This Is Why I'm Agnostic.


13 Feb 2010, 1:55

As of lately, many people have been wondering just what the hell is up with my musical taste. At the end, I consider my own taste to be pretty eclectic, to the point it goes from pure/ to / or from music that can be excessively religious, like the new stuff from Steven Curtis Chapman, to music that can go against Christianity, or religion in general like is the case of Diablo Swing Orchestra. Everything has it's reason to be, and I am happy my tastes are the way they are.

What does all that have to do with the reason I am Agnostic anyways? Well, shall I explain this any further.

PLEASE NOTE: I have no intentions of attacking anyone based on their religions beliefs, I am merely voicing out my opinion because I can, and is pretty much the only place where I can talk about how much I hate religion. If you think I will "talk nasty" about your religion (yes, about your religion, not about the people who follow the religion), then please leave. Most likely I will end up attacking Religions, but never, NEVER I will attack the actual people inside those religions.

I will start with a small part of my personal life because it is essential to understand my reasons. The sad fact is, I was born Christian. My parents made me go through the first two steps (can I actually call them that?... Correction needed please, English is not my native language) to become Christian, though my mother was never an avid follower of that religion, neither was my dad, neither were their parents. I never understood the real reason for me to be baptized, nor the need to go through my First Communion. For what my mom told me, she just did it "to make my life easier". I would never go to Church on Sundays, even though I started being awfully religious and a terrible God Lover by the time I was 9. It probably is related to the fact that I was 9 when I was getting prepared for my first communion, and I would pray every night before going to sleep. Why did I pray? I wanted to feel protected. I had troubles sleeping unless I had a candle in my room or a small artificial light that was on the whole night. Why I wanted to feel protected? Silly me watched so much television, I once watched a documentary about UFOs and Aliens, and later a documentary about the Goatsucker that freaked me out thanks to those bloody red eyes. So every night I prayed to God, so I don't get abducted by aliens, and so I don't see the goatsucker wandering around my garden in late hours at night. Eventually, I started to pray not only for my own protection, but for my family's well being, for the war in Irak, and for something that is very important in my life: for the children that were suffering. That was when I was around 11. Around there, and when I turned 12, I started to be exposed more to the world, more to the different kind of music (before, I listened to a spanish band called OV7, it was shitty Spanish Pop, heh, typical child I was for those days, back in the days when little kids didn't get exposed to shitty dehumanizing lyrics. I listened to a lot of videogame soundtracks as well, but that's another topic for another time). I was exposed to Kiss, the first band I ever loved and was obsessed with, and Iron Maiden which also crossed in my life. But the thing with Iron Maiden is that I hated it, because I was one of the ignorant fellas who thought they were against God because of their song The Number Of Beast (yeh, fellow Metalheads please forgive me for I was an ignorant kid). Kiss was the only thing I listened until I turned 15, excluding the videogame soundtracks that were always part of my life.

