10 Favorite Albums Ever


18 Dic 2006, 2:16

This entry took much thought and consideration into what 10 albums could honestly be considered my favorite of all-time. It's an eclectic mix, as I'm keeping it to 1 album per artist. So let's get to it. In no order, might I add.

Too Fast For Love- It was really, really tough for me to pick between the Motley albums, being that they are my favorite band of all-time. I went with this album because of the pure rawness of every single track. It was very new and original for that time period, and there's not one skippable track on this album.
Favorite Song- Take Me To The Top

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness- Quite possibly one of the most creative and best written albums I've ever heard. Billy Corgan is a musical genious and the sounds he can come up with are mindblowing. There are 6 different parts to the album, which makes it flow unbelievably smoothly, and the heavy/light mix makes it listenable at anytime.
Favorite Songs- Thirty-Three / Cupid de Locke

Van Halen- This album embodies everything great about hard rock. A completely flawless album from front to back. Absolutely legendary album, and blows anything Sammy Hagar ever did completely out of the water. There's nothing else to say about this album. Rock N' Roll at it's finest.
Favorite SongFeel Your Love Tonight

Live Through This- The first Hole album I ever got. My aunt let me borrow it at a time when I was completely into hair metal, and this album just blew me away. Courtney Love's power is unbeatable. She is fucking unstoppable. So raw and emotional, this album cannot be stopped. It's a train of anger and emotion and Courtney's voice embodies everything about feminism and anger.
Favorite Song- I Think That I Would Die

Cheap Trick. Creepy, raw, and heavy. Like the other albums on this list, Cheap Trick's self titled debut is completely flawless without one bad track. Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School is the greatest song about pedophilia ever. Absolutely one of the greatest albums of the '70s
Favorite Songs- Oh, Candy / Mandocello

School's Out- Although the title track may be overplayed and slightly annoying at times, the rest of this album is as rock n' roll as you can get. Even the instrumentals, which can always bring down a cd, add to the greatness of this album. Another great 70's album
Favorite Song- Alma Mater

Permission to Land. It was honestly very hard for me to pick between this and One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back, as they are both great albums, but due to the latters abundant amount of ballads, I went with the debut. Something very new, and a highly acquired taste. Some very, very good and funny tunes on here, ranging from subjects about murderous English dogs (Black Shuck) to genital herpes (Growing on Me). Although Justin does in fact claim the latter is not about genital herpes, it is quite obvious. Very great guitars by Dan and Justin, just something very fun. And 500x better than Wolfmother could ever hope to be. Mike Patton says so.
Favorite Song- Friday Night

Don't Believe the Truth- Another favorite band of mine, it was tough to choose between this and Be Here Now. I don't know why I like Oasis so much, they don't quite fit in with the rest of my musical tastes, but I can never deny my love for them. This particular album is the newest, and it has a very different mix of songs. It's great hearing Noel singing on more songs, as he has always been a great, underrated singer. Terrific song writing on this album. Undeniably catchy
Favorite Song- Keep the Dream Alive

This Is Spinal Tap- A joke band, yes, but they did make really good, fun music. I basically just love this album, there's not much to say about it. It's hillarious and it rocks. Nigel Tufnel is God.
Favorite Song- Stonehenge

Skid Row. Skid Row's debut self titled cd is completely flawless. Great, catchy metal. Sebastian's vocals are great, the lyrics are fun, the songs range from heavy to tear-jerking. Great band, great 80's album.
Favorite SongRattlesnake Shake


  • mbatterham

    I feel as though Alma Mater is one of the weaker (if not the weakest) songs on the album.

    13 Mar 2007, 7:22
  • greenday-mcr

    apparently this particular smashing pumpkins album is quite great. still yet to investigate whether the accuasions are correct or not?!

    9 Jun 2007, 13:24
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