Copeland @ Hi-Tone Café!


26 Jul 2009, 4:33

Fri 24 Jul – Copeland, Sherwood, Barcelona, Anchor & Braille

Show started a little after 6:30PM with Barcelona. They performed really great and had the crowd's attention by their last song. They are definitely a band worth looking into. Their set included probably 3-5 songs.

Anchor & Braille performed next. Of course, that's Stephen Christian of Anberlin. Aaron Marsh and Jonathan Bucklew of Copeland joined in few a couple songs as well. This was the first tour for the guy that played with Anchor & Braille and you could definitely tell. He had to keep tuning his guitar a lot, but I'm sure he'll get used to everything soon enough. Anchor & Braille's songs weren't bad but I have to say that Stephen Christian is a lot better doing the style of music that Anberlin does. He sang about 5-8 songs probably.

Next was Sherwood. They opened their set with "Middle Of The Night" which is a song I knew and liked from their Summer EP. I haven't listened to any of their stuff since that EP. That song is such a good, radio-friendly song that I actually thought it was a cover song at first. I wonder why the radio never picked up on that awesome tune? The last song they performed was "For The Longest Time." It was pretty awesome as well. But, the most entertaining part of their set was definitely their keyboardist Mike Leibovich - from his wild hair to his crazy moves. Anyway, their setlist was as follows (i have part of it in a photo that I took, sorry it is incomplete):

- Middle Of The Night
- ??? (1-3 songs)
- Learn to Sing
- I'll Wait for You
- Song In My Head
- The Only Song
- The Town That You Live In
- Not Gonna Love
- For The Longest Time

Now the band I was waiting for - Copeland! Simply amazing. I forgot to mention that I as front and center for the whole show. When Aaron Marsh set up his keyboard right in front of me, I could probably relate my feeling to a girl about to see the Jonas Brothers. I watched his hands for most of the show. It was mesmerizing! I made sure that I took a photo of their setlist in case I didn't get a copy of it myself. They had to omit a few songs because there was another show at this place afterward.

- To Be Happy Now (omitted)
- The Grey Man
- Chin Up
- Sleep
- On The Safest Ledge
- Control Freak
- Eat, Sleep, Repeat
- When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out
- The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
- Pin Your Wings
- Careful Now (omitted)
- No One Really Wins
- You Have My Attention (omitted)
- Coffee

That's it. The show was over. No bands performed encores, but thats alright! Before leaving, I did manage to get Aaron Marsh's autograph on my copy of You Are My Sunshine. I also bought my friend Sherwood's Not Gonna Love EP which is only available on the tour and, since I am a relatively new fan of Copeland, I bought their In Motion album which I was pleasantly surprised still came with the connect sets bonus disc. I also took a photo of my sister with Aaron Marsh and Stephen Christian.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!


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