It was when I turned 15 when I started to doubt about God's existence, which eventually turned into a "love-hate relationship" with him, which later on turned into agnosticism. First, I believe I started to doubt in God's existence because I was literally driving into insanity (sounds ironic, I know, but please keep reading to understand), the same insanity that would eventually 'wake me up'. See, I received my first laptop when I was 14, and later that year I received internet in my own room, so I eventually became addicted to the internet, which would cause me to sleep very late night getting very little sleep before school, and that caused my top-notch grades to go downright to hell. So I was depressed. It was my first year in High school and I was forced to take Chemistry and Math as new subjects. I had a hard time struggling with those to save the year, not to mention math was always a royal pain so it was a brutal 3-combo to destroy me academically. This is when things got interesting, not to mention, this is something very stupid that happened in my life that I am sorta embarrassed to even talk about it!. Silly teenager I was struggling so hard with math, I decide to rely on prayers and in God to help me solve the freaking equations that I couldn't understand, for the hell of me. My older brother always helped me with math, but there was this one time when I was given this long ass, hard as hell to do homework with equations, and my brother was in a Prom Trip, he wasn't here, and I had no idea how to get around it, as I would end up sleeping class and I never understood those concepts until a few years later. So I was there doing my homework in my bed like I have been doing since I turned 15, my mom was mad and trying to help me but we both didn't understand. And I remember these details very clearly: I was looking at the freaking equation, hoping to get an 'illumination' to solve it, and it was there when I said really said to myself "God can't help me with my homework, then I really don't think he exists". It was late May, school was halfway through, but it looked like an eternity. Subsequently, I was mentally tortured by myself, looking endlessly for answers about God, about myself. That same year I discovered I had a passion for children thanks to a dream and that they were my reason to live. Not too late after that I discovered about Madeleine McCann's case (for those who don't know, she is a little girl that has been missing since 2006 and no one knows where she is, no one is even certain if she is dead or alive due to the evidence that sometimes was self-contradictory), and when I found about Madeleine, I punched a piece of furniture so hard, so annoyed at God, so annoyed at Jesus, so annoyed at the virtual Faith I had all my life prior that, I just decided not to trust in God anymore, but I was still linked to believe in him because well, probably because all of the brainwashing I had received prior that. Keep in mind I have gone to the same Christian-Catholic school all my life (yes, I have been going to the same place all my life due to the fact that Bolivian private schools have 'everything in one place', so I never changed schools), so religion was a must, and they always talked about sins, God, how to be a good kids, and so on. Though I was was no longer to what they taught us there, I just believed in that uber-something that had to do everything, but was not necessarily a good fella that forgives you for everything. It is there when I started to listen to a lot of , mainly because I wanted to have something that also went against God, but it was surprising the fact that Metal wasn't satanist. Iron Maiden became my top band of that time, and I understood that most metal was about society. Many metal bands want a better world, and they talk about it in many ways: some ask God for help because of what happens on earth, some discard God's trust completely because they want to do all by themselves (I eventually turned like that), some would rely on Satan to make a better world because God was a tyrant (I followed that philosophy for a while as well!, except I never relied on Satan, and I just left my theism altogether). My current life began right there: First never trusting God, and later being influenced by music. I was NEVER the one to be brainwashed (though yes, obviously when you are a kid forced to take Religion as a subject, you really can't think for yourself because you don't understand the concept of it altogether. So you just receive the lectures, all the god jibbyjabber, and everything, you forget about it by sending it to your subconscious so you are linked to it), I always though everything for myself and I never let music influence me unless it makes sense to me. I never followed anyone's words, not even school teachings (starting when I turned 15, after my terrible depression) unless they made sense to me. But my music, for me (let me highlight that) for me, is right, and I will explain that further on, for now you just need to know that my music goes against trusting God for the most part, my music wants humanity to do its part. My music, and myself, do not like it when people move their lips instead of their hands when it is awfully necessary.

Religion is a very interesting thing. It can control people like they were robots, and it can create infinite wonders to think about it. Not for nothing Epica has a whole album called The Divine Conspiracy about the infinite wonders of religion. I just left all my religious teachings behind altogether. It makes no sense. I do not know if God exists or not, but I am certain that everything the current Bible says is fake, it is a fairly tale. You don't even need to look for contradictions on it, just look for popular Bible quotes, and you will see how they contradict each other without even doing a deep analysis on them. If God does exist, I do not know if he is like Christians and Catholics paint him, but if he is, I am certain I will be screwed if there is indeed a Judgment Day, because everything I do in my life now is be for other people; I help orphaned children, I have intentions of helping more people who need me, I want to help disabled children as well, so I do not have time to worship God or do good for God's will. I do not know if Jesus really existed, but I do know that if he did, he didn't die for my sins, he died because some retard betrayed him. My apologies, I find no logic on sins spreading to other people, because it would be awfully unfair, and if God does exist, he wants justice. I will stick with Agnosticism: I have no proof for God, but nothing can really contradict if he doesn't exist. Obviously it looks like what can't be proven is not real, but with how vast the universe is, how vast the human collective intelligence is, we really can't discard his existence altogether. I take most theories that reach my hands as possibilities, because I really can't tell if those theories can be true or false.

