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The SmithsGirl Afraid (2008 Remastered Version) Hace 4 minutos
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The SmithsGirl Afraid (2008 Remastered Version) Hace 13 minutos
MorrisseyEveryday Is Like Sunday Tema favorito Hace 16 minutos
Peter MurphyCuts You Up Tema favorito Hace 22 minutos
StaindMudshovel Tema favorito Hace 27 minutos
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  • stief303

    And yes. Lastfm is way too useful, and I’m sure it won’t die. I think a service like spotify might actually help revive it a bit, although not much I suppose… Sometimes it does feel like a barren wasteland here :p But it doesn’t make Lastfm less usefull to me! ;)

    Hace 1 hora Responder
  • stief303

    As for their early doom work, together with Katatonia’s, that’s a different story ofcouse. And one I was never interested in. I like the commercial direction both bands have taken, and am not that interested in their earlier work when they were still considered doom. Even though I still need to, and definitely will check it out properly. What they did back then just doesn’t seem that compelling to me… Again, it’s because I’m not that into heavy music anymore, and back when I was they never seemed compelling to me… I didn’t know Katatonia’s first album had clean vocals though (that already makes it more interesting ;) ) Will check it out !! As for the other bands at the Antwerp show, no, haven’t heard of them… The bandcamp links are on the FB page though!

    Hace 1 hora Responder
  • stief303

    I often think it’s blasphemy not to listen to an album as a whole haha :p Yes, too much modern prog that doesn’t work for me either I’m afraid. Ofcourse it’s a very broad genre so… :) I don’t know… Anathema’s albums may be different, still, they all seem to take me to the same place (which may be normal since a band ofcourse needs to have a certain style). Which for me translates as more of the same in a way… Distant Satellites takes me back to the strong vibe I had when discovering them through Hindsight. While the two albums before that are definitely good, though too much alike to eachother and not nearly as strong as their other work in my opinion. The electronic aspects of those albums are good, but feel a little bit muddled too me…

    Hace 2 horas Responder
  • stief303

    The venue for Celeste is definitely ok. Not my favorite venue in Belgium but definitely not bad. The sound quality can vary but overal I have good experiences with it. If you want to see Celeste, there’s no reason not to see them at Kavka. I surely would prefer to see any band there instead of at a festival like Roadburn… Oh, and my name is Steven. Stief will do though ;) I like spotify’s service a lot. Too bad there’s not a lot of friends of mine which seem to have been catching on though ! The potential that’s there for a musical network is amazing in my opinio. It’s been acting kinda funny for the last few days though… Slow and unresponsive. And the messaging seems to be acting wonky too now… :/

    Hace 4 horas Responder
  • stief303

    Deus. They’re a good band I guess but there were always too many bands that asked for more of my attention… When they reached their height here in Belgium I was very focused on other genres. I appreciate their music though, but I’ve never been compeled to trully listen to them actually… The times I saw them at festivals I must say they were amazing live though! Well, I’m lucky I caught Anathema so late I guess. I think they’re latest album is amazing. Though should I’ve been more familiar with their other albums at that tim, I’m sure it would’ve sounded like just more of the same for me, and I probably wouldn’t have listened to it that much as I did I suppose…

    Hace 4 horas Responder
  • stief303

    As for Katatonia, it always seemed to be the next band for me to check out after I’ve went through Anathema’s albums… Been meaning to check them out properly but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Listening to the album you sended me right now, and they sound amazing! :) It’s why I asked you for prog recommendations. Because I saw you played a lot of bands like Anathema, Katatonia, Tool, Pinneaple Thief, etc… :) I’m not a fan of compilations or live albums though, unless they actually bring something new or refreshing to the table… Even if it’s a compilation to start me off with a new band… I’m not a fan of songs. I like an album as a whole. As a concept, a coherent work, a whole that fits together and creates an experience… A world or state to immerse yourself in for an hour or so… :)

    Hace 4 horas Responder
  • stief303

    Yes stuff like Oathbreaker is often too chaotic for me too. But I find they do their brand of music very well, and the album is just varied enough for me to get through it entirelly ;) Isis is one of the best in their genre, obviously. Although I don’t listen much post-music anymore at all. Too little bands who seem to do something original with it. Although the once that do are outstanding! Definitely a shame they quit, but I remember reading they chose to quit because they felt they had reached their prime, and couldn’t top what they were doing anymore… To go out like that is better than to keep milking the cow ofcourse :) Too many bands who keep rehashing old stuff or plain selling out…

