• Tom Budin & Auratic - Shape Shift

    7 Jul 2013, 23:23

    Musical morphing genius Tom Budin and electro shredding king Auratic have fused together their creative energies to forge the amazing three piece collection known as the ‘Shape Shift EP’. With a total of 2 ear-blasting remixes from P.A.F.F and Sikdope, the release truly impresses listeners with each and every amount of euphoric bliss that enters the brain. The throbbing synths and electro-bass samples enhance the energy of the mood and hype up the driving passion in the original track. The signature sound design is clearly stated between the two as they blend their musical souls into one massively built effort. P.A.F.F’s rendition of the song provides a fresh look at the arrangement as he gives his twist with full-blown, head rattling Trap.The beating hits are 100% guaranteed to shake your entire house down, be cautious. And while still maintaining the initial melody, Sikdope decides to turn this track around and drive it straight-on into house hitting traffic. The build up anticipates you and forces your mind into complete absorption of the track.






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