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바스터드Bad News Tema favorito 10 Ago 5:49
GiriboySkit (Feat. Swings) Tema favorito 10 Ago 5:41
GiriboySkit (Feat. Swings) Tema favorito 10 Ago 4:06
G.O.D사랑해 그리고 기억해 Tema favorito 10 Ago 3:58
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  • Grii_serena

    Hi! thanks for accepting n_n Yes Arashi is great!! :D

    10 Ago 2:43 Responder
  • kwonjiyongs

    I liked it a lot! Took me a few days to get into it, which felt weird because last year I liked Rum Pum Pum Pum right away but yeah ^-^ I bought 2 copies of the album so I'm very happy hehe ^___^ Did you like it? :)

    8 Ago 16:01 Responder
  • kykikyo

    Hi, Tiffany!!! ^^ it was loooooong, I had to open my mouth widely for 5 hours -,- but it feels better now :) how are you? :O

    25 Jul 1:35 Responder
  • kwonjiyongs

    Oh really? Jolie is a pretty rare name of here ^___^ I love f(x) too I can't wait for their comeback odg ;u;

    24 Jun 21:36 Responder
  • khryz9090

    what do you mean by which song? haha please specify, from my library or yours? :)

    14 Jun 20:13 Responder
  • pidekin

    Thank you for responding to a request! (^^)

    14 Jun 0:37 Responder
  • kwonjiyongs

    Nice to meet ya Tiffany ^__^ I'm Jolie!! And no it isn't IU, it's Sulli ;3; She's my ultimate female bias so… :3

    21 May 15:01 Responder
  • Nana95

    Sung Si Kyung is the best :D but i see you really like CN Blue

    20 May 7:23 Responder
  • Pericott

    Cheers from Curitiba, Brazil. You're welcome! Paws Up!

    19 May 23:59 Responder
  • khryz9090

    oh wow you have geeks on your custom selection haha i love their songs so much :)

    19 May 15:58 Responder
  • kykikyo

    Wow, enjoy your summer time~~~~\\o/ yes :( they already took out the right side last year, and now the left side has to be taken out as well. Will be having the surgery by next week :( soooooo scary Dx

    19 May 1:58 Responder
  • kykikyo

    Tiffy~!!! No biggie XD guess you were very busy, huh? No :( huhu gotta get surgery

    8 May 1:46 Responder
  • kwonjiyongs

    Don't worry sweetie! ^^ I really like your sidebar gif, it's so pretty *o*

    7 May 18:07 Responder
  • Nana95

    thx for accepting my request :) i see you like cn blue. good choice :) do you like shin hyesung?

    6 May 19:54 Responder
  • khryz9090

    You're welcome , nice library :)

    6 May 4:10 Responder
  • Mic_28

    Thanks ^^

    6 May 3:56 Responder
  • ChAelitaNicole

    Up please??

    4 May 20:46 Responder
  • Niliria

    Hi Tif! Better late than never, eh? I've been pretty busy irl so I haven' t been very active. but yay! Dress and Romance are my absolute favorite BUCK-TICK songs. I also love Abingdon Boys Schools cover of Dress - you should check it out!

    29 Abr 17:50 Responder
  • MissKiichigo

    heey ^^ i wasnt here for a while >< how are you doing?? :)

    15 Abr 11:45 Responder
  • kykikyo

    I think I have to watch them soon :3 yes, agree with you >__< just like "A Gentleman's Dignity" xD well, I guess most of your friends use kakaotalk, that's why you don't use LINE that much x)) wow, I can't agree more XD I still have my old phone, Nokia... to play those games XDD I also love that games kekeu~~ they're annoying, right? :( we have our own right how to control and play our game, heol :( I did surgery last week T~T but I only took the right wisdom tooth... I need to get the left wisdom tooth taken out as well ;~~; aaack!

    24 Mar 1:17 Responder
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