Internet metal nerds suck


20 Jul 2011, 4:07

I've never understood how certain types of douchebags seem to make up the majority of metal's fanbase on the internet. I mean, whereas in real life people listen to what sounds good to them for the fun of it, these types are in some contest to "out-elite" one another, outright shun certain styles e.g. "-core", "groove" (especially on shitty forums like Metal-Archives), praise only the most pedestrian, tepid shit that no one's ever heard of, and get into constant debates about how things that clearly are metal (e.g. Rammstein and nu-metal) are not. Oh, and don't forget, anything with melody or actual songwriting skills sucks, is "gay", "sugary" etc. I was once interested in metal but the douchebag fanbase put me way off. It's best for me to imagine that it doesn't exist and just try to enjoy the music on its own.

Is there a single metal forum out there where I can find tolerable people with normal tastes, and not some try-hard pissing contest bullshit? Other than going to the individual forums of the bands I like, and even those seem to draw in one or two douchebags who stick around making a thousand posts and spread their bitterness like a tumor.


  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Yeah! Here on!!! jk, but srsly NS Arts&Fiction has quite a lot of "normal" metal talk, and is a great forum

    20 Jul 2011, 6:41
  • BlasphemateMe

    yeah, internet nerdies are tards, they, like, have standards and all that. i want a place where people are accepting of everyone, and then i can look good in comparison to all the morons.

    20 Jul 2011, 21:08
  • NegruVoda

    ^ lol aspie yeah buddy, "standards", you set the bar real high listening to ildjarn and averse sefira lol

    21 Jul 2011, 3:45
  • therealsonofdad

    you were once into metal? oh, what a loss for metal this is

    15 Ago 2011, 9:06
  • Metalmiin

    wie wärs mal mit maul halten, scheissstück ?

    20 Ago 2011, 13:33
  • NegruVoda

    What? Sorry, I don't speak turkish.

    20 Ago 2011, 17:56
  • TheGuy12243

    How Ironic

    21 Ago 2011, 21:44
  • AngryBes

    implying any -core or groove is event remotely decent

    3 Sep 2011, 0:00
  • NegruVoda

    Spoken like a typical douchebag. Rammstein forgettable? I can remember a whole lot more of their songs than I can Hammerfag's. Usually with metal, it's obscure for a reason: it's lackluster and it sucks. It's hilarious how you associate nu-metal etc. with a teenage fanbase but not "truu methul"... the fanbase is still teenage shitheads, only nerdier and with even worse personalities.

    3 Oct 2011, 19:40
  • DarmenWFB


    18 Oct 2011, 17:25
  • B1azeIchi

    They are the loud majority. They make metalheads look like metalcore/nu metal hating elitists. I like metalcore and nu metal, as well as other metal subgenres. They just need to chill....

    26 Oct 2011, 1:48
  • ZelosWilder88

    The reason they shun nu metal and core genres is because they suck... Because it undermined much of the progress that underground made in the early to mid-'90s. Not to metion the entire fanbase for both genres are mooks and emo kids. I don't consider myself a "TRVE KULT MET0L!" fan (My favorite bands are Siouxsie and The Banshees and The Smiths). But defending nu metal and any "core" genre is stupid in my book... Also the bass sound for nu metal bands sounds like someone taking a dump.

    30 Oct 2011, 21:33
  • Mercenarion

    Denying that there is good music in the -core genres is moronic.

    20 Nov 2011, 19:15
  • Hate.Machine

    Kerrazy Torrents has a pretty chill board

    28 Nov 2011, 14:31
  • RicardoCarmine

    'Oh, and don't forget, anything with melody or actual songwriting skills ' define 'songwritting skills'

    24 Dic 2011, 4:20
  • Sutsuga_Red

    28 Dic 2011, 13:25
  • lryvnvlt

    Why would you want to go to a metal forum? Do you go to bread forums too because you like to eat sandwiches?

    27 Ene 2012, 13:12
  • purplehazethc

    Well, at Heavy Metal Haven we are pretty chill.

    26 Feb 2012, 11:38
  • Metal_Ganon A shining example of any lack of melody, harmony, or songwriting skills, which is why that album was so greatly praised by Internet metal nerds last year.

    20 Abr 2012, 9:28
  • purplehazethc

    How can something be pedestrian if no ones ever heard of it?

    24 Abr 2012, 12:06
  • crushtor

    Gay and sugary? Like skittles?

    14 Ago 2012, 11:30
  • florianblaschke

    "Oh, and don't forget, anything with melody or actual songwriting skills sucks, is "gay", "sugary" etc." You mean like power metal, which you also hate, just like the metal elitists you hate? Dude.

    20 Ago 2012, 15:18
  • florianblaschke

    Except you obviously like power metal, so choosing Hammerfall and calling them "Hammerfag" makes you sound extremely inconsistent ...

    20 Ago 2012, 15:51
  • NegruVoda

    Whoa, easy there computer logic, I was just bashing them for the guy above who said Rammstein is forgettable but listens to a million Hammerfall songs (which almost all sound the same). They have a few good songs but that's it.

    22 Ago 2012, 16:27
  • JBThazard

    Trying to bash music due to the fanbase, even only partially/temporarily, earns you a 0/10

    31 Ago 2012, 5:48
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