    Hace 4 horas Responder
  • stief303

    Just listened to Oathbreaker's last album, it had been a while. Honestly, when it comes to heavy music... Oathbreaker just blows Raketkanon straight out of the water if you ask me !!! :D http://www.cvltnation.com/fantastic-breathtaking-oathbreaker-4-15-14-full-set/

    31 Mar 1:58 Responder
  • stief303

    Ok, back for shout nr 6 :p You know, the thing with heavy music for me is just that I listen most of my music while working. It is much easier to pay attention and get into softer music while'st busy working ofcourse... I must admit, when I go out walking with my headphones, or listen in my car, I can really still get into heavy music just fine actually! ;) It's just that I really do most of my listening while'st busy with something else, and heavy music just seems to harder to grasp at those moments for me ;) That’s just because with alot of heavy music, the different tracks on an album often seem too much alike when you don't get the chance to pay enough attention… With other music it’s much easier to make a clear distinction between different tracks, making it more recognisable and thus more enjoyable to listen too while I'm busy ofcourse ;) (yes, it seems we talk alot haha ;) )

    31 Mar 1:46 Responder
  • stief303

    PS, do you also use Soulseek? It’s right here on lastfm, and on soulseek were we passionate sonic souls get together ofcourse !!! :) Yup. Writing books hahaha. I was wondering how many shouts this one was gonna take with the 1000 character limit !!! 5 it seems, we're getting worse hahaha :p But hey, it’s always nice to meet likeminded people! ;)

    31 Mar 1:02 Responder
  • stief303

    Hey, I’ve just dropped you an album in your Spotify messages! I like how you can just share an album with your friends. How we can just go to our mailbox, and click on play and listen to a recommendation! I’ve send you The Black Heart Rebellion and Oathbreaker. Maybe you know them? They’re both Belgian bands. The Black Heart Rebellion played Roadburn in 2013. They’re part of Amenra’s Church Of Ra collective. Those are my favorite Church Of Ra bands. Oooooh, Oathbreaker, yes talk about great heavy music !!!! Ok, I must admit, you’ve just gotten me to listen to alot of heavy music again hahaha! :D As for the spotify thing. Feel free to drop me albums too if you like. You seem to have a great taste in music so I’m all ears! Favorite albums, new discoveries, whatever… I’ve got a broad taste in music too so I’m up for anything. Even back to heavy music it seems :p

    31 Mar 1:01 Responder
  • stief303

    Yes ofcourse. That’s how it works, we outgrow music. But I also come back to music which I may not have been able to get into in the past, but finally seem to be able to appreciate. A beautiful process of growth! ;) Haha. Well, I must admit that all of my older friends are not on the same page as me when it comes to music. Actually few people are really compatible with me it seems :) And the ones that do… Yes, I’ve met them online. The people I go to gigs with are also most often people I, well, just meet at gigs, and often don’t see in the rest of my free time… :) I also share and talk about music with quite a bit of people from other countrie Music is our international language! ;) Also seems that I’m into a lot of music that not so many people seem to be into. It’s nice to get connected with people from all over the world who recognise the beauty in all those bands. Who are just as passionate about the music! ;)

    31 Mar 1:01 Responder
  • stief303

    Also, last night Raketkanon was on one of Belgium’s biggest TV news channels haha! I didn’t hear it though, it was late and we were playing music with the tv in the background :) Yes, definitely like Amenra. The live show are amazing, the Church Of Ra events… Just wow! It’s crazy how they’ve seem to have conquered the world and seem to have become such huge mammoth of a band in post/sludge metal… :) Do have a look at this cool video from the Church Of Ra in Gent… A collaboration between Hessian and Oathbreaker… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znbwH33xGVg Deus is good yes! I only know their old work though. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to anything of theirs, don’t know any of their new stuff. Deus is so 90’s for me. I really have no idea what they sound like nowadays… Ah seems like you travel a lot for the love of music. You’re lucky !!! :)

    31 Mar 1:01 Responder
  • stief303

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean by not paying attention enough attention when working hehe. Just gave the new Raketkanon 2 spins while being buzy. Not that focused on the music, although I seem to like it enough for what it is. Though I suspect I will get bored of it rather soon. :p :p Sonically on first listen it does seem like a step up from their last album. Although that might just be because it’s fresh ofcourse… I can’t judge on two listens. I definitely think one needs to digest the music properly before rating it… :) Often I tend to give things I don’t like a few spins, just to see if it doesn’t click eventually. And often it does, and I’m really glad I sticked to the album at times like that. Often it’s also harder music to get into, that’s the most rewarding when you do finally get into it I think, and the joy in it seems to last much longer too. (All of Mastodon’s work has that going on for me personally, and I’m a big fan of their work!)