Finally, I have to say, for me Christianity is a plague that invaded the real innocence of the world, but some Christians are really nice people when they are honest when they say they want you save it. And, while I thank every Christian that has told me that or something similar, it makes no sense. It is too late for me to return to the path of God, I am not longer confused with my religious views, and I can live happily knowing that I do my good for the world, for the children, for the needed, with no need to have a 2000 year old fella on my back because I believe humans are developed to the point they can live following basic "moral" rules. Accept homosexuals, accept pedophiles, accept necrophiles, accept heterosexuals, accept everyone as long as they never commit any crime. At the end, whether there is a God or not, real happiness comes from your own hands, it comes from your own thoughts, and it comes from your own dreams. I want to marry and have two daughters myself, that is my top dream and I want to fulfill it. I understand when people love their god, there is their salvation, but life you only have one, and if there is a heaven, if there is a God, you won't be able to do what you can do now on Earth if you go to heaven ;). Listen to everything. Have some religious Skillet if your ears are happy with that (mine are, I just avoid the "god is maximum") stuff from them), or have some Immortal if you want. If there is a God, take it for granted he will not get mad at you for listening to music that at first looks "evil".

That's all about it guys :)! Feel free to comment (in fact, please do, this is my first diary entry and my first writing in a few months), and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

PS: I hate it when religion are part of organized religion.


  • haushi

    Agree with you in a 99% :) Btw i found my story pretty similar to yours. "There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden. There is no evidence for it, but you can't prove that there aren't any, so shouldn't we be agnostic with respect to fairies?”

    14 Feb 2010, 4:45
  • florianblaschke

    I'm not even agnostic. I'm ignostic. In fact, I've been ever since my teenage years, after having a very religious phase much like you, but only recently have I found a word for it. I really like metal's freethought tradition. In my opinion, metal does not necessarily oppose religion in general, but mainly organised/collective religions, especially intolerant religions, and monotheistic religions more than others because they tend to be more intolerant. The metal culture opposes dogma, but personal/individual religion is viewed much more favourably by it, hence its positive portrayal of pagan cultures. Metal likes the subversion of religious symbolism and imagery, but not out of spite, but out of anger at injustice committed in the name of religion and out of an attempt to make people think for themselves. The metal culture is strongly individualist, and it's the ganging-up-on-somebody (especially the weak) mentality that it hates rather than anyone or any religion in particular. That's my take on it, anyway. I'm familiar with a quite liberal interpretation of Catholicism, at least. That's what I learned to know at school. It probably reflects the climate at European universities. As long as bands talk about personal religion and consistently stick to such a liberal interpretation, I have no problem with them at all. (I really like Orphaned Land - they're positive towards Abrahamitic religions, promote tolerance, peace and reconciliation, but they do not preach and try to convert anyone.) But any god that would send Gandhi to Hell for not believing in him I cannot accept. A god that acts like a spoiled child is a laughable concept and deserves neither worship nor respect. A brat-on-the-throne can only be an extension of petty human desires, a projection, not any sublime entity. A grand god would indeed act infinitely benevolently towards his (?) fallible creations, as he cannot expect them to be as wise as he is. He would indeed behave towards them rather like a loving and caring father towards his children. Only their actions towards other human beings should matter; not their attitudes towards him whom they cannot even perceive. If anything that we can perceive deserves worship it's probably Nature, Earth, and the whole Universe as it hosts us. I find religions fascinating as cultural artifacts but I cannot really relate to them anymore. They tend to take up a life of their own and control people (creating chaos and arbitrariness) instead of the other way round. That's more like a psychical disorder, in fact. As I told Mes_Que_Un_Club: "[...] I'm ambivalent with regards to religion as well, I find it a fascinating subject from the viewpoint of an external observer, but can't fully relate to it myself. Even if I can get somewhat fanatic and irrational regarding certain things myself, I can't identify with, and don't wish to commit myself to any form of organised religion and I have no understanding for rigid dogmas - I'm essentially a very tolerant person and consider myself a freethinker. Religions are virtually always full of illogical assumptions, which simply make no sense to me. To me, they are basically cultural artifacts or emergent objects like organisms, languages, music genres, sports etc." If you're a good person, you don't need religion. If you aren't, religion won't do you any good, you'll just end up abusing it for your own purposes. Just before I found this book review. The final two paragraphs are particularly interesting in this context.

    15 Feb 2010, 4:20
  • roots-roy

    God is LOVE !!!

