FREE DOWNLOAD: Baalshamin - Fuck The N.W.O.


4 Mar 2012, 19:06

Here's Baalshamin's first album, recorded in 2011.

This my "new" BM solo project, "Mal Etre" being now in the recording process of a new release.

Baalshamin is a mix of punky oldschool black/thrash and more melodic black metal on some tracks.

It will be released on tape by Infernal Kommando.

As soon as the DL link expires, you can still download this release here:



  • Saehcryptas

    Nocturnalpriest is back ;) Support it or die !

    4 Mar 2012, 19:56
  • Nocturnalpriest

    Please note that the link has just been updated, the first one contained a wrong version of the track "cafard errant". Thanks for the support :-)

    4 Mar 2012, 21:57
  • DaemooN

    Hails Nocturnapriest !!! \m/

    6 Mar 2012, 15:39
  • Nhmrath

    Kick asses and thanks for the release \m/

    23 Mar 2012, 23:07
  • vitreus

    huzzah! finally downloading this, looking forward to hearing it! and new Mal Etre? YES PLEASE.

    16 Abr 2012, 20:11
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