    31 Mar 1:00 Responder
  • stief303

    Indian breaking up is a real shame. Even though I haven’t listened to that much sludge last year, together with The Body and Thou, Indian’s album was definitely among the best in the genre, and I don’t doubt many people would agree on that. Indian definitely was in their prime when they broke up… It’s a shame, but I’m so glad I’ve gotten to see them live too last year !!! Yes, same for me. I don’t know much death and black metal, and don’t like that much… When I do like some it’s usually more crossover bands with more drone and psychedelic elements in there! Well, you really shouldn’t worry about the Celeste show, Kavka is an established venue. A lot of organisations and smaller venues stick to facebook and don’t keep their websites up to date… I guess it’s just easier since they don’t need a webdesigner to update and can simply do it themselves on facebook! Often only bigger venues seem to keep their agendas up to date on their personal websites…

    31 Mar 1:00 Responder
  • stief303

    And Nails! Their new album was really good last year too !!!! Ok, I still like heavy music ;) But I'm very selective :p

    30 Mar 20:08 Responder
  • stief303

    Do let me know what you think of Drums Are For Parades... I really loved Arfificial Sacrificial Darkness and Master. Imperivm wasn't a good album IMO. They've also released a new split EP with Sardonis. Belgium's finest sludge duo. Highly recommended! Ah, and I still need to properly check out The Pineapple Thief. What album do you recommend for starters? :)

    30 Mar 20:03 Responder
  • stief303

    Not going to RB because I feel lazy? Hahahaha, no, that would be the day :p I love music and festivals, and I’d travel the world for them! :) Even though I think RB’s line-up isn’t as good as other years for me. It’s still very good ofcourse. And not having that many bands I really have to see, would give me more downtime to just chill and hang or check out new bands, which is also fun… Because other years RB is really running from one stage to the other, 4 days long haha! Nah, I have an injury I’m recovering from atm, if it wasn’t for that it would be 4 days of RB for sure! :) Movie theaters we don’t clap here in Belgium. But when a plane lands everyone always does yes, haha ;) BTW, do you know / like The Body? It’s one of the few heavy bands I really enjoy. Thou is playing this weekend in Belgium too. I’m definitely going to see them! :) I also really enjoyed Indian's From All Purity last year. As far as heavy music goes those bands really hit my buttons last year. ;)

    30 Mar 20:01 Responder
  • stief303

    Well i’m not bored and tired haha. There’s way too much music that excites me ;) I just want progression you know. Always moving forward, keeping things fresh... ;) Monolord… Too generic for me… But ok though, since everyone is doing so crazy about it I guess I need to check em out again. Already tried twice though but didn’t manage to capture my interest actually :/ As for Celeste. It is in Kavka in Antwerp. Really, don’t worry about the venue’s website and agenda. It’s never up to date I think. The gig is definitely on so if you go, they will be there, trust me! :) I saw them live at Roadburn before and I must say I really enjoyed them !!! https://www.facebook.com/events/1559982114265590/

    30 Mar 20:00 Responder
  • stief303

    I don’t know. I used to think it was better when I knew all the songs too… But now I like to be surprised more often, and tent to get bored quicker of bands I’ve already seen live actually… I try to do some homework before I go to a festival or gig, but I definitely don’t need to know all of the line-up. I love it when a new band just blows me away! Lots of that happening at Psych Lab last year! Ofcourse with festivals like Roadburn, it happens to me that I discover a band a year after they’ve played there, and I’m like uh what, they played and I missed them because I didn’t know them yet back then ??? :D Yeah, the dutch are just too silly for me :p Although I really like how social and open they are as opposed to most Belgians! :) It’s on Spotify yes. Tried to check it out last night but couldn’t bring myself too it. Lately I’m just drifting more and more away from heavy music it seems…

    29 Mar 18:26 Responder
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Saw that gap again today
While you were begging me to stay.
Managed to push myself away,
And you, as well...my dear.

The depth of the chasm is infinite
Discover bliss and serenity in drowning

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ISIS 7x R.I.P.