    16 Feb 2010, 13:03
  • NightVermillion

    God doesn't have to exist for people to love.

    16 Feb 2010, 17:29
  • florianblaschke

    Q: Why did God create the Universe? A: FOR TEH LULZ. Srsly, the only way I can imagine a creator-god is in the form of a programmer or gamer observing a virtual world, so we're all just Sims for him.

    16 Feb 2010, 17:46
  • CrybKeeper

    Quote..."So every night I prayed to God, so I don't get abducted by aliens, and so I don't see the goatsucker wandering around my garden in late hours at night..." So, were your prayers answered? I have this goatsucker living in my closet. It comes out every few days to suck on my toes. Do you think, if I say a prayer, it will stop sucking my toes?

    17 Mar 2010, 12:32
  • GrannyGreen

    This is very, very well-said. I feel the exact same way about all of this.

    14 Jun 2010, 0:06
  • dipeooa

    Hey! so I read what you have to say and you seem like a very nice person! its wonderful that you want to help kids, I too want to adopt children! I have a couple of things to say: 1) Beacuse some Christian people do crazy stupid things, hate people, are fake, and are so dumb does not reflect the rest of us Christians. No matter where you go there will always be a set of people who ruin the name for others. There are evil bad Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindu's etc. but that is not enough to complain about the whole religion as a set. Alot of times people are quick to judge Christians and Christian actions, and Christian churches, whithout realizing all the other good things that they have done. where are same sex marriages allowed to take place?, Christian countries (U.S.A, South Africa, England, etc) only one muslim country allows for this to happen (TURKEY, and they are even considered secular) Muslim, Budhists, and Hindu countries do not even allow this (Iran, Egypt, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) Christians might not agree with gay marriage but we still allow it to happen without forcefully forcing forcing our views on people. 2) Christians have also done many good things for the world. Amnesty international, The salvation army, Martin Luther (not the civil right man, but the german man who made it possible to stop the catholic church from abusing their power) and all the Christian missionaries. 3) Christian nations allow others to do what they want to do. There is not SINGLE Christian nation which does not allow others to practice their religion, but there are other nations which are not Christian which discriminate against Christians and others. In Israel the Arabs/Muslims face serious major discrimination, in Saudi Arabia churches for the most part are not allowed and by LAW someone is allowed to be punished for converting. this Never happens in nations where Christians are a majority. 4) The fact that you prayed to go and he didnt answer your prayers about math does not mean God does not love you. We all have things we struggle with, that is what it means to be a humans. If God gave us everything we wanted then we would not be as appreciative of what we have and give him praise. Sometimes we blame God for our own faults. You said your grades dropped because you did not pay attention to your work and you were always online, no offense but that is not Gods fault, it was you who decided to do that. Im not judging you or looking down on you, im just saying we have free will to do what we want to do. 5) I dont know why bad things happen to good people, but from bad things good things can come. Unfortunately if a child dies and becomes worldwide news, it can inspire an alcoholic abusive father to change his actions and love his children. it is unfortunate when bad things happen to innocent people and children, but I believe they are in a better place (heaven). I hate Christians who are very unsympathetic to others, and the Christians who use Christianity to control and hurt others, but i also hate the agnostics and atheists who do the same (Hitler, Stalin) Because someone claims to be a Christian does not mean they are a Christian. A good Christian love and takes care of others, is kind and lives a clean pure life. EXAMPLE : If I pollute the ground on a regular basis, leave all my lightS on, drive a car that smokes and pollutes the sky, BUT THEN i tell people that i love the environment and try not to pollute and call myself "someone who cares for the environment", am i not telling a lie?, and im not really practicing what I preach. So, what I want to say to you is that, God still oves you, he never stopped loving you EVER, go back to God, and be a good Christian who is not a hypocrite. Be the type of Christian you think is good! I hope this works, let me know what you think!

