• Die PUHDYS live in Chemnitz

    28 Jul 2011, 20:31

    Sa., 23. Jul. – Die Puhdys Live
    Cross-Posting aus meinem Blog

    Wie ich bereits vor einiger Zeit berichtet habe plante ich schon lange den Besuch beim PUHDYS-Konzert am Wasserschloss Klaffenbach in Chemnitz. Am letzten Samstag war es dann so weit und Dominic (ihr erinnert euch) und ich traten, begleitet von Dominics Vater Steffen und seinem Kumpel Andi die einstündige Fahrt von Waldheim nach Chemnitz an.

    Zwischen Einlass und Konzertbeginn vergingen zwei ganze Stunden, eine quasi endlos erscheinende Zeit, die Andy, Steffen und ich damit verbrachten, uns im Intro-Raten der Musik eines äußerst penetranten DJs zu üben. Um 21 Uhr betraten dann endlich Maschine, Peter Meyer, Bimbo, Quaster und Klaus Scharfschwerdt die Bühne, um ihr Konert wie seit der Abenteuer-Tour üblich mit einem Ausschnitt aus ihrem gleichnamigen aktuellen Album zu beginnen.

    Es steht den PUHDYS einfach nicht, ihre Fans mit Playback oder Ähnlichem Murks zu enttäuschen, und so war auch hier in Chemnitz, unter freiem Himmel, alles echt. Umso erstaunlicher ist es, wie stark und prägnant das bekannte Feeling der PUHDYS-Songs auch im 42. Bühnenjahr noch live geboten wird. Da waren aktuelle Songs, Ausblicke auf das demnächst neu erscheinende Album und natürlich altes Liedgut, das selbst ich mittlerweile als Klassiker bezeichnen kann ;) .

    Die Stimmung war auf jeden Fall hervorragend und ich bin mir bis jetzt nicht ganz sicher, ob Dominic mit dem Gedanken gespielt hat, den Notarzt zu rufen, als ich bei der absolut beeindruckenden Live-Darbietung von “Ich bin der liebe Gott” völlig ausrastete ;) .

    Nach fast 2,5 Stunden Dauerrock begaben wir uns dann zurück nach Waldheim.
  • Last.fm helps the DJ out ;)

    9 May 2009, 18:54

    RIght now, I'm at a friends party, as a DJ, with me providing the technical equipment and him providing an astonishing collection of 84563 MP3s (all ripped from legally bought CDs, of course).

    I am using Songbird on my notebook to stream audio to the various devices that then equalize and mix it. Songbird more or less simply shuffles the whole library, I didn't care about an adequate party shuffle for now as I'm quite certain that this very library is not mixed up with strange music we woulsn't want to hear ;).

    Whenever a guest wants to have a special song played, I dynamically insert it into Songbird's internal playback list. But although I didn't expect that, this library is not complete enough, so some songs that people want to hear are not available.

    Thank God, Last.fm can help there: I simply manually enque the Last.fm stream, stopping local playback and inserting one track from Last.fm Webradio.

    I didn't know that the most powerful Open Source media player and the greatest Web 2.0 website could play together to create such a great experience :D

    Keep it up!
  • Pidgin Last.fm v0.4a released

    6 Abr 2009, 8:50

    Some days ago, I released v0.4a of the Pidgin Last.fm plugin. It fixes some annoying message floods and implements the Last.fm API 2.0 more efficiently.

    Happy testing!
  • Pidgin Last.fm v0.4 convenience release

    18 Nov 2008, 10:19

    I just fired out a new version of the plugin, still written in Perl. It is a release to make wating for th rewrite easier for users and implements new features like the Last.fm 2.0 webservices (allowing more users to retrieve data) and more info sets that can be displayed.

    Go mad testing!
  • Songbird Media Player

    16 Nov 2008, 15:15

    A few weeks ago, I was once again looking out for a good music player and library manager for my Linux Desktop. There were several aspects it should fit:

    - No KDE dependencies, and if possible no Gnome dependencies either
    - Last.fm scrobbling functionality
    - Storing of media information only in tags
    - Clean and structered GUI

    I discovered that Amarok has a really lovely GUI and manages music really god, but relies heavily on Qt and other KDE libraries. Rhythmbox failed to load on my Ubuntu, but screenshots I found on the web told me that it isn't what I'd call efficient as far as the user interface is concerned. Several other alternatives at hand, like Quod Libet, didn't appear as a solution either.

    Then I stumbled upon something called Songbird. At the first glance, it looked a bit like iTunes, a fact that almost made me ignore it right away because I really don't like iTunes for some reasons. But as it is only the GUI that resembles the Apple software,I decided to give it a try. I found an Ubuntu package at GetDeb and insalled it without any problems. I decided to use my notebook primarily as media player, so I watched out for an Ebuild and found one at Gentoo's Bugzilla.

    The first thing that I liked about Songbird was the setup wizard that popped up when starting it the first time. It was really easy to get the path to my music set up and configure several other things. What I didn't read but realized in the first second was that Songbird is Mozilla (XUL) based and therefore highly customizable.

    Songbird also has Last.fm support, you can scrobble, love/unlove and ban/unban tracks and activate/deactivate scrobbling on the fly. What is missing is a scrobbler cache, so music I listen to while offline could be scrobbled afterwards.

