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9 Jun 2010, 19:14

Top 10 Artists:

1. Westlife
2. Within Temptation
3. Evanescence
4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5. Mudvayne
6. Nine Inch Nails
7. Elliott Smith
8. Damien Rice
9. 소녀시대
10. Coldplay

How many times have you played No. 1?

Is No. 1 your favourite artist?
Well... I guess you really could say that there are some maaaajor artistic differences in the artists in my top 10. You know, they're not songwriters, though they have written some songs that I absolutely love. Their music is something that I just don't wanna live without - so I guess yes.

What got you into No. 1?
I got an "Absolute Kidz"-CD for my 7th birthday, which included Fool Again. Absolute kidz 2: My Love. Absolute Kidz 3: Uptown Girl. Absolute kidz 4: When You're Looking Like That. Absolute Kidz 5: World of Our Own. Absolute Kidz 6: Bop Bop Baby. Absolute Kidz 7: Unbreakable. Absolute kidz 8: Tonight. Then I grew up a little^^

Why have you listened to No. 1 so much?
You know, through the years, I've just kept coming back to them, and I don't know why. Their songs give me a special feeling - I feel really addicted to their voices.

Favourite songs by No. 1?
Miss You When I'm Dreaming
Where We Are
Something Right

Something you'd enjoy doing with No. 1?
HAHAH, don't go there.

Favourite memory of No. 1?
They came here last December to do a signing, in a city 458 miles away from where I live. Me and my best friend got up at 4 am, took a 5am train down there. Sat on the floor in a shopping center and waited for about 6 hours before they arrived: got their autographs and talked to them. They were absolutely amazing.
My best friend and I then spazzed out, took a 7 pm train back home, and was in our home town at 5 am. Imagine how tired we were x) We had brought some cookies and oranges and stuff, but apart from that we hadn't eaten. It was one of the absolute best days of my life.
I went to their concerts back in 2004 too -- the memory's a little blurred but I remember the happiness.
Something Right was me and my girlfriend's song too, so we had a lot of good memories listening to that.

How many times have you played No. 2?
Within Temptation

What got you into No. 2?
My mom works at a local newspaper, and they do reviews and stuff. When they've reviewed the stuff, they sort of... take what they want from them. Mom called me and asked me if I had heard Within Temptation, I said no, and she said that from the cover of the CD they had reviewed, it looked like something I would like, so she brought it home. It was The Heart of Everything.

Why do you like No. 2 so much?
I don't know, really -- I think they're kind of unique. You know, their genre isn't, but they.. sort of are. I mean, with songs like Hand of Sorrow and The Cross. I don't know, it just gets to me.

Favourite songs by No. 2?
The Cross
The Last Time
All I Need
Our Farewell

Favourite memory of No. 2?
I dunno, maybe the time when my father and my stepmom heard me listen to Black Symphony and came running into my room, after like a minute, they were absolutely in love with them. That was kinda fun, to see them so extatic. XD

How many times have you played No. 3?

Would you pay £30 to see No. 3 live?
Probably. XD

Favourite songs by No. 3?
Good Enough
Everybody's Fool
The Only One

How many times have you played 4?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Would you go fishing with No. 4?

Any particular emotions whe you listen to No. 4?
Oh well, you know, just the awesomeness of Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in general.

Favourite songs by No. 4?
Where Do We Go From Here, Walk Through the Fire, Something to Sing About, Under Your Spell and Standing. (That's like all of them)

How many times have you played No. 5?

What's so intriguing about No. 5?
Listen to L.D. 50 or The End of All Things to Come, and you'll know.

Could you imagine No. 5 in a circus?
With their old make up and stuff, yeah. Now, not so much.

How many times have you played No. 6?
Nine Inch Nails

How many 3s in a <333333333333 would you give them?
Oh, more than I can. x)

Favourite songs by No.6?
Leaving Hope
Something I Can Never Have
Where Is Everybody?
I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally
Getting Smaller

How many times have you played No. 7?
Elliott Smith

7 is a magical number, is No. 7 magical?
YES. No doubt.

Favourite songs by No. 7?
I Didn't Understand
Everything Means Nothing To Me
The Biggest Lie
Waltz #2
Waltz #1

How many times have you played No. 8?
Damien Rice

How long have you liked No. 8?
Let's see, about 2½ years I think.

Favourite songs by No. 8?
Rootless Tree
The Professor
Cold Water
Accidental Babies

Why are No. 9 & No. 10 down in position 9 & 10?
소녀시대 & Coldplay
소녀시대 - Cause I haven't been listening to them as long as the others. I feel an addiction coming on, though, so no doubt they'll be moving up steadily x)
Coldplay - Same there. Been listening more and more for the last like 10 months.

The unlucky artists 11-20 who just missed out & why:
11. The Used - Oh man, I don't know. I wish my top 10 could be bigger! D:
12. Objuden Gäst - Well, they don't have that many songs I guess. XD
13. Marilyn Manson - I used to listen to him alot and he used to be alot higher than 13, but now... Well, there's the occational King Kill and Irresponsible Hate Anthem, but that's about it x)
14. Evergrey - They have 275 plays on my last fm, and over 100 of those is for Closure. I really like Solitude Within and Unspeakable, but it's just not reeeeaaally my type of music.
15. Danny Elfman - He's this high up because I had a few years where I just LLLOOOOVVVEEEDDD Nightmare Before Christmas, which I still really do, but I'm not as obsessed anymore, unfortunately. XD
16. The Knife - I DON'T KNOW! D: I love them! They are what makes me patriotic about Sweden 8'D I really don't know.
17. T.A.T.U - I'm more wondering how they are so high up, I didn't think I listened to them that much O:
18. Brian McFadden - I think he's been moving up alot lately since the release of Wall of Soundz. I'm really enjoying it!
19. System of a Down - SHOULD BE HIGHER. Soooo much higher.
20. Deftones - I used to listen to them alot, but I haven't in a pretty long while. Dunno why, they're pretty great.


  • aGrimProduction

    I think I'm more into your 10-20 list than 1-10, haha. Great music though all round. How are you feeling about the new HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS music?

    15 Jul 2010, 7:28
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