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  • fasteddie66

    thnx for the add. good taste:D

    5 Sep 23:48 Responder
  • sylvia041

    same tbh! I really want to get a barriers!:D maybe I'll be there in the morning haha x

    13 Jul 12:48 Responder
  • sylvia041

    no problem!:) see you at bvb gig! x

    10 Jul 21:09 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Okay, I'll get you away with that :D.Ha ha, thanks (;. That sound like a very good plan.. I hope you'll reach your goals. I just can't decide which photo is better :s. Oh... what a short message >.<. Ha ha, I'm still tired -.-'

    10 May 7:58 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Oh. That's not good :s. I hope you'll feel better soon (;. >> you look like someone who would do that << hm, I don't really know what you meant by that...Am I looking like I would be working in an office (which may sounds boring, but isn't). Wow... that's at least aplan... to become a film editor... that sound pretty cool ;)

    9 May 18:07 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Hey... I'm so so so so sorry that it took me so long to answer you... I caught a cold and on Thursday I had to go back to work... and today I went to school... so my time is limited (plus the stress and pressure :S). Ha ha -.-'. I hope you don't mind? Currently I'm doing an apprenticeship as an office clerk (this year I'm going to be in my third year of my training)... well... How about you? (;

    9 May 14:07 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Oh no, you don't need to apologize. You're totally right about the whole HIMYM-thing -.-'. Ha ha.. I know this feeling so well (forgetting things I want to say or something...). I'm also one of those who take a look on their watch/mobile phone to check out the time... and when somebody asks me about how late it is I need to look again, because I forgot >.<. That's what I'd call sarcasm too. (; Oh well, it's very dangerous to cut your finger on a piece of paper... to work in an office is really exciting :s.

    4 May 13:36 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    I agree with you. And half of the season you thought 'Okay, when will this damn wedding finally start?' - and what about the episode when Ted finally let Robin go?! O.o. That actually never happend :/. Oh, you didn't notice? Ha ha ;D. Now I'm a little bit proud of me :P. But I will be fine, because a lot of my friends are from africa or from countries (Yes, I know africa isn't a country ;D) where they speak English most of the time (even some are from the UK). I don't even really recognize if I read an article in German or English ;D. I would also go so far to say that I prefer English... but that's a secret (ha ha, not really ;D). I also love DoryIt's so sweet (and sad) when she forgets about everything (even what her family is doing :s). No wonder when she gets missing... Dying for a paper cut? O.o. Please be careful ;s. Ha ha, bow I'm proud of you :P. I always have to be careful not typing too much (I hate to re-arrange my text -.-').

    3 May 16:52 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    That sucks even more (I'm talking about the money you invested in HIMYM). I didn't watched 'Friends' but I know what you mean... For me episode 22 of season 9 will always be the last episode (I pretend the 23rd and 24th doesn't exist!). I watched the whole season in English. I don't even feel like re-watching it in german. It's a waste of time anyway... What a shame - now I can never watch HIMYM again :/... Okay, after the first 'Finding Nemo' movie it sounds really ... weird that they plan to release another one, but well... Ha ha ha, me neither. I asked googlefor the spelling of her name (I'm sure now you think that I'm stupid :x). Okay, never watch it. I never watched the full, but at least it ruined the first movie for me :s.

    3 May 15:58 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Yeah. And telling the people they planned this worse ending right from the beginning (to say it with the words of Ted's daugther "I don't buy it"). I think I was never so shocked about the ending of a TV show... I mean... it's still a TV. Show. Ha ha ;D. omg! NO WAY!? You are kidding me, right? Not that I would mind... I like Dory, but most of the time the sequel ruins it (here again... Disney movies are the best example... I mean... 'Pocahontas 2'? Please, where was the point in the first movie for releasing this one? -.-').

    3 May 15:20 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    I totally agree with you. To a certain point Barney was the best character... but I also liked his development (which was completely ruined in the last episode!). And I heard they plan to make an alternative ending on the DVD... that's ... I don't even have the right words to put it right X.x. I like Tracey too. She's a perfect match for Ted and that's one reason I disliked the ending so much. Ha ha, I know what you mean... the movie is awesome (but maybe it's good they never brought out a sequel).