    But the best thing about Songbird is the community - customer support is handled via Getsatisfaction.com and the community is very active. You can be sure to get a reply when asking a question or proposing a feature within minutes. Combining that with Gentoo makes support perfect ;) ...

    Songbird is a very young project and still lacks some important function, one of it being an equalizer. As Songbird as of version 1.0.0 relies on GStreamer as media core on all platforms, it should be easy to extend with GStreamer plugins. But as I already mentioned, the developers are very open-mindeed and the community is active.

    Relying on third-party software like XUL or GStreamer from my point of view is a step in the right direction because for example, Firefox add-ons can easily be ported to Songbird, for an instance. Making this possible can ease open source development a lot!

    All I can say is: Give Songbird a chance! Even if there are things missing right now, I am absolutely sure that it will grow to be one of the best media managers around ... Be patient!
  • Next Pidgin Last.fm release delayed - complete rewrite

    30 Oct 2008, 12:36

    Hi users,

    I'm sorry to inform you that the release of pidgin-lastfm version 0.4, which I announced for next week, has to be delayed for a while due to several bad issues. To explain this shortly:

    Last month, Pidgin 2.5.0 has been released to the public. While this version contained many bugfixes and improvements, the crew also chose to upgrade the Perl API in such a way that it will only work with Perl >=5.10. Well, the problem now is that until today, few Linux distributions have Perl 5.10 in their stable branches, so users have to do quite nasty stuff to their systems in order to get Perl working in Pidgin again. Windows users should be fine here as ActivePerl are, to my knowledge, providing Perl 5.10.

    Once Perl 5.10 goes into some distributions, we could easily let pidgin-lastfm depend on it by means of package management. However, it appears that the Pidgin crew are not only doing heavy upgrades, but also breaking part of the Perl API from time to time. The Perl API works through some strange overlay of the C API noone really understands, as datallah, experienced user and developer of the Perl part of Pidgin, once said to me on the Pidgin support channel. In version 2.5.0+, they for once decided to break the HTTP fetcher in a way that it will crash Pidgin every other time song information is retrieved ...

    As I am not willing to go on that way, finding workarounds and having endless discussions with the support crew and my users who get angry with their plugin not working, I am rewriting the entire codebase in C and then distributing it just like any other Pidgin plugin. This will ease things especially for the plugin users, as it does not really make any difference for me as I have to go through all this C stuff once again after laying it down a logn time ago ;) ...

    While we are rewriting the Pidgin Last.fm plugin, we are also adapting to the Last.fm API version 2.0, which will allow us to at last retrieve 'real' now-playing information (you know, the thing this software initially was intended to do but never did ;)) and even include some collaborative music experience stuff, like retrieving song and artist information in real-time in chats and stuff like that, let's just see what we will find ...

    I can't tell when the work will be done as this means a hell of a mess for developers, testers and packagers, so please be patient while we do our best at gettign a new and shiny version of the plugin out to you.Remember you can still use pidgin-lastfm version 0.3b in any Pidgin version, given that you have Perl >=5.10 installed ...

  • v0.4b of Pidgin Last.fm plugin scheduled

    17 Sep 2008, 17:50

    At the moment, we have quite a few issues with the plugin. For an instance, there is the lack of packagers and distribution engineers. And as of Pidgin 2.5.0, the plugin does not even show up in the plugin list.

    As SF.net has managed to get the FRS intact again, my hopes towards the future of the plugin have become bigger. I conclude that there will be an entirely healthy environment when v0.4 of the plugin is released, which will be in the first weeks of November.

    By then, we might not have packages for all Linux distributions, let alone have the project included in the major distributions. But the plugin will be available in a new and shiny and, what is most important, working form for everyone.

    In v0.4, there will also be some new features, but this requires a complete re-design of the cource code, so be patient with that ;)
  • WDR 2 Yesterday Quiz

    11 Ago 2008, 13:50

    On Saturday, I had the unique chance of visitting the Yesterday quiz with Roger Handt at the WDR2 studios in cologne. I got there with a friend of mine, who was there as a participant seven years ago.

    I just didn't have the guts to participate - and found out not only that I would have been chosen as I was the first to answer the question, but I would have won over any of the other participants, no matter who would have been my opponent.

    There are times when I'd like to bang my head against a stone wall and never stop ...
  • Pidgin Last.fm Plugin: version 0.3b released

    12 Jun 2008, 19:48

    Yesterday, I released a bug fix version of the Pidgin plugin. It is now less annoying for the user.

    I need a lot of testers - if you use the plugin, please send me a lot of feedback (Via the Last.fm messaging function, via e-mail, via http://pidgin-lastfm.naturalnet.de, als Blogkommentar, ...).

    If you can do so, please report bugs and feature requests to the tracker at http://www.sf.net/projects/pidgin-lastfm !

  • After one month: Third release of Pidgin Last.FM Plugin

    21 Abr 2008, 13:00

    After one month of development and feedback, I just released v0.3 of my Pidgin Last.FM Plugin.

    I encourage all users to update as things were really broken in v0.2. For example, Pidgin could never shutfown cleanly with the plugin enabled because it ended up in a segmentation fault when trying to unload the plugin.

    The website at http://pidgin-lastfm.naturalnet.de will give you some hints ...

    I highly appreciate the (mostly positive) feedback I received - go on with it, that's exactly why people create free software!