I dont need love...


5 Ene 2012, 17:56

In contradistinction to LL's hit song of the 80's "I need love" (which also happens to be the first rap song i learnt by heart- check my bio) Evidence of Dilated peoples on his magnum opus "Cats and Dogs" makes a bold declaration that he needs no love, happens to be one of my fave tracks on the LP too. What would push a man to push love away? Dunno, but i sorta echo his sentiments, when i'm thinking peeps think they can hold u for ransom with the threat that you'll end up a grumpy old man if u dont grovel and beg for affection and i sorta think it takes a real man to say he dont need love, ok it takes a very hurt man most, but a real man too lol
Anyway, sorta going in line with my no more mr nice guy policy. it's 2012 suckas , deal with it. It's my way or the highway. You either comply or make no mistake i can do bad all by myself. ( Now as i flee i leave "Evidence " on the crime scene)


Evidence I dont need love


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