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19 Feb 2009, 14:20

i haven't blogged here for quite some time!

so i am here now and want to share with you three bands i hope make it this year. they are three bands that i love. some for long than others but i really want to see all three go on and have a little (or a lot!) success!

1. This Beautiful Thief - they are a friend's band, so obviously i'm gonna say they are good. but really, they are :) i would really recommend downloading the recordings they have put up for free download, either on here or at their website.

2. You Animals - i loved Komakino. don't know why, there was just something about them. and this is their newest venture (with a lineup shuffle!)

3. The Winter Sounds - i have loved these guys (and girl!) for such a long time and i really really hope that one day they shall come to the UK.

and something for a little visual pleasure?



  • rozakthegoon

    they are good. but ugly. except the pretty one. he is pretty.

    3 Mar 2009, 2:55
  • igotaxed

    thank you for this!!

    31 May 2009, 0:05
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