Variants Of Folk!


29 Oct 2006, 18:17

Ok.Here is a list of Folk Bands and Folk subgenres.I've taken this information from Wikipedia.I haven't heard all the bands I just wanted to write a journal about them.One last thing.From this list of bands I have only heard Rudra,Cruachan,In Extremo,Fejd,Moonsorrow,Waylander and Tuatha De Danaan.I don't know about the others but these bands are great.Here we go.
Vedic Metal:
The Aryan March
Warriors Of Peace
Blue River
Irish Folk Metal:
Mael Mordha(I was mistaken at the previous journal)
German Folk Metal:
Subway to Sally
In Extremo
Oriental Metal(Don't shoot me for that tag.I found this one at Wikipedia):
Orphaned Land
Folk Metal:
Native American Metal(I know.Pretty weird tag):
Resistant Culture(Mainly Grindcore but they incorporate many Native American Folk elements)
Ghosts of Lemuria
Viking Metal:
Folk Music:
I nearly forgot those bands:
Tuatha De Danaan
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  • equiron

    pentagram(the turkish one, released their final album under the name mezarkabul) is a great band. in fact, the best metal band from turkey. you chould check out their anatolia album.

    29 Oct 2006, 18:46
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    Thanks for the tip!I'll check them them out.

    29 Oct 2006, 19:24
  • pogotheklown

    Definitely check out Otyg! Their albums are pretty solid. Or atleast I think they are...

    29 Oct 2006, 20:40
  • Animus82

    German Folk: Schandmaul they are really great!

    29 Oct 2006, 21:34
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    Ok.If you are looking for German Folk check out Tanzwut and Corvus Corax!

    29 Oct 2006, 23:03
  • Azalin

    Nice. But you are missing the whole East Europe scene, there are so many awesome folk metal bands...

    30 Oct 2006, 8:21
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    I know.I don't know unfortunately much about the East European scene.I can't recall any Ukrainian bands and the only band that I know from Russia is Abryct.But I know a lot of bands coming from ex-USSR democracies.And I will write a journal about them.Thanks for the idea.

    30 Oct 2006, 12:21
  • Androz

    Check out Mabool it's an awsome mix of metal with oriental instrumentation

    30 Oct 2006, 16:49
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    And its have a very interesting concept,too.This album took them 7 years.

    30 Oct 2006, 19:49
  • Androz

    Yeah, there was a break up but now they are back and better than ever before

    30 Oct 2006, 20:37
  • Azalin

    Nuntius_Mortis: Well, here are some folk/pagan metal bands from East (mainly Russia) I can recommend: Alkonost, Arkona (from Russia), Ashen Light, Butterfly Temple, Kamaedzitca, Natural Spirit, Nokturnal Mortum, Nomans Land, Pagan Reign, Severnye Vrata, Slavland, Svarga, Temnozor, Volkolak... Oh, and I like the El Norra Alila album much more than Mabool...

    31 Oct 2006, 7:21
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    They are more into Medieval Rock.I haven't heard any song of them,though.They are not so metal.I'll check them out.But Ritchie could do better.

    19 Nov 2006, 13:59
  • Nuntius_Mortis

    You are right,Final Serenade.I had to title this journal Variants Of Folk Metal.But Corvus Corax and Tanzwut are folk and not folk metal.I'll try to listen Blackmore's Knight.It's just that I don't like Candice for what she and her mother have done to Ritchie.Did you know that Candice's mother didn't let Ritchie sign an old Deep Purple album that a fan gave to him?Anyway,for good folk music,try Daemonia Nymphe.They are a good folk band.They try to revive Ancient Greek folk music.

    3 Dic 2006, 17:15
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