    19 Jul 2010, 0:00
  • NightVermillion

    No, I will "not go back to God", I would need to see him to know where he is, for one. "The fact that you prayed to go and he didnt answer your prayers about math does not mean God does not love you." I agree with you there, I will give you that, but it makes it more evident he might not exist at all, if anything. "Sometimes we blame God for our own faults." Sometimes? Religious individuals do it all the time. Many (highlight that word) religious individuals cannot credit human beings for the things they do. Someone does something wrong, it's blamed on the deity. Someone risks their life, their body, their everything to do something good, and it's credited to the deity. It's stupid. One of the reasons I left the Catholic Church was because I was sick and tired of people not recognizing the fact that mere humans can do good things without believing in said deity. "You said your grades dropped because you did not pay attention to your work and you were always online, no offense but that is not Gods fault," The point of that part was to show I was being a total idiot, but then to tell you how I went over my stupidity by stopping being a "believer". Because honestly, doubting the existence of God is one of the best things I have done, it helps me take responsibility for my actions, it helps me move my hands instead of my lips, it makes me help the people I want instead of "praying" for them. Also, I loved what you wrote, but you sorta killed everything when you said "I should go back to God and become a Christian I think is good". Converting doesn't work when you are an agnostic or an atheist by your own will. You can only convert agnostics / atheists that are sheep of other agnostics and atheists, in other words, you can only convert people who never think for themselves. Before I became an agnostic, I was catholic, decently devoted too. Then I started to questions things and came to the conclusion that the existence of a deity can't be known by anyone, specially when such deity has been rumored since the beginnings of time but there is no evidence to support such claims.

    19 Jul 2010, 0:48
  • Vohrahk

    You have a very interesting story, and I can see completely why you believe what you believe today. I can't address everything in this long journal entry, but I'll make a couple. I love that you are independent thinking, and want to check everything out. I myself truly believe that peple should not follow or listen to anything anybody says until they can check and verify for themselves whether anything said is true. That is a problem I see in nearly all Christians, but also in nearly everyone you will ever meet. It is just an inherent laziness in people to just accept something without putting in the work and time to see if it is truthful. However, I believe that metal and the metal community is just like any other community where people conform and share characteristics. You can see it at concerts, when people headbang, mosh, etc. It is just human nature, to go with the crowd. One more point is that you are in your mind forming making God fit your description of what a perfect God should be, and this comment shows it also: ``A grand god would indeed act infinitely benevolently towards his (?) fallible creations, as he cannot expect them to be as wise as he is. He would indeed behave towards them rather like a loving and caring father towards his children. Only their actions towards other human beings should matter; not their attitudes towards him whom they cannot even perceive.`` I`d say that if we are going to give the God of the Bible the characteristics he says he has, such as all-powerful, all-knowing, etc. then he must be above us in every way. What would seem right or perfect to us is not to a perfect God. Like it says in the Bible: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. -Isaiah 55:8-9 I have to use some Bible verses because that is my base, and where I always go first to check anything anybody says concerning faith or religion since I believe the Bible (King James Bible) to be God`s word. And for my last point, I will say that everybody has perceptions of ``good`` people and ``bad``people, but people`s perceptions of good and evil depend on their culture, past experiences, religion etc. What I believe is that every person is sinful, so no matter how sincere or kind a person is, I don`t believe that God will say ``That man is good``, or ``That woman is bad``. We are all in the same boat as sinners. I don`t get impressed when people say that they do all this good, or an organization does all this charity work. That`s great, and they are probably helping people who really need that help. But just because somebody does a ton of ``good`` work doesn`t mean that that is what is right in God`s eyes. Like it says in Matthew 7, you cannot win God`s approval: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. -Matthew 7:21-23 Of course, I am primarily talking about those Christians who you say are really nice people. They may be the nicest people on the face of the planet, but if they aren`t right with God they do it all for all the wrong reasons.

    28 Nov 2010, 10:32
  • Vohrahk

    And it is very tough to really go in detail typing here, the box is very little.

    28 Nov 2010, 10:34
  • fluflaplupla

    In my experience it´s impossible to have serious discussions with cristians; they say (in german it sounds better): Du wirst dran glauben -oder: Du wirst dran glauben! (Either you believe it - or: you will kick the bucket!) Christians only long for a better life after death. A very egoistic point of view, isn´t it?

