• Faithful readers ahoy!

    6 Nov 2007, 0:50

    All the faithful few, rejoice! I have returned!

    Kinda like Jesus, only with less fanfare.

    Lets see... concerts I have seen...

    The Rolling Stones at the American Airlines center in Dallas
    +They still rock
    -Not the best venue, was forced to sit down
    +Scared the crap out of some old people

    Beck at the Nokia Theater
    +It's fucking Beck
    +Percussive band dinner
    +Did I mention that it was fucking Beck?

    MC Frontalot at some tiny club in FT. Worth on my B-day!
    +Coolest nerd EVER
    +On my birthday!
    +Message 419 was AWESOME live

    Leslie Hall (Mother Gem) in OKC
    +Shoot the children in the head
    +Gold Suit
    +Really nice and personable, stuck around after show
    +My fag hugged her and cried

    Gogol Bordello at The Granada in Dallas
    +Best. Show. Ever.
    +Could barely talk next day
    +Drank almost a gallon of water on the way home
    +Was completely soaked in sweat

    Alanis Morissette in Anchorage, AK years ago
    +Jagged Little Pill tour
    +Got in for free (Yay for crafty sister!)
    +She's fucking Alanis

  • Foo Fighters and Weezer

    16 Sep 2005, 8:05

    Foozer Dallas 2005!

    Weezer was AWESOME, and the Foo Fighters ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!

    My ears are just now recovering and I need sleep badly, but I'm too wound up :)

    When Weezer played Buddy Holly their giant logo behind them lit up and flashed and did pretty stuff, and near the end of their set they pulled a guy from the crowd on stage to play acoustic guitar for a song!