# - 3, 6PM, 10 Years, 11 Paranoias, -(16)-, 40 Watt Sun

A- Adrian Bellew’s Power Trio, Aerosmith, A.F.I (x2), After the Burial, Against Me! (x2), A-Ha, Aidan, Alanis Morissette, Alcest (x3), Alexisonfire, Alice in Chains (x3), Alien Ant Farm, A.L.O, The Allstar Project, Altar Of Plagues, Alunah, Amenra, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema (x8), Animals as Leaders (x2), Anjo Gabriel, Anneke van Giersbergen (x2), Anneke Van Giersbergen & Daniel Cavanagh (x2), Anthony Green Acoustic, A Perfect Circle (x3), Arabrot, Arctic Monkeys, A Silent Film, Aspen, A Storm Of Light (x2), Atlantis, The Atlas Moth, Atreyu, Audioslave, Australian Crawl, Author & Punisher, Avatarium, Avec Tristesse, Avenged Sevenfold (x3)

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C- Candlebox, Camera, Celeste, Ceremony, Chairlift, Chevelle (x2), The Church, Cinematic Sunrise, Circa Survive (x3), Circle (x2), City and Colour, Coheed & Cambria (x12), Coldplay, Collective Soul (x2), Colour Haze, Comus, Conan (x2), Concrete Blonde (x3), Conan, Converge, Corrections House, Cosm, Cowboys & Alliens, The Cranberries, Cratera, Crushing Sun, Cult of Luna, The Cure (x2), Cursive, Cynic.

D- Dark Tranquility, Dashboard Confessional, Dave Matthews Band (x2), David Fonseca, Dawn of Tears, deadmau5, Ther Dear Hunter, Death Alley, Death Cab for Cutie, Deerhoof, Def Lepard (x2), Deftones, Depeche Mode (x4), Desaparecidos, dEUS, Devin Townsend Project (x3), Die Kreuzen, Dinosaur Jr. (x3), Dirty Fences, Disinterred, Disturbed, Donavan Frankenreiter, The Doors (w/ Ian Astbury), Dozer, Dredg (x3), The Dreaming (x2), Driveblind, Dropping Daylight, Duran Duran

E- Eagles of Death Metal, Echidna, Echo & The Bunnymen, Eddie Vedder, Elder, Electric Goat Combo (x3), Electric Wizard (x3), El Yunque, Epica, Editors (x3), Eumeria, Explosions in the Sky, Extraperlo, Eyehategod

F- Facing New York, Faith No More, The Fall, Fall Out Boy, Fates Warning, Featus Eaters, Felix Martin, Fidlar, Fiona Apple, The Firstborn, The Flaming Lips (x2), Flogging Molly, The Flower Kings, The Flying Eyes, Flyleaf, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand (x2), Freedom Hawk, Fu Manchu

G- Garbage, The Gathering, Gatsbys American Dream, Ghost Brigade, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Gim Blossoms (x2), G. Love, Glen Hansard, The Glockenwise, Goat, Godflesh, God Head, God Is An Astronaut (x2), Gogol Bordello, Gojira, Goo Goo Dolls, Greenleaf, Guns n'Roses, The Gutter Twins (An Evening with Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan)

H- Harse Toke, HARK, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Haken, Heaven & Hell, Hellroom Projectors, Herder, Hexvessel, High on Fire, Hinder, The Hives (x2), The Horros (x2), Hot Hot Heat, Hoobastank, Howling Bells, Hype Williams

I- Ides of Geminin, Ihsahn, Ihsahn & Leprous, Ill Niño, Imogen Heap, Incubus (x3), Indian, The Infernal Sea, Information Society, In Solitude, Intercostal, Interpol, Intronaut

J- Jane´s Addiction, Jarvis Cocker, Jason Mraz, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jex Troth, John Coffe, Jolly (x2), Journey, Jet, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Jucifer.

K- Kadavar, Kalmah, Kap Bambino, Karma To Burn (x2), Kasabian (x2), Katatonia (x4), Kathaarsys, Kayo Dot, Keelhaul (x2), Ken Mode, Kid Rock, The Killers, The Kills, Killswitch Engage, Kings of Leon, King Tuff, King´s X, KMFDM, Korn (x3), Korpiklaani, Kraftwerk, Kyuss Lives.

L- Labirinto, Lack Of Interets, Lacuna Coil, Lântlos, Larkin, Lecherous Gaze, Lenny Kravitz, Les Baton Rouge, Les DIscrets, Letters From, Lifehouse (x2), Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Live (x3),Locrian, Lonely Kamel, Long Way To Alaska, Loop, Lord Dying, Los Natas, Louis XIV, Low Millions, Lucid Fly.