    17 Dic 2010, 10:26
  • OnDistantShores

    I'm a Christian (remember, it means "follower of Jesus", and doesn't necessarily have anything to do with "Christianity") and I agree with almost all of what you said. I found this quote interesting: "If God does exist, I do not know if he is like Christians and Catholics paint him, but if he is, I am certain I will be screwed if there is indeed a Judgment Day, because everything I do in my life now is be for other people; I help orphaned children, I have intentions of helping more people who need me, I want to help disabled children as well". I'm curious why you think you'd be "screwed" on "judgement day"? Sounds to me like you're doing a lot of stuff that God would be happy about.

    17 May 2011, 22:26
  • NightVermillion

    Because I do things for other people, not for God. As far as I have seen, and as an ex-Catholic myself, God is an spoiled kid. That's why I said that, if he is indeed like they paint him, I will be screwed. I don't live for God and I never will.

    17 May 2011, 22:32
  • rwitte

    Declaration: I am Jewish. Religions survive by natural selection in Society and the religious texts and moralities are the cumulative social memory of wisdom and experience. So I think you have to respect any religion still extant above a certain age (Islam is ~1400 years old, so that might be about the right number), even if you don't agree with some minor details like, the existence of god. The knowledge is often stored in the form of parables; they are not best understood as literal truth. The institutions of the religions, on the other hand, are (and need to be) political institutions. Their job is to ensure that sufficient resources are available for maintaining the knowledge; they are about the accumulation of money and power.

    7 Sep 2011, 11:24
  • CrybKeeper

    WOW! long journal and long replies. I read them all. Somebody forgot to tell you the truth about God and Jesus my friend. God did answer your prayer, the very same way He always answers - He put your brother in place to help you with the math. God doesn't perform illuminating miracles. Miracles are more subtle and can always be decided by us - was it God, or was it just coincidence, nature or something man made? The one time your brother was not there, was probably a test of your faith, to see how you would handle the situation. Patience and diligence and ultimately, an opportunity should have arisen to help you. God never fails us. I am not religious. I drink beer, I use profane language and I listen to the very same Epica album as you have(LOVE that album!). However, I was also raised(forced by parents) in the church and have 30 some years experience in various ministries.

    3 Nov 2011, 2:45
  • CrybKeeper

    God usually does not reach out and pluck a child from danger. It is not at all what He intends to do, nor is it a good idea. It is man who are evil and humanity that causes death, rape, famine, cancer, greed and all that other bad stuff. Christianity is not at all about sin or not sinning. We will always be sinners until we die. Christianity is not about being good, because we will always fail. What it is about? A relationship between a Father and His children. It is about free will with guidance, but ultimately, our right to choose in the end. Daniel was a murderer, womanizer and sexual pervert and God calls Daniel, His most beloved servant.

    3 Nov 2011, 2:51
  • CrybKeeper

    Catholicism was developed well after Jesus died and arose and Jesus was the final "Word" Jesus calls Himself "The Word". The word "Bible" is Greek, it means literally, "The Word" or "Jesus". The Christian church did not exist, when Jesus walked the Earth. We do not have to go to church, to have a relationship with our Father and our brother Jesus. The church is in us, it is our own hearts that are the temple/church and that is all that matters to God on an individual basis and in a family basis.

    3 Nov 2011, 2:55
  • CrybKeeper

    If God is truly wise, He must let us have free will, he must let us decide what to do, based on His advice. When we sin, we learn or we do not learn, but in the end when judgement comes, it will not be our sin that condemns us, it will only be one thing - did we trust God to guide us? Sorry to preach like that. I do not want to convert you back to your religion. God calls religion, "A bad idea". It is faith in a Father and child relationship that God wants with us. Church sucks balls =) Religion means: ritualistic practice or daily routines to make ones self more disciplined. I do not know about you, but I am not very disciplined, lol. I am very religious in one thing - MUSIC - I listen to music religiously on a daily basis. Music is my religion. I adore black metal and most of all, like you, I am very much addicted to symphonic and melodic metal. I despise rap music that degrades women and garbage such as that. I love meaningful lyrics, that deal with Earth, nature and all emotions, not just love affairs gone bad, lol ;-)

    3 Nov 2011, 3:15
  • c4t2007

    I didn't read all of this page, and don't know how many objective personalities this universe has, but would just like to note that it's "his/hers/its" and "literally" means "really".

    10 May 2012, 7:49
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