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  • stefan86

    haha the weather in Slovenia was boring actually, been warmer in Sweden most of the summer than the week down there weirdly :P oh, that sounds crappy :( must be party people somewhere ffs! also working right now, second day after vacation. sloooooooooooooow

    5 Ago 12:31 Responder
  • stefan86

    how can that be? summer is the officially chill/party on the beach period ffs :D must be the slovenian mail men, knew they couldn't handle it :D

    5 Ago 11:01 Responder
  • stefan86

    I think so, at least physically. Still kind of destroyed after a week of festival hahaha :) How about you?

    5 Ago 10:54 Responder
  • Serpent669

    Greetings from Edinburgh! I've found you in Scandinavian Music group. So I’m greeting you with my unofficial clips which you’ll able to see them online if you interest... CHEERS!

    3 Ago 3:31 Responder
  • jesterhead1

    Glad you're fine with that :) Have you ever tried Daylight Dies or The Fall of Every Season ? Hope not :P

    15 Jul 19:11 Responder
  • jesterhead1

    Well, That sounds pretty interesting. To find someone who has much the exact views to look into the world. Ahh or maybe yours are more interesting than mine, haha :P Which basically all these days I was just looking into just the finns from considering all the Scandinavians, Nothing can get more boring than that, I know :P , And about the music. I can really say that you have a diverse sense at that aspect unlike me :'D , Nevertheless, Hope I was not too late for getting back ~ Raad

    4 Jul 22:36 Responder
  • stefan86

    haha, nice save.. not having music is a nightmare ffs :D

    25 Jun 9:01 Responder
  • stefan86

    so how do I solve that? send you stuff or give you tips of new stuff? :D

    24 Jun 14:54 Responder
  • stefan86

    hahaha, what should I help you with? happy birthday btw :D

    23 Jun 7:29 Responder
  • stefan86

    Of course, only weak people destroy their coffee with non-coffee stuff, unless it's booze ;)

    16 Jun 7:09 Responder
  • stefan86

    aaaah, okay. it's a monday and I'm working so I'll have even more obscene amounts of coffee for you instead. close enough? :D

    12 Jun 7:24 Responder
  • stefan86

    Now you're talking. You saved that from Monday to undisappoint me, huh? :D Holiday sounds great, bring me and put some crappy clone here at work to do the boring stuff? :) Have fun! 23rd of June? What's special about that day? Is my brain slow? Haha!

    11 Jun 7:17 Responder
  • stefan86

    that sounds like an extremely legit reason actually, when's the post card arriving? :D but now it's monday and I'm all sad because I read that :(

    9 Jun 7:16 Responder
  • hismozness

    Ill have check out Skyfire then never really checked them out, I am only really into the early death/doom Anathema stuff so I don't really listen to newer stuff. My favourites are Agalloch's The Serpent & the sphere, Skogen's I Doden, Lantlos's Melting Sun, Alcest's Shelter, Behemoth's The Satanist and of course Insomnium's Shadows of the Dying Sun :) Mostly atmospheric black metal i guess.

    4 Jun 10:44 Responder
  • stefan86

    Haha, I have a feeling yours will look about 800 times better :D

    4 Jun 10:39 Responder
  • hismozness

    Ill always be into punk bands like The Clash, The Damned and The Fall :) At the moment I am really into black metal, especially atmospheric and dark folk sorts. What are your favourite albums of the year so far ?

    4 Jun 10:06 Responder
  • stefan86

    Haha, work and regular life is the lamest thing ever for sure. I just wanna sit in my guitar dungeon instead :P Yeah, it's way more standard somehow. Lacks intensity for me. Church metal, that is so metal.. owait? :D haha, a postcard of me super drunk at the beach? will be beautiful, ehhh :D

    4 Jun 9:49 Responder
  • hismozness

    Id say You have a lot of punk/punk influenced bands too.

    4 Jun 9:41 Responder
  • hismozness

    Really new IF ? I really don't like the newer stuff, I am always hoping they go back to there old sound but ill be giving the album a chance anyway just because of there older material :)

    4 Jun 8:38 Responder
  • stefan86

    Sucks when that happens, but that's usually how it goes. I know like 10 of those bands that made one greaaaaattt album and then just gave up cause no one cared or they needed to get a life or whatever, hahaha :) What did you think of Esoteric? I didn't think it sounded like Skyfire really, lack of machine gun vocalist and bombast :P I'm going to MetalDays in Slovenia, and hopefully one more excursion somewhere.. not sure where and what yet :) Also getting a crapload of musical stuff done that's been going slow due to work :)

    4 Jun 8:30 Responder
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