M- The Magic Numbers, Magma, Mantar, Mark Lanegan, Mark Lanegan Band, Mars Red Sky (x2), The Mars Volta (x2), Massive Attack, Mastodon, Matt Costa, Matt Embree Acoustic, Megadeth, Melvins Lite, Men At Work, Men Eater, Meshuggah (x2), Metallica, Metric, Mewithoutyou (x2), Michael Rother presents the music of NEU! and Harmonia, Midnight Oil, Ministry, Minsk, Minus the Bear (x2), M83, Moby, Mogwai, Mojave3, Moneen (x2), Monkey 3, Monotonix, Monster Truck, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, Morcheeba, Morne, Morrissey, Mother's Cake (x3), Motion City Soundtrack, Mudvayne, Mundo Cão, Muse (x3), My Dying Bride

N- Naam, Nada Surf, Nas, The National, Nausea, New Keepers Of The Water Towers, New York Dolls, Nickelback, Nikolaj Grandjean, Nine Inch Nails (x5), Noothgrush, Nothing

O- Oasis, Oblique Rain, The Ocean (x2), Old Man Gloom (x2), Opeth (x3), O Rappa, Our Lady Peace, Tthe Orwells, Ozzy Osbourne

P- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (x2), Pain of Salvation (x3), Pallbearer (x2), Panic! at the Disco, The Panic Channel, Papa Roach (x2), Paradise Lost, Patrick Wolf, Paus, Peaches, Pearl Jam (x7), Peter Hook & The Light, Periphery, Phased, The Picturebooks, Pinback, The Pineapple Thief, Pistolita, Pixies, Placebo (x2), P.O.D (x3), The Police, Pontiak, Porcupine Tree (x2), Portugal. The Man, The Posies, Primus, Primordial, Process of Guilt (x2), Procession, Promise and The Monster, The Psychedelic Warlords, Puscifer

Q- Queens of the Stone Age (x4), Quest For Fire

R- Ra, Rabbits, Radar Men From The Moon (x2), Radiohead (x2), Radio Moscow, Raketkanon, The Rapture (x2), The Receiving End Of Sirens, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (x2), Refused, The Reign of Kindo, R.E.M., Revolting Cocks, Riding Panico, Rinoceronte, Rise Against (x2), Riverside (x2), Robert Plant, Rock Kills Kid, Roky Erickson, Rob Dickenson (x2), Roger Waters, Rolling Stones, Royal Thunder

S- Sahara Surfers, The Safety Fire, Sardonis, Satan's Satyr, Seal (x2), Sean Riley & The Slow Riders, Secrets She Kept, Selim Lemouchi´s Enemies, Servants of the Mist, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, She Wants Revenge, The Shrine (x2), Seu Jorge, Shinedown (x2), SIgh, Sigur Ros, Silverstein, Sisters of Mercy, Slash, Sleigh Bells, Slipknot, Sizo, The Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, Social Distortion, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, Spiritual Beggars, Spy vs. Spy, Stacey Kent, Staind (x2), Steven Wilson, Stick Men (x2), Stolen Babies, Stone Temple Pilots, Story of the Year, The Strange Boys, Sula Bassana, Sun Worship, Supergrass, Swallow The Sun, The Swell Season, System of a Down (x2)

T- Taproot (x2), Taylor Hawkis, Tears For Fears, Terra Tenebrosa, Thee Orakle, The Temper Trap, Thrice (x3), Thursday, Tiamat, Tomahawk, Tombstoned, Toner Low, Tori Y Moi, Trapt, Transatlantic (x2), Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, Triptykon, Truckfighters, True Widow, Two Gallants, Týr, Tyranny

U- Ufomammut (x2), Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Unwritten Law (x2),U2 (x5), Underoath, Utter

V- Valient Thorr, Valley Of The Sun, Vanna, Varandistas, The Vintage Caravan (x2)

W- Wallace Vanborn, Wardhill, Warlocks, Warpaint, We Are Scientists, We Have Band, Weezer, William Fowler Collins, Windhand, Witchrider, Wolfmother

X- X, Xutos e Pontapés

Y- Yeah Yeah Yeahs (x2), Year Long Disaster, Yeasayer, YOB (x3), Young The Giant.

Z- Za!, Zombi.



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