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  • stief303

    BTW, my shout just disappeared again ! I know what causes it for me. Hitting the 1000 character limit... The "characters used" doesn't go in the red on 1000, but when you post the shout isn't there... :)

    3 Jul 9:49 Responder
  • stief303

    I love YOB. Would be a dream line-up seeing them open up for Tool ! Yeah I hate those big festivals too. But it was a sunny day. And I could go for a cheap price and see 4 bands which I had to see eventually and are pretty expensive, and wouldn’t be playing any small shows anymore. So I might’ve well gone to the fest :) Actually I went more because I felt like a sunny festival day instead of the bands ;) No I don’t use a wheelchair. I can walk just fine, but I need to sit down in time. Can’t overdo it… Yeah I feel great ! It’s going very well now… :) Ah a week without a car. Once you get used to it is so bad to mis it even one day :D Yeah, I always type longer replies in a text doc ;) Learned to play it safe a long time ago ! :D soo… Have you checked out Morphine yet ??? :D Gonna see Elder sunday. Saw them three times last year and they were so good! But their new album is way more complex then their older stuff, let's see how they will do that live...

    3 Jul 9:48 Responder
  • stief303

    BTW, I see what you mean with shouts dissapearing. My first shout just disappeared twice after I put down my second shout...

    26 Jun 20:10 Responder
  • stief303

    As for my foot. Well, it’s one of the biggest festivals in Belgium! About 90.000 attendees each day… Not exactly practically for me ;) I had a pretty rough month because of some things that gave my body a lot ofstress, which causes the foot / nerve condition to flare up very badly. Over the weekend things turned and went very well this week. Part of going to the festival was to get a feel for my limits again ;) All went well with enough resting time in between walking from stage to stage. But we did get a pass to use the wheelchair users platform :D So basically we could go from stage to stage, had a private entrance for the 2 inside stages, didn’t have any waiting lines at all, and enjoyed the best view and non of the commotion… That’s why we managed to see all bands we wanted to, even the one’s that played at the same time ! Today I definitely feel what I’ve done yesterday. But it’s good to push my limits. Now it’s time for a chill weekend. Take it easy and give it some rest… :)

    26 Jun 20:10 Responder
  • stief303

    Well, even if his vocal range has gone down a lot. He’s still the best singer at the entire festival ;) I share your dislike for FF. Patton even played the first verse of „All my life I been looking for something…” Haha. And mocked FF ofcourse. Dave should break his leg every day. And with the encore. So, do we have anymore Foo Fighter songs? :D Typical Patton… I’ve only seen Tool once and that’s about 8 years ago now ! Was a great line-up then though. Smashing Pumpkins followed by Nine Inch Nails, and then Tool… Yeah, with last years Tool/Yob tour in the USA I was expecting them at a Belgium Festival. Even bought a ticket because it sells out very quickly (Pukkelpop festival), but unfortunately not Now we’re one year ahead again, sigh :) A bit of originality and surprises in music can’t hurt right? There’s too much music that sounds alike out there. But at the same time so many original bands. Unfortunately most of those don’t get the recognition they should. Caribou is amazing!

    26 Jun 20:09 Responder
  • stief303

    BTW, have you checked out Morphine yet? Because you really should ;) If you haven't yet In recommend you try "The night" and "Like Swimming". Didn't know what to recommend because all their albums are so freaking good. But after extensive listening now I'm sure those two are my favorite albums !!!

    26 Jun 18:28 Responder
  • stief303

    Skipped out on the Chemical Brother because they played at the same time as Caribou. I’ve seen the Chemical Brother 4 times already. Last time being 4-5 years ago I think. It was exactly the same set :/ Same songs, same visuals… Seriously WTF? So lame ! Caribou was the highlight of the night. They did something different with all of their songs so that made it very amazing. All the other bands we saw just played very polished and predictable sets… All in all had a nice sunny festival day and got to scratch a few bands of my to see list this year… :) Never doing such a big festival again though, unles Tool is coming. Which is bound to happen in the next 2 years I suppose. Lol, where is that new Tool album we've been talking about for years? Haha !

