The Language of Music (recommend me some!)


4 Ene 2008, 20:20

I love me some non-English music. I love it whether it's French, Italian, Romanian, German, Japanese or Spanish.

Well, not so much Spanish.

Okay, generally not Spanish at all, but almost everything else.

I guess it comes from a love of languages? (Except Spanish!) To my right, I have instructional books, tapes, cds and dvds for Persian, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish (eek!), Italian and Mandarin. Elsewhere in the apartment you can find books for French, Vietnamese and Korean.

In addition, my sister borrowed my copy of the Hindi dvds, and I've also taken 2 years of high school German. Just don't ask me to say much unless you give me a week to prep. :)

Now, this all has a very interesting impact on my listening habits. What music do I listen to? Mainly English, yes, but what comes next? I think I will find out.

Main rules:

1) Jaci Velasquez counts as English, unless the artist tag had an accent mark, then it's Spanish.
2) Boa is a strange one. I will count 1/3 of her music as Japanese, and 2/3 as Korean: I don't like her English voice, so I never listen. I know she has many more Japanese songs than Korean, but I listen to her Korean stuff more often.
3) Kate Ryan will be 10% French.
5) Taiwanese music will be counted with Mandarin, since I don't know the difference. Yet.
6) I can only count the songs shown in my all time charts, so anything that doesn't show up there simply can't be counted.
7) This list counts the 3212 songs that I could find on my list

On to the list:

1) Mandarin @ 20%

Well, I didn't listen to any Mandarin until just before Mandarin class started this recent summer, so going from nothing to first is a pretty good run. This was mainly due to the enjoyable music of S.H.E, who sits at #5 of my most played list. Their album Play was my first Mandarin album.

2) Japanese @ 18.4%

I was thoroughly surprised when I started listening to Mandarin, that I all but completely forgot about Japanese. Now, most of the Japanese music I used to listen to, kinda sounds bad. I mean the voices, not the music... Still, 倉木麻衣 and her delicious way keep me listening.

3) Romanian @ 16.8%

I'm not too shocked to find Romanian up in third. While I did listen to Japanese on a regular basis, it was the music of Alina, Anna Lesko, Andra and Corina that held my attention during the 9 months I spent in Texas.

4) Korean @ 14.7%

After this, the percentages get crazy small. Korean pretty much started it all, even though Japanese was my foray into foreign music (followed by Russian). When, and I don't remember how, I first heard Boa, I fell in love. Then she released Atlantis Princess, and Korean was a permanent fixture on my list. After she switched to Japanese, I had to get my fix with S.E.S.'s last album. For now, I keep my Korean tracks to SeeYa and 카라 (KaRa).

5) Middle Eastern & Indian @ 8.8%

I group them together because of their similar music and vocals. I also can't tell the difference between Arabic, Punjab, Hindi, etc., so this is simply the best way. (Imagine "Asian" music combined into one.. oi! Yes, that would include this as well...). At any rate, this group is helped mostly by Aneela of Toy-Box fame, and supported by soundtracks to several Bollywood flicks that I fell in love with while in Texas.

6) Finnish @ 3.8%

What can I say? Varttina (not tagged, sorry), was pretty awesome and I did decide to add half the tracks of Nylon Beat. I really don't listen to Finnish much anymore...

7) Cantonese @ 3.1%

Thanks to my Jadeworld subscription on DirecTv, I get to wath fabulous Cantonese music videos. I've got a lot DVR'd, and from that I find the music I enjoy and listen to it. Cantonese is a recent addition to my Language of Music list. It is perhaps the most recent, come to think of it. Since I can't read Chinese characters very well yet, nor do I understand Cantonese (and the subtitles don't help hehe), I find few of these artists. One, however, that I've found and enjoyed is 鄧穎芝.

8) Turkish @ 2.7%

Last winter I purchased and listened many times over to Sultana's cd. I can't remember the album title offhand. It's pretty slick hip hop with few nice samples here and there.

9) French @ 2.3%

With a healthy does of Kate Ryan's French songs to add to my small collection of Assia and other French artists, a top 10 for my second least favorite language is pretty good.

10) African @ 2.1%

Thanks to the soundtrack to Tsotsi, I've got some nice tracks from the other southern continent.

11) Thai and Swedish tie with 1.8%

China Dolls, despite their name, sing in a lovely language called Thai. Sit that alongside Bubble Girls, and Thai ties with the only Swedish band I listen to: Garmarna

13) Pacific Islands @ 0.9%

I have no way to tell which island, which language, or what, so I group them together. I've been listening to Te Vaka, among others.

14) Spanish @ 0.8%

Jaci Velasquez, with just a small bit of help from some other band I can't remember, keeps Spanish out of last place. It was because of Jaci, not the language.

15) Portuguese @ 0.4%

Matato'a performs in Hawaiian, but also in Portuguese. Their song Fusion Natural was one of the practice songs for the first Polynesian Dance classes I took.

16) Vietnamese @ 0.4%

With one less track played than Portuguese, Vietnamese suffers from being another one of my not-so-favorite languages.

And that's it. All 16 languages that I've listened to since 1999, at least, as best as i can figure it.

Any recommendations for foreign music you think I might like based on what I've written here?


  • busha69

    I listen to lots of korean music so i can recommend you something.You seem like you like only girl interprets...?:)So,when you like See Ya you might like Brown Eyed Girls or when you like Kara hmm,maybe 소녀시대. It´s up to you:)

    6 Ene 2008, 2:22
  • satan_my_lord

    hey...i drop you some band from Greece, Active Member , Mikro if you want more greek speaking bands, feel free to shout on my box!

    30 Ene 2008, 17:33
  • carmosin

    If you like Garmarna, you might like Hedningarna. :)

    4 Feb 2008, 8:26
  • michal_p_pl

    If you'd like something Portuguese, try Cristina Branco :)

    17 Feb 2008, 12:13
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