Boredom... Last day of summer and I'm stuck home


29 Ago 2006, 23:34


  • arpho

    I think you would like 3.

    30 Ago 2006, 4:47
  • Neochemist

    Thanks, I'll look into them. Always glad to find new bands.

    30 Ago 2006, 5:15
  • Pozito

    Where is Dream Theater?

    30 Ago 2006, 13:59
  • evangeline6

    At least you don't have school today. They stole the last days of vacation from me. Enjoy this day like i enjoyed yesterday...but change out of your pjs before lunch... lol

    30 Ago 2006, 14:31
  • Neochemist

    Oooh, Dream Theatrer [b]has[/b] made some mighty good tracks... Mmh, guess I forogt them :/ And evangeline, I don't wear PJs :D Although I did get fully dressed before lunch. Had my first day of the year today, looks like it's gonna be a hard year.

    30 Ago 2006, 21:59
  • StupidPrayer

    I know what You mean. G2g to work today :\

    31 Ago 2006, 6:50
  • skywards

    I think you will like Gorgoroth, Burzum, Darkthrone , Immortal, Satyricon, Mayhem and Emperor You may not like them at all! But try some, download some and gudge for yourself!

    1 Sep 2006, 0:18
  • Neochemist

    Will do, thanks a ton!

    1 Sep 2006, 0:50
  • SuperXXX

    You should also try out Aphex Twin&Chemical Brothers, since you like Crystal Method&Prodigy. You could also like Pendulum (they made remix of prodigy's voodoo people),Fluke and Propellerheads.

    4 Sep 2006, 10:21
  • Chokai

    thanks for the listens my freind. :)

    4 Sep 2006, 17:51
  • Neochemist

    No prob Chokai, just love the music :D SuperXXX, I've listened to Chemical Brothers, didn't like them much. Aphex Twin is really good though, didn't remember to add that. Fluke is all right, I like their track Snapshot, but that's really it. Don't have any Propellerheads yet, will look into that.

    4 Sep 2006, 23:46
  • SuperXXX

    You don't like Chems? Damn you.

    5 Sep 2006, 11:18
  • SuperXXX

    Btw, forgot to mention, you might wanna check out Future sound of London aswell. Particularly their Accelerator album. You may like it. That's their mostly dance/rave oriented album. If you like darker/ambient stuff try out their ISDN and Dead Cities album. I am crazy about those.

    5 Sep 2006, 11:21
  • sakmaz

    My friend you are in desperate need of some Thievery Corporation (given your interest in Roni Size, Massive Attack, the Prodigy, etc). Also. Try Up, Bustle and Out. Awesome stuff. :o

    6 Feb 2008, 19:57
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