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29 Sep 2009, 11:07

Top 20 artists. First song I heard by the artist, the song that made me fall in love with them, and my current favorite song. (There are a lot of repeats, but that only makes sense.)

1. Firewater
First song:Too Many Angels
Fell in love with: Too Many Angels
Current fave: I Often Dream of Trains

2. The Doors
First song: When the Music's Over
Fell in love with: Been Down So Long
Current fave: Riders on the Storm

3. Queens of the Stone Age
First song: Whatever blackiex sent me first.
Fell in love with: Feel Good Hit of the Summer, for whatever reason.
Current fave: If Only

4. Django Reinhardt
First song: I don't know.
Fell in love with: I don't know. It was forever ago.
Current fave: Swing from Paris

5. Noir Désir
First song: Danse Sur Le Feu Maria
Fell in love with: Elle Va Où Elle Veut
Current fave: Still Elle Va Où Elle Veut, 10+ years later... And every single song from Du Ciment Sous Les Plaines.

6. Mze Shina
First song: Kirialesa
Fell in love with: Kirialesa
Current fave: Mertskhalo

7. The Section Quartet
First song: Ziggy Stardust, I think
Fell in love with: Whatever the first song was.
Current fave: All I Want Is You

8. Simon & Garfunkel
First song: The Sound of Silence, what else?
Fell in love with: Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall
Current fave: Cloudy

9. Nina Simone
First song: I Put a Spell on You
Fell in love with: My Baby Just Cares for Me
Current fave: House of the Rising Sun

10. Rasputina
First song: Transylvanian Concubine
Fell in love with: Transylvanian Concubine
Current fave: Thimble Island

11. Akira Yamaoka
First song: Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.
Fell in love with: Promise (Reprise)
Current fave: Promise (Reprise)

12. 16 Horsepower
First song: The Partisan (with Noir Désir)
Fell in love with: The Partisan
Current fave: The Partisan

13. Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
First song: Bubamara
Fell in love with: Bubamara
Current fave: Corfu

14. Poe
First song: Trigger Happy Jack
Fell in love with: Hey Pretty
Current fave: Haunted

15. The Beatles
First song: Love Me Do
Fell in love with: Love Me Do
Current fave: A Day in the Life

16. Serge Gainsbourg
First song: Elaeudanla téïtéïa
Fell in love with: Bonnie and Clyde
Current fave: La Javanaise

17. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
First song: Where the Wild Roses Grow
Fell in love with: Henry Lee
Current fave: Henry Lee

18. Yann Tiersen
First song: A Ton Etoile
Fell in love with: A Ton Etoile
Current fave: A Ton Etoile

19. Voltaire
First song: Ex Lover's Lovers
Fell in love with: Dead Girls
Current fave: God Thinks

20. Mahalia Jackson
First song: We Shall Overcome
Fell in love with: We Shall Overcome
Current fave: We Shall Overcome


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