    26 Jun 18:24 Responder
  • stief303

    Patti smith performed the album Horses as a whole. They played very good, sounded just as good as on record, but actually that made it pretty boring ;) No surprised there… And at one point Patti was actually holding a sheet by the mic just to read the lyrics… WTF? Performing her best album ever made and she has forgotten some of the lyrics :s Shows how old she’s getting. But still she managed to bring an amazing performance… We left after 20 minutes though, because it was just Horses played perfectly and we knew what was coming :p Didn’t plan on seeing Hot Chip since they played together with Florence and the machine. Florence got boring rather quick so went on to see Hot Chip and they were great again !

    26 Jun 18:23 Responder
  • stief303

    Foo Fighters were supposed to headline last night. But with Dave Grol breaking his leg the show got cancelled. The festival is always next weekend, but this year they had moved it one week forward just for the Foo Fighters haha ! Everyone crying that they’re not coming, while we ofcourse were very happy that we got Faith No More instead! Else I never would’ve gone :p The festival used to have really great line-ups, but the last few years it’s indeed rediculous what kind of pop acts play there… It used to be all alternative / commercial bands. You know the big alternative bands but that’s all changed now… Yesterday was a good day though. For all the bands we got to see it was very cheap. I still wanted to see FNM, Caribou and Eagles Of Death Metal. If I had to go see them at a venue I would’ve spend much much more money. And now I had a lot of good bonus acts like Hot Chip, Florence and the machine, Jungle, Patti Smith…

    26 Jun 18:23 Responder
  • stief303

    Not exactly familiar with any of Anneke’s projects and collaborations ;) Don’t think that any of those bands really speak to me, except for Anathema ofcourse ;) Ah I don’t bother with updating my event list anymore haha. It’s always gig overkill here in Belgium. Can’t keep track of all of that :D I stick to a webzine that has a good calendar when it comes to gigs in Belgium and the surrounding countries… Yes, only went yesterday ! Faith No More played a very tight set, but it was very noticable that Mike Patton has lost a lot of his vocal range :s I saw him last 2 years with Faith no more and Tomahawk, it was amazing then but now it’s seems like the extensive touring is taking the best of Patton…

    26 Jun 18:23 Responder
  • stief303

    I don’t play any instruments !!! :) I sometimes fiddle around with electronic music programs on my macbook but that’s it. And I used to play guitar for half a year or something when I was younger but that’s all gone now :p Do Ah, she’s with Anathema didn’t know ! :D I’m off to Werchter festival tonight! Managed to score a ticket for almost 50 procent off ! FAITH NO MORE, eagles of death metal, caribou, patti smith, florence and the machine, balthazar, chemical brothers, first aid kit, etc… And sunshine !!!!! :D

    25 Jun 10:36 Responder
  • thekillingspree

    "Mimizento", ahah! Pronto, eu referia-me ao penúltimo "shout". E sim, MissRICA estava demasiado ocupada a viajar e a gastar dinheiro para responder aos pobrezinhos que ficam em casa a ver concertos de outros países no YouTube. Que interessante que MissTOOL não gostava de bacalhau, veio para Portugal e aprendeu a apreciá-lo. Agora até o cozinha por ela própria, nossa! Bacalhau é muito bom se for bem cozinhado. Infelizmente, tem uma tendência irritante para ficar seco e depois mastigas, mastigas, mas ele não se desfaz na boca. Por isso é que toda a gente aqui compra bacalhau já demolhado e ultracongelado. Eu não estou por dentro das tradições brazucas, mas tendo o Cleclé como amigo no facebook é virtualmente impossível não saberes o que se passa no Brasil em determinado momento, ahah! Aqui diz-se "de graça, até injecção na testa", mas pelos vistos os brasileiros acham menos piada a injecção no umbigo. Seja no umbigo ou na testa, uma injeccção aí seria certamente deveras incomodativa.

