The Best Of 2008


28 Dic 2008, 0:26


  • MrsNice1979

    Oh, Ghosts before The Slip. You like the quiet side. :D

    3 Ene 2009, 17:06
  • jsp1611

    Man, I haven't listened to Metallica for ages. Would you say "Death Magnetic" was as good as the Black Album? I haven't heard any of it yet..

    6 Ene 2009, 15:42
  • halciion

    #1 = yeah

    7 Ene 2009, 10:34
  • nurka

    ja się przyznaję. Przesłuchałam z tej listy tylko The Gutter Twins i to chyba jedynie raz.

    7 Ene 2009, 22:52
  • MsFragile

    Anissa: I thought a lot about it and there could have been only one decision - after all "Ghosts" were the most exciting and different. And I absolutely love them. "The Slip" was great at the beginning... Now, after a couple of months... It doesn't seem THAT good. But it's OK and deserves to be in the top ten. Jon: I've never really been a Metallica fan. And now I can't wait to see them live someday! I got the new album in London - it was extremely popular in the beginning of september and I heard it everywhere. I felt like I was being followed by these noises ;) I bought it and loved it. LOVED IT. And that is something. Now I'm experiencing other Metallica albums as well, but I'm not the biggest fan of their early recordings, where they were all "heavy metal". The good Metallica started with the "Black Album" and that's what I'd recommend. But the new one first - it's meant to be a sort of a comeback to their earlier music. Sounds awesome. And they have a new fan! Olga: You know it better than anyone - you saw everything ;) Alec is the definite numer one! Nurka: Nagram Ci płytkę, co? ;)

    8 Ene 2009, 22:27
  • MrsNice1979

    Agreed. Except Kings Of Leon. That was lame to me. But I know you like ... what was his name again ... Caleb? So you are forgiven. ;)

    9 Ene 2009, 5:09
  • jsp1611

    Yeah, The black album was my favourate as well. Although some of their earlier stuff has grown on me as over the years; particularly "Master of puppets", and "And Justice for all" - great music for the gym. I still think their first album is largely rubbish though. I'll see if listen to a copy of Death Magnetic before I buy it though - but I do take your recommendations seriously.. ;-D Jon

    9 Ene 2009, 11:27
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