10 songs, that can describe me


22 Sep 2006, 10:38

I got this from the group We Like Playlists With Special Meaning forum... I think it's a nice idea :) So here are mines:

Rational Eyes
- I'm always trying to find even easier than the easiest way :D

A Violent Reaction
- I don't appreciate horseplays

I'll Attack
- I don't like when someone classifies me as an "outsider"

No Time To Cry
- I don't like very much this song, but it has a nice text... and I really don't like crying (no matter for good or for bad things)

- I'm trying always to stay loyal to my family/friends

Summer Of Overload
- I spent great this year's summer :D:D:D

Die Motherfucker Die
- You don't like me ? Then...

- I sometimes act like a barbarian .. it's funny ;b

I Don't Wanna Be Me
- Sometimes I'm not quite satisfied with what I am

High Hopes
- I expect much of my life ..:)


  • fatduude

    nice playlist :).. how the hell is that - act like a barbarian?? hmm.. and again new girl in pic??? it seems that you have a lot of cute girls in Bulgaria. damn, i want to go to Bulgaria too :D

    22 Sep 2006, 11:24
  • Montolivo

    Haha, be my guest ! :P :)))

    22 Sep 2006, 12:07
  • Angelica_

    hm, if you don't like the Cradle Of Filth version of the song, try listening to the original by The Sisters Of Mercy. a lot better.

    1 Nov 2007, 17:28
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