• Red House Glory

    19 Nov 2013, 15:35

    One of the best things about Red House Glory is that they are much better than they think they are, and that's very special. No big egos, just four talented lads who love what they do, and do it really well. I have seen them twice now, and each time I have felt privileged to be attending one of their gigs, because I have this gut feeling that they are on their way to bigger, better things. They have written new songs for their upcoming EP, and these are all quality tunes. The vocals are impeccable, the riffs uplifting. I can't think of any other band more deserving of success.

    Thu 14 Nov – red house glory, Thief, HAUS, Beasts
  • Blondie at the Roundhouse

    8 Jul 2013, 15:39

    Sun 7 Jul – Blondie

    Debbie H can still sing (oh yes) and is still extraordinarily beautiful… but whatever happened to her fabulous Punk-Rock chick persona & dress sense? I understand that at the age of 68 she can no longer dress like she did in her youth (although she has the figure for it) but last night she looked like she had walked straight out of an episode of Ab Fab! I have to admit that this was a big disappointment for me as she had been a huge role model and fashion icon throughout my youth.

    On the music front, the band were good- the lead guitarist deserves a special mention. However, I would have liked to hear more old hits (Picture this, Denis..) and I had to wonder what possessed them to do a cover of Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood. Not a song I would have ever associated with the band, nor one that I want to associate with them ever again! All in all, a good night out but not blown away.
  • Great gig, but I hate the O2!

    30 Oct 2011, 15:54

    Sat 29 Oct – Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines

    Surely, it is a good thing for Arctic Monkeys, that they are so successful that they get to play arenas two days in a row, but it is not so good for their fans.

    I was unable to get standing tickets for this gig, and my heart sank when I realised that my seats were right across from the stage, but about a mile away! So far away in fact, that when The Vaccines came on, they looked like little figures on a stage in the distance. Luckily they sounded good.

    Then came Arctic Monkeys and the screens were turned on, and for the first time since the beginning, I actually felt like I was at the gig and not watching the whole thing on a TV screen. They were on great form, sounded amazing and played all my favourite songs, so I guess I really should'nt complain but... it is very frustrating to watch a band you love, whose Lyrics you know by heart, from that distance. I guess that the fact that the people around me remained seated throughout the gig didn't help. There was a distinct lack of atmosphere in that area.

    Ah well, I think that I might give arena gigs a miss in the future unless I get standing tickets or much better seats. Well, I'm saying that now, but will I be able to resist?
  • Echo at the Palladium

    28 Sep 2011, 16:37

    Mon 26 Sep – Ocean Rain UK Tour
    I thought the venue was absolutely brilliant, and the band sounded truly amazing. I'd heard that Ian Mc Cullogh's voice had lost its glory, well I'm pleased to say it isn't true. Some songs literally blew me away like Killing moon, Lips like sugar and The Cutter, but I didn't appreciate Ian McCullogh's antics. Isn't he a bit old to be behaving like a spoilt child with a huge ego?
  • I ♥ Interpol

    7 Dic 2010, 20:38

    Mon 6 Dec – Interpol, Surfer Blood, Anna Calvi

    I'm still reeling from the excitement of last night. I was quite near the front of the stage and when the annoying girl - who was holding her camera up blocking my view -wasn't doing just that, I could see Paul Banks really well and the thought that he was so close, singing/playing these songs I know so well and love so much was very emotional. Sadly, they didn't play any of my top 3 tracks namely Obstacle 1, Pioneer to the falls and No I in threesome but to make up for this, all the songs they did play sounded awesome. My only criticism is that there was a distinct lack of OLTBA, my personal favourite. Highlights were C'mere, Take you on a cruise, Slow hands, Rest my chemistry, The Heinrich maneuver, Lights, Evil, not forgetting the last song they played, Not even jail, which made for an epic ending. Surfer Blood totally took me by surprise. They walked on stage looking like a bunch of nerds but sounded like they were on fire!
  • Magick!

    17 Nov 2010, 21:26

    Tue 16 Nov – Klaxons, Fiction
    This gig was as wacky as Klaxons are. They made their entrance wearing really crazy headgear! I wish I had been downstairs though, as it looked like people were having a lot of fun down there. It was very short though (one of the shortest gigs I have ever been to!). I felt like it was over in a flash...shame