Best of 2009 - Good Music Flue

The greatest hip-hop songs of 2009 (In correct order!)

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Rain Hit Da Fade: Bad Weather

You just sitting in your room and watch the bad weather outside... or you're outside and it's raining like: DAMN!... This is the right playlist for situations like that.

16 temas
Today I marry Mary: Chilling

There are so many songs about weed... here are one of the greatest!

15 temas
Sun Made My Wonderful Day Vol. 2: Summertime

The perfect music for sunny days.

15 temas
Black Book Rhymes: Best of K-Rino

My personal greatest hits from the wizard.

18 temas
Sun Made My Wonderful Day Vol. 1: Summertime

Music to feel good during the summer time.

16 temas
Never Forget Where You Came From: City-Representin

Each track of this playlist represents one city. Rapmusic from Dallas to Chicago, from Compton to P.A..

15 temas
Clenched Fist N' Read Head: Anger

If you're mad at the world, this is the right music for you: Release the anger!

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