    21 Jun 16:44 Responder
  • stief303

    No, I don’t play any instruments. Not anymore. Don’t have the time and patience… :) You really need to see them when you get a chance. They usually play sets that last 2-3 hours … Yep, Belle and Sebastian. It doesn’t always have to be spacey you know :p They play Belgium in a few months and I think I’d like to go ! No Metz or Mastodon no. Lots of good gigs everyday but at the moment not really planning to do any… Had to google who Anneke is ;) The Gathering. I don’t think I like their music very much… :)

    19 Jun 0:06 Responder
  • jillmackin

    My bad, winter you say? Keep warm! LOL :P

    18 Jun 17:42 Responder
  • jillmackin

    Nice to stop by and see a fellow post-rock fan. I'm a fan of The Six Parts Seven. Great charts. Enjoy your summer!

    18 Jun 12:05 Responder
  • stief303

    Motorpsycho isn't in your seen live list? O_o On of the most amazing live bands !!! I got 4 chances to catch em again this summer in Belgium / Holland / Germany !!

    18 Jun 2:20 Responder
  • stief303

    Haha, Spotified !!! ;) My battery is just fine but I always have my internet off. I don’t use FB or Messenger and stuff like that on my phone… I think that makes a lot of difference when it comes to battery life! Ah, redecorating. Just tired off all the dust my bed creates and all the cleaning it takes haha. And I need a new table for the TV and my amplifier and turntable. Also a smaller night closet. Now it’s just some old furniture thrown together. It could all just be much more practical so let’s just go with that ! ;) Ofcourse you like Motorpsycho !!! :) But you’re still missing out big time though. :p Listen to Morphine !!!! :D

    18 Jun 2:19 Responder
  • thekillingspree

    Pirua! No meu último "shout" eu falei e falei e falei e a tua resposta foi um autêntico "conversation killer", de tão curta e grossa que era. Não deu para pegar e continuar, por isso calei-me. Não aprecio muito bacalhau, mas qualquer coisa é positiva quando isso significa que MissTOOL pensa no kinky. Ainda mais assim tão perto do dia dos namorados versão brazuca :3 Não percebo porque vocês não podem ter esse dia atrofiante na mesma altura que o resto do mundo. E VÊ LÁ SE OFERECESTE UM BOCADO DA BACALHOADA AQUI AO TUGA, HÃ?! >:( Eu posso não apreciar, mas se é de graça... :D

    17 Jun 21:36 Responder
  • licoricepizza

    No, it's Disneyland (where i can go whenever i want) for free; the parking is free as well for me. Universal is different. I pay for the one pass, but it's good for 3 entrances within the year.

    17 Jun 18:08 Responder
  • licoricepizza

    lol, i know what you mean. "The Mummy" ride is especially jarring since it goes in reverse after it's initial forward run. My neck always aches after that one.

    17 Jun 17:45 Responder
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Saw that gap again today
While you were begging me to stay.
Managed to push myself away,
And you, as well...my dear.

The depth of the chasm is infinite
Discover bliss and serenity in drowning

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ISIS 7x R.I.P.

# - 3, 6PM, 10 Years, 11 Paranoias, -(16)-, 40 Watt Sun

A- Acid Witch, Adrian Bellew’s Power Trio, Aerosmith, A.F.I (x2), After the Burial, Against Me! (x2), A-Ha, Aidan, Alanis Morissette, Alcest (x3), Alexisonfire, Alice in Chains (x3), Alien Ant Farm, A.L.O, The Allstar Project, Altar Of Plagues, Alunah, Amenra, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema (x10), Ancient Wisdom, Anciients, Animals as Leaders (x2), Anjo Gabriel, Anneke van Giersbergen (x2), Anneke Van Giersbergen & Daniel Cavanagh (x2), Anthony Green Acoustic, A Perfect Circle (x3), Arabrot, Arctic Monkeys, A Silent Film, Aspen, A Storm Of Light (x2), Atlantis, Atlas, The Atlas Moth, Atreyu, Audioslave, Australian Crawl, Author & Punisher (x2), Avatarium, Avec Tristesse, Avenged Sevenfold (x3)

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C- Candlebox, Camera, Cave In, Celeste (x2), Ceremony, Chairlift, Chevelle (x2), The Church, Cinematic Sunrise, Circa Survive (x3), Circle (x2), City and Colour, City of Ships, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Coheed & Cambria (x12), Coldplay, Collective Soul (x2), Colour Haze, Comus, Conan (x3), Concrete Blonde (x3), Conan, Converge, Corrections House, Cosm, Coltsblood, Cough, Cowboys & Alliens, The Cranberries, Cratera, Crushing Sun, Cult of Luna, The Cure (x2), Cursive, Cynic.

