• Another amazing show at the Belly Up...

    3 Nov 2008, 23:52

    Tue 28 Oct – The Mountain Goats, Kaki King

    Let me start off by saying that the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach is an amazing venue. It's located in a beautiful north county coastal city in San Diego, which I happened to previously call home. The acoustics have been fantastic every time, the crowd's vibe has been wonderful, and the venue offers every variety of seating option for you...from standing right in front of the band, to seats off to the side, to the tables in a gradual stadium seating slope format. This being said... The venue doesn't usually have a calender brimming with shows which I would prefer to attend. [It primarily showcases local acts, reggae, hip hop groups, and sometimes private parties.] When they DO have good bands play? It's not to be missed.

    The Mountain Goats, were no exception. The last time I was there was for a Minus the Bear / Honorary Title show. Needless to say, that was an amazing experience, which I would find it hard to compare to. The Mountain Goats and Kaki King left me with a fantastic, 'hard to compare,' feeling about their show as well. They play very different style of music, and rocked it as hard as I believe they could have, for their genre. Although the Mountain Goats' singer claimed to be sick, and thus had to cut the set short, it was well played, sang, and delivered.

    There were a couple highlights of the set for me. The first would have to be when Kaki King came out to do a few songs with the mountain goats. Her guitar work is absolutely stellar, by the way. The only negative thing to be said about HER performance, i believe, is that she 'shreds' TOO hard....on acoustic guitar nonetheless. She came on stage and proceeded to play a few nice, but fairly forgettable songs, with the mountain goats. Then suddenly they made my night, by covering The Smiths! Fantastic. Folk artists covering a completely different genre...and, well. The other notable highlight, was the encore of "No Children." The lead singer explained that he was sick, and was unable to sing it [gimmick, or not? not sure...]. So, the audience covered most of the song, very beautifully.

    Altogether, a wonderful evening of music.