My "Collective Soul" experience


1 Sep 2007, 18:48

I've heard their entire music including their very last album released last week

It's an alternative rock style with some folk on their early stages and definetely with a lot of funny and catchy songs. More than I could expected. :D
I think Collective Soul knew how to evolve through their long career since their clear but unready songs like Sister Don't Cry, to catchy and cool sounds like Burn

I discovered the band with their finest song Runand since then, I fell in love with every track I listen of them.

Their first album Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid seems to me an incredible potential with songs like Burning Bridges but with few force. The best is yet to come...
My favourite song on it is Wasting Time.

Their 2nd album self-titled Collective Soul could be my favourite for all the incredible tunes on it, of course including December, The World I Know and When the River Flows.
Anyway my favourites is between She Gathers Rain and When the Water Falls.

In my opinion Disciplined Breakdown it's the weakest for me but damn, surprising with the incredible tune & lyrics of Forgiveness. Probably my best track of them ever.

Dosage passed to me very unready, maybe don't listen enough to it, also maybe the song Heavy keep me occupied on the album (I think is the catchiest!!!)

Their 5th album Blender I think it's their 'standard' album (their more 'experimental' at the same time too). Have everything you need to know about the band's music.
A pity because have no hits on it. Maybe You Speak My Language comes higer, but my favourites it's still Why Pt.2 and Over Tokyo.

Their penultimate album called Youth (and the first that i've listened of them) show me the true power of the band: the most catchiest, well arranged & above all cool songs that everybody can feel:
Counting the Days,
Better Now, General Attitude, Home, Perfect to Stay and of course the incredible ballad How Do You Love.
Noticed that my fave track of this album Under Heaven's Skies sounds like an U2 song...check it out!

Their very last album Afterwords listened for two or three times and didn't tasted enough to comment, but apart the hit Hollywood, the tracks called Persuasion Of You and I Don't Need Anymore Friends enchanted to me a lot.

Make a special mention to new chanced stuff on their compilation 7even Year Itch: Collective Soul's Greatest Hits 1994-2001 the extra tracks Next Homecoming and Energy (this last one very, very, very recommended).

Please guys make more stuff like this!!!


  • mikeroach113

    Yeah, they're a great band. Only got two discs of theirs though, Hints Allegations & Things Left Unsaid and Collective Soul, but there's great songs on both albums though.

    8 Sep 2007, 20:14
  • Nachiro

    Hi! thank you very much for your comment, i'll follow your advice. I must confess, I've listened few times to it. :P

    13 Oct 2007, 8:33
  • jillianm

    Nice article..Energy is a brilliant tune..

    11 Ene 2008, 12:28
  • Nachiro

    Thanks! Indeed it is! I left making a comment about their double live album Home, recorded with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. It's difficult making a rock album with orchestral tunes. Scorpions tried it with moment of glory and some tracks works but others doesn't need any orchestral instrument (very overloaded) with this album occurs the same, and for that not the entire album contains orchestral arangements. Good for it ;)

    11 Ene 2008, 18:57
  • aircod1

    heavy is definitely the catchiest... i could listen to it all day. in fact...

    16 Ene 2008, 6:29
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