been a mess inside my head.
    Every mornig this week, I'v been waking up and directly a brume of anguishness have been surrounding me. Don't know why I just feel so disconected and confused in my own thoughts.

    well now my father is home and I can finally go to seep. Bye bye everybody...
  • News

    17 Sep 2008, 15:36

    hello, whats up?


    Leaning On You
    Have a few of those people I'm leaning on, whould someone move, I know I would fall.

    Everyone have been one, some more or less then others..

    Time to Pretend
    "I'll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms
    I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world
    I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home
    Yeah, I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone."
  • somethings

    4 Jul 2008, 16:09

    Kom igen kommissarien - what makes me feel angry, makes me feel alive.

    Det finns inte så jävla mycket att hitta på.

    Jurassic 5 - End up like this !

    Once a failure, always a retard
  • Det snurrar i min skalle

    30 Jun 2008, 16:51

    Jag gjorde upp en eld för dig,
    och nu brinner hela skogen.