D- Darkher, Dark Tranquility, Dashboard Confessional, Dave Matthews Band (x2), David Fonseca, Dawn of Tears, deadmau5, Dead Meadow, Ther Dear Hunter, Death Alley, Death By Stereo, Death Cab for Cutie, Deerhoof, Def Lepard (x2), Deftones (x2), Depeche Mode (x4), Desaparecidos, dEUS, Devin Townsend Project (x3), Die Kreuzen, Dinosaur Jr. (x3), Dirty Fences, Disinterred, Disturbed, Donavan Frankenreiter, The Doors (w/ Ian Astbury), Dozer, Dredg (x3), The Dreaming (x2), Driveblind, Dropping Daylight, Duran Duran

E- Eagles of Death Metal, Earth, Earthless, Echidna, Echo & The Bunnymen, Eddie Vedder, Elder, Electric Citzen, Electric Goat Combo (x4), Electric Wizard (x3), El Yunque, Enslaved, Epica, Editors (x3), Eumeria, Explosions in the Sky, Extraperlo, Eyehategod (x2)

F- Facing New York, Faith No More, The Fall, Fall Out Boy, Fates Warning, Featus Eaters, Felix Martin, Fidlar, Fields of Nephilim (x2), Fiona Apple, The Firstborn, The Flaming Lips (x2), Flogging Molly, Floor, The Flower Kings, The Flying Eyes, Flyleaf, Focus, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand (x2), Freedom Hawk, Fu Manchu

G- Garbage, The Gathering, Gatsbys American Dream, Ghost Brigade, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Gim Blossoms (x2), G. Love, Glen Hansard, The Glockenwise, Goat, Goatwhore, Godflesh, God Head, God Is An Astronaut (x2), Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Gogol Bordello, Gojira, Goo Goo Dolls, Greenleaf, Guns n'Roses, The Gutter Twins (An Evening with Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan)

H- Harse Toke, HARK, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Haken, The Heads, Heaven & Hell, Hellroom Projectors, Helms Alee, Herder, Hexvessel, High on Fire, Hinder, The Hives (x2), The Horros (x2), Hot Hot Heat, Hoobastank, Howling Bells, Hype Williams

I- Ides of Geminin, Ihsahn, Ihsahn & Leprous, Ill Niño, Imogen Heap, Incubus (x3), Indian, The Infernal Sea, Information Society, In Solitude, Intercostal, Interpol, Intronaut

J- Jane´s Addiction, Jarvis Cocker, Jason Mraz, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jex Troth, John Coffe, Jolly (x2), Journey, Jet, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Jucifer, Junius.

K- Kadavar, Kalmah, Kap Bambino, Karma To Burn (x2), Kasabian (x2), Katatonia (x4), Kathaarsys, Kayo Dot, Keelhaul (x2), Ken Mode, Kid Rock, The Killers, The Kills, Killswitch Engage, King Dude, Kings of Leon, King Tuff, King´s X, KMFDM, Korn (x3), Korpiklaani, Kraftwerk, Kylesa, Kyuss Lives.

L- Labirinto, Lack Of Interets, Lacuna Coil, Lântlos, Larkin, Lazer/Wulf, Lecherous Gaze, Lenny Kravitz, Les Baton Rouge, Les DIscrets, Letters From, Lifehouse (x2), Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Live (x3),Locrian, Lonely Kamel, Long Way To Alaska, Loop, Lord Dying, Los Natas, Louis XIV, Low Millions, Lucid Fly. Lucifer.

