• Billboard Awards

    7 Dic 2005, 4:15

    Is there much of a point to the Billboard Awards? Don't we pretty much already know who the winners will be? Its the people that sold the most albums, right? It has nothing to do with talent, right?

    Can't we just go look online at some sales figures? Check out the online Billboard charts maybe?

    Do I really have to watch LL Cool J (yes! He is still alive apparently) and do I really have to put up with all these boring bands playing, all these bands that I have seen on TV playing all the time?
    Green Day? Do I care? No, not really.

    The only redeeming thing is that Gorillaz will be performing.

    Sadly, My Name is Earl and the Office are on at 9, so if Gorillaz come on after that, nuts to them.

    Hah! Shows how dedicated to music I am. Well shut up!!

    I am dedicated.

    I have been listening to Rocky Votolato a lot for a while now and I gotta say, all his stuff is amazing. When I saw him at the Triple Door (<3) I was enthralled!White Daisy Passing is a new song of his and I cannot get enough of it! I strongly recommend it to anybody that digs the whole singer-songwriter acoustic thing.

    Also, if you're a little more into Bluegrass kinda stuff you might check out Korby Lenker. His stuff is pretty good as well.

    Well, thats all for now.
  • first journal!

    6 Dic 2005, 8:23

    Fear of New York

    I never tire of this song. I really like it.

    Kiwi Maddog 20/20

    This is another great song. I've listened to this one a lot and I would have to say its probably one of my favorite instrumental songs.

    Last Practice

    This is another great track. How many times have I set this on repeat and just relaxed? Its very easy to do.

    Well, that is it.