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As of February 15 2011 I'M BACK!!! 'My' name: Morgan LaVey. My name is from: Morgan LaFey- The Celtic Sorceress and Anton LaVey- Satanic Cult Leader. And also the writer of the Satanic Bible. I'm wanting to start a band, or create a Project & I already have a name for it; Apocalyptic Cryptorchildren or Cataclysmic Cryptorchildren... I 'm a vocalist and songwriter, as well as a poet. I will always love metal and classical music. I'm a bi-sexual nymphomaniac. Music is my life, my passion! I love Norwegian Black Metal(I love almost ALL Black Metal!) Edvard Grieg(Norway) and Jean Sibelius (Finland) are my top two favourite composers. I am a lover of beauty in all of it's forms, I love Victorian things:)...Victorian Poetry, Victorian era Classical music and Victorian clothing and architecture. I'm a Satanist/Wiccan/Celtic/GreenWitch/Taoist...I'm open to almost all controversial religions and world-views. I love Halloween(Samahain)!!! I want to watch all the
"best" horror movies ever made, I love anything evil! I also love anything cute:) I have a secret side of myself that hurts me to keep locked up, that I'm just NOW starting to breathe life into. One can never know all there is to know about me unless they are on the same wavelength as I am. They must be open to new experiences and love the darker side of life, just be themselves whatever the cost. I like jumping in puddles of water, playing in snow, gazing at the moon and stars & reading poetry on moonlit nights...I'll sit and contemplate theories, thoughts that are beyond human understanding.....I love nature!!! I started listening to Heavy Metal music at three years old, Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" was my first Metal song... I LOVE CHARLES BAUDELAIRE!!! XD I'm a writer, I write poetry, songs, and
stories....umm I dunno what else to say about myself.....umm...I love evil entities, people with like minds, being furious, sugar, Orchids, leather, Goth Lolita fashion, books about vampires, faeries, Norway, Finland, darkness,
poetry, guitarists...I LOVE John 5, Hecate Enthroned, Dimmu Borgir, etc!!! I love cute kittens, ferrets, chinchillas, puppies...but I hate mankind, for the most part it's full of hypocrisy, and senseless dogmatic doctrines. Want to know more? Ask me and I'll tell you anything you want to know: I don't lie. Anything Black Metal, Death Metal....this is by no means a complete list (I'm
sorry if I have listed bands more than once...): Triptykon, Immanifest, Nokturnal Mortum, Hecate Enthroned, Carach Angren, Hecate Enthroned, Siebenburgen, Arcturus, Magla, Deadly Carnage,
Martriden, Thy Light, Abyssos, Necromantia, Tiamat, Arcturus, Behemoth,
Moonspell, Keep of Kalessin, Samael, Carpathian Forest, Shade Empire,
Darkthrone, Ancient, ...And Oceans, Festerday, Havoc Unit, Old Man's Child,
Limbonic Art, Vesania, Daemonarch, Thyrane, Marduk, Borknagar, Darzamat, Samael,
Satyricon, Mystic Circle, Tantaros, Sear Bliss, Astarte, Stormlord, ChthoniC,
Cradle of Filth, Dismal Euphony, Enthroned, Setherial, Alghazanth, Abigor, Dark
Fortress, Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, Apocalyptica, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob
Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Sadistic Intent, DAATH, Darkest Hour, Twelfth Gate,
Nevermore, Death, Discharge, Therion, The Deadstar Assembly?, Blacklight Burns,
Kamelot, Sinergy, Vesperian Sorrow, Chrome Division, Blood Want Coffin, The Vows
of Estacia, Steady Your Aim, ESTMSI-one of my friend's bands, If I remember
correctly), Mars Needs Cheerleaders, Vaginal Jesus, Anal Cunt, Job for a Cowboy,
Draconian, Naglfar, Shade Empire, Tristania, Leaves' Eyes, Sirenia, Poisonblack,
The Chariot, Mandragora Scream, Nothingface, Trans-Siberian Orchestra,
Versailles, Cinema Bizarre, Within Temptation, Lacrimosa, Superjoint Ritual,
Dark Throne, Decapitated, Emporor, Exodus, Chimaira, Type O Negative, HIMSA,
Rammstein, It Dies Today, Fullblown Chaos, Kreator, Immortal, Iced Earth, Mars
Volta, Morbid Angel, Death Stars, Ministry, Coal Chamber, Handfull of Hate,
Mindless Self Indulgence(MSI), Blood Bath, Dark Tranquility, Origin,
Suffocation, Hate Eternal, Decapitated, Saxon, Entombed, Benedictum, Merendine
Atomiche, Blaze, Brainstorm, Beyond Fear, Blacklist Union, Terror, Amorphis,
Darkest Hour, Amen, Brand of Freak, Otep, Opeth, Diecrops, Lamb of God, Carcass,
Hailstorm, Method of Meyhem, Slits, Dark New Day, Nile, Obituary, Blind
Guardian, 5 Speed, Gojira, Bio Hazard, Evergrey, Social Distortion, Deicide,
Black Sabbath, The Cursed, Soilwork, Fear Factory, Motorhead, Dream Theater,
Manowar, Testament, Soil, Immortal Techinque, Megadeth, Blood Simple, Slayer,
Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Amon Amarth, Theatre of Tragedy, Sepultura, All That
Remains, Matisyahu, Alexisonfire, Hatebreed, Soulfly, Arch Enemy, God Forbid, 69
Eyes, Mastadon, Venom, Bathory, Thine Eyes Bleed, The Black Dahlia Murder,
Behemoth, Hypocrisy, Bury Your Dead, Meshuggah, MurderDolls, Burzum, Hurt?,
Eighteen Visions, Shadows Fall, Dark Funeral, Amplicon, Negura Bunget, SKINLESS, Wrath Passion, Le Grand Guignol, Vindsval, Bishop of Hexen, OCTAVIA SPERATI, Imperanon, Mirror of Sins, Suffering Souls, Archeon, Ecnephias, Sigh, Nile, Hate, 1349, Zyklon, The Exiled, SIRIUS, Moëvöt, Gehenna, Strid, Cryptic tales, POISONBLACK, Decapitated, Made of Hate, Elysium(not metal), Sceptic, Lost Soul, Artesia, Forest Silence, Slumber, Svartsyn, Shape of Despair, Draconian, Mors Principum Est, Dark Forest, Dagor Dagorath, Nagelfar, Blut Aus Nord, Aphex Twins, Azam Ali, SHINee, Thorr’s Hammer, GLOOMY GRIM, Fen, Manes, Lyfthrasyr, Daemonicium, Borknagar, Diabolical Breed, ARTEP, AevLord, Eyes of Noctum, Astarium, Silentio Noctis, Archaic Eclipse, Soulgrim, Dekadent, Fiend(Russia), Dark Funeral, Enochian Crescent, Apostasy, Pandemonium, Dark Foretress, Crionics, Vesania, Dark Tranquillity, BETHLEHEM(Metal), Kalodin, Forgotten Tomb, Naastrand, Arkan, Karl Sanders, Melechesh, Tvangeste, Stormlord, Abused Majesty, Ljå, Krypt, Ashen Light, Iskald, Gjenferdsel, Vrankenvorde, Urfaust, Ad Hominem, Satyricon,

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