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Who am i? could never even understand a little part of the pure myself,just lookin in my eyes(except if you're truly able to See..and Feel..that being in this false,grey,inhuman society is everyday harder,for the most part of you:weak,apathetic,insensitive,blind,often cruel human kind..) it's almost impossible that you could here..on this big cage for brains called internet....oh, is a big part of my chaotic,confusing,at least through Music (and so Art,Poetry,and yes,Ideals)you could TRY and understand a little of the emotions (that makes a Person) that are burning in the other side of your cold computer's scherme..........

So,talkin about music....i grew up and found a big part of myself into Punk(the real,underground,sincere,instinctive,d.i.y. one!),especially into Crust(from the old stenchcore glories to the "modern" so called neo/epic crust,althoug i may generally prefer the stuff referred to the first i truly love both!),Anarchopunk and old school Hardcore,but i also enjoy grindcore and i could like the original '77 one or a little bit of melodic(but real ! not most part of those trendy-shit!)hardcore as well...i don't like to restrict myself into a "tag"(remeber that Punk is not just a musical taste or a way for destroy yer pants or cut yer stupid fashion's a fuckin approach to life:a way of life!)so you can easily find myself listening to lots of other different genres:from Doom,Sludge,Stoner and Post-Hc/Post-Metal to Dark and Post-Punk,from some Heavy,Trash,Death and overall Black Metal (from the first wave,to the second,to this new wave of atmospheric/ambient bm..but always NOT fuckin nazi bands! and i'm also not into just not for i'm not a fuckin priest ;D) to some (better if d.i.y)Post-Rock,Experimental and Ambient stuff,from some Neo-Folk(the same of metal and everything:Fuck nazy simpathy!),to Noise(even Harsh Noise) and Drone or Industrial as well as from underground Rap and Hip Hop to a little bit of underground Techno and Drum'n bass..passing for old '60/'70 rock,pre-punk,folk-punk and something of psychedelic legends and singer-song writers.....if i should say my personal favourite music "trinity" i would probably answer: NEGAZIONE,AMEBIX & JOY DIVISION..other artists that i love are definitely NAUSEA(the n.y. Crust/Anarchopunk band,not the L.A.metal one..),FALL OF EFRAFA,DOOM and FABRIZIO DE ANDRè(an italian musician and INTENSE songwriter..r.i.p.)..other bands that i sincerily like a lot are:Hiatus,Nerorgasmo,Disprezzo,Misery,Tragedy,Neurosis,Black Sabbath,Discharge,Crass,Swans,Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade,Filth Of Mankind,Deviated Instict,Axegrinder,Graves At Sea,Kaos One,Wretched(the italian'80 anarchopunk/hardcore legends!),Rudimentary Peni,Sleep,Good Riddance,The Smiths,Wolves In The Throne Room,Cult Of Luna,Bob Dylan,Oroku,Warcollapse,Anti-Cimex,Dead Kennedys,Capite Damnare,Skaven,Antisect,From Ahes Rise,Cress,Extreme Noise Terror,Tesa,Stormcrow,Le Tormenta,Disorder,Chaos Uk,OM,Kakistocracy,Agalloch,Conflict,Leadershit,Explosion In The Sky,Concrete Sox,Samothrace(the doom/sludge ones),The Doors,Heresy(the english crusty fast hardcore ones),Oi Polloi,Sin Dios,Dropdead,Blitz,Destroy!,Gorilla Bisquits,Resist And Exist,Lou Reed & Velvet Underground,David Bowie,Tom Waits,Iggy Pop & The Stooges,The Clash,The Adverts,The Cure(post-punk and darkwave stuff)The Wipers,Anxtv,Bauhaus,Contravene,Remains Of The Day,Dystopia,Ekkaia,Contropotere,Asunder,Masskontroll,Zounds,This Will Destroy You,Icos,Panopticon,Saint Vitus,DSA Commando,Thou,The Estranged,Ripcord,Ulver,Noothgrush,Spacemen 3,Godspeed You! Black Emperor,Jesu,Light Bearer.........this list could go on forever!!! so just stay tuned,and,if you was patient enough to read'till here and you liked what you read..feel free of write me!

Ps: I used to be the growler,songwriter and founder member of a local crustyhardcore band called iL Neropensare (the name could be translated as "The Blackthinking" or "to thinkin in black" Think,as what happens before you use your hands into an action,and what everyone should do a lot more into our Life! )as for others totally unknow projects,especially into punk,hardcore and related things,but even doom/sludge and other stuff..
Currently i'm destroying my vocal chords into a new band and i'm probably gonna start with a new crust one and i'll may be involved in a post-punk and in an atmospheric black metal one,still as a vocalist..
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NeroAsTheLife's top albums (overall) 1. Ripcord - More Songs About... (196)
2. Napalm Death - Scum (192)
3. Axegrinder - Rise of the Serpent Men (181)
4. Bob Dylan - The very best of Bob Dylan (CD (168) 5. Fall of Efrafa - Inlé (154)
6. Oroku - Living Through the End of Time (153) 7. Nausea - Extinction (140)
8. Antisect - In Darkness There Is No Choice (138)
9. Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits 1970-1978 (132)
10. Discharge - Decontrol: The Singles Disc 1 (132)


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