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23 Jun 2011, 11:32

********************Please,Don't Friend-Request to me!!********************
※Person who can not talk with me about favorites music, and suddenly requested to me.※
※Advertising purpose and Numbers purpose※
I Hate Troubles!
I don't need the Numbers.

▲▲The Internet Crime Complaint Center▲▲

▲▲International Network Against Cyberhate▲▲

▲▲The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive▲▲

I support these informations always..
**Privacy management on social media sites**
**Employers use SNS sites to research job candidates**
**Japanese page**

▲▲The Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter or Defriend on Facebook▲▲

▲▲Japanese-Page - Twitterでフォローを外されたり、mixiでマイミクを拒否られるタイプ8種類▲▲


▲▲■ こういう人がネットでは嫌われる ■▲▲


My-blog entry - 2009.12/16(Wed)

**My-Blog - セコイ やり方、、、嫌いです、、、 - 2009.12/16(Wed)**

***********************▲▲I'll DELETE or BLOCK!▲▲************************

▲Net-Stalker - ▲▲【本当にあった?】ネットストーカーの怖い話▲▲

▲Fake-accounts(Example: fake-male, fake-female, fake-country..etc..)
or person who has two or more accounts for music-troll, cyber-bullying and advertisement ← almost same user

▲Person who Misunderstanding About-"Music", About-"Culture"(Example:In particular⇒About-Japanese Culture..etc..) and About-"Internet"

▲Person who doesn't write "About-Me" (but I don't need your full-name)


▲Person who just say good words, but his(her) action can not trust

▲People who destroy friendship and enjoyment

▲Vulgar Top-Images(Avatar),Vulgar-Words(very creepy! MOST HATE!!! I WANT PUNCH TO THEM! get out or go hospital!!!!)

▲Person who uploading provocative picture(or avatar) to others on prof.

▲Person who mimic bad person's action

▲Person who likes Black-Joke ← Uncool

▲Person who recommend to others dislike things,
or person who can not understand about others dislike things

▲Person who write disinformation on the internet

▲Person who has envy to other good person

▲Person who misunderstanding about-"Friends"

▲Person who joining vulgar groups

▲Person who makes scares to others


If they are awful...
I 'll report to other Information site and Cyber-police!!!



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