    3 May 15:03 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Ha ha, I don't think anybody will read this (expect stalker nad I doubt they would watch HIMYM). The partof the mother dying was not the most disturbing thing... it was the whole 'Oh well... I told you the story about how I met your mother just to let you know I'm in love with Robin!'. I never thought they would match together, plus she and Barney made the perfect match... a whole season wasted on their wedding just to learn that they got divorced? O.o. Seriously... and all the development of every characters during this nine season were worth nothing. Expect Lily and Marshall ... but what will you do about it? Yeah, these movies were fun... but not my favorite Disney classics. Pixar has some nice works as well... and I still love 'Finding Nemo' *-*.

    3 May 14:05 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    To be honest... TV showhs like 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Supernatural' are not my cup of tea ;D. But I enoyed watching 'How I met your Mother' *-*. Until thwy came up with the worst show finale ever.... I'm still disappointed about how it turned out. I don't know if you already watched it and I don't want to spoiler too much ;s. By the way... I was talking about the real Disney movies... the classics. Not about the new designed ones -.-'. I still prefer the old ones (;. Which one do you like the most?

    3 May 12:41 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Yeah, I think you're right... Hm, what kind of movie do I like? There are some I really like to watch... some classics like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn... but actually I'm more into TV shows as "Navy CIS" or ""Criminal Minds" ... (;. Oh well, I love Disney movies *-*. Does it count?

    3 May 7:12 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Believe it or not... I prefer the good guys ;D. Yeah that's really weird :s. I don't know if I remember well... but do you know the spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire. He's not the best actor, BUT there was this one scene when the girl still didn't know about him being Spiderman and then he kissed her... oh, okay... I apologize ;D. I'm too focues on these romantic parts ;D... Actually I'm not really in those superhero-movies (especially when it comes to charakters like Batman :x).

    2 May 21:12 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    So you like superheroes or are you more for the villains? ^^ I just watched the first spiderman movie two days ago... it was nice... but when I remember well... does Peter Parker really reveal his identity so early? O.o. I was a little bit surprised about this ;D.

    2 May 19:55 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    'The Edge' is amazing *-*. 'The Other Side' is a pretty good album, but my favorite song of them will always be 'Rooftop to the Street' ♥

    1 May 21:28 Responder
  • oOPsychoFairyOo

    Hi :). You're welcome... and thanks. I like your music-taste. Tonight Alive rocks *-*

    1 May 20:42 Responder
  • HolyFishEye

    I'm great thanks. How are you? SUPER music :o)

    19 Abr 16:07 Responder
  • Xraptick

    Yes I do! But, I only use it for keeping up for personal friends and family. Sorry :(, no offense or anything. Gaga's Brooklyn Nights finally leaked! You should check it out! It's really really good :)

    16 Mar 6:15 Responder
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Hey Guys! i'm here to make friends and share my music experiences with you all :) i am an avid music and film fan so i hope you can tolerate my love for them haha

Marc Sanders, 24, England UK :) I'm mostly into Symphonic Metal/Rock genre :) I do like Female Fronted Bands but i do like Male vocals on Symphonic metal/rock also :) Example is Kamelot :)

My Favourite Bands are Delain, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot & Evanescence. I also love many other bands/artists like Black Veil Brides, Inna, Lady Gaga, Millionaires, Katy Perry and so on :) i also love Soundtracks! They make any film or TV show complete!

So far i have personally met three of my favourite bands Evanescence 09/11/12 for a meet and greet session in Birmingham and Within Temptation an acoustic session in London at HMV Store 04/02/14 to promote their new album Hydra. I also met Delain as a support band to Within Temptation on 16th April in Birmingham as they hung out after the show ended. I have yet to meet my ultimate favourite band the mighty Nightwish! I'm guessing it will have to be the Floor Jansen era aha but i would love to meet Tarja though also :)

Anyway if you want to know more then just contact me :) peace out to all you dudes out there! :D and i hope we can be friends :)

My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever - Ghost Love Score - Nightwish <3 :)

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