M- The Magic Numbers, Magma, Mammatus, Mantar, Mark Lanegan, Mark Lanegan Band (x2), Marriages, Mars Red Sky (x2), The Mars Volta (x2), Massive Attack, Mastodon, Matt Costa, Matt Embree Acoustic, Megadeth, Melvins Lite, Men At Work, Men Eater, Meshuggah (x2), Messenger, Metallica, Metric, Mewithoutyou (x2), Michael Rother presents the music of NEU! and Harmonia, Midnight Oil, Ministry, Minsk (x2), Minus the Bear (x2), M83, Moby, Mogwai, Mojave3, Monarch!, Moneen (x2), Monkey 3, Monotonix, Monster Truck, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, Morcheeba, Morne, Morrissey, Mother's Cake (x3), Motion City Soundtrack, Mudvayne, Mundo Cão, Muse (x3), My Dying Bride

N- Naam, Nada Surf, Nas, The National, Nausea, Nervous Mother, New Keepers Of The Water Towers, New York Dolls, Nickelback, Nikolaj Grandjean, Nine Inch Nails (x5), Noise-a-tron, Noothgrush, Nothing

O- Oasis, Oblique Rain, The Ocean (x2), Old Man Gloom (x3), Om, Opeth (x3), O Rappa, The Osiris Club, Our Lady Peace, Tthe Orwells, Ozzy Osbourne

P- The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (x2), Pain of Salvation (x3), Pallbearer (x3), Panic! at the Disco, The Panic Channel, Papa Roach (x2), Paradise Lost, Patrick Wolf, Paus, Peaches, Pearl Jam (x7), Pentagram, Periphery, Peter Hook & The Light, Phased, The Picturebooks (x2), Pinback, The Pineapple Thief, Pistolita, Pixies, Placebo (x2), P.O.D (x3), The Police, Pontiak, Porcupine Tree (x2), Portugal. The Man, The Posies, Primitive Man, Primus, Primordial, Process of Guilt (x2), Procession, Profetus, Promise and The Monster, The Psychedelic Warlords, Puscifer

Q- Queens of the Stone Age (x4), Quest For Fire

R- Ra, Rabbits, Radar Men From The Moon (x2), Radiohead (x2), Radio Moscow, Raketkanon, The Rapture (x2), The Receiving End Of Sirens, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (x2), Refused, The Reign of Kindo, R.E.M., Revolting Cocks, Riding Panico, Rinoceronte, Rise Against (x2), Riverside (x2), Robert Plant, Rock Kills Kid, Roky Erickson, Rob Dickenson (x2), Roger Waters, Rolling Stones, Royal Thunder, Russian Circles (x2).

S- Sahara Surfers, The Safety Fire, Samsara Blues Experiment, Sardonis, Satan's Satyr, Seal (x2), Sean Riley & The Slow Riders, Secrets She Kept, Selim Lemouchi´s Enemies, Servants of the Mist, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, She Wants Revenge, The Shrine (x2), Seu Jorge, Shinedown (x2), SIgh, Sigur Ros, Silverstein, Sisters of Mercy, Slash, Sleigh Bells, Slipknot, Sizo, Skuggsjá, Sleep, he Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, Social Distortion, Sólstafir (x3), The Sound Of Animals Fighting, Spiritual Beggars, Spy vs. Spy, Stacey Kent, Staind (x2), Steven Wilson, Stick Men (x2), Stolen Babies, Stone Temple Pilots, Story of the Year, The Strange Boys, SubRosa (x2), Sula Bassana, Sun Worship, Suns of Orion, Supergrass, Swallow The Sun, The Swell Season, System of a Down (x2)

T- Taproot (x2), Taylor Hawkis, Tears For Fears, Terra Tenebrosa, Thee Orakle, The Temper Trap, Thou, Thrice (x3), Thursday, Tiamat, Tomahawk, Tombs, Tombstoned, Toner Low, Tori Y Moi, Trapt, Transatlantic (x2), Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, Triptykon, Truckfighters (x2), True Widow (x2), Two Gallants, Týr, Tyranny

U- Ufomammut (x2), Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Unwritten Law (x2),U2 (x5), Underoath, Utter, Uzala.

V- Valient Thorr, Valley Of The Sun, Vanna, Varandistas, The Vintage Caravan (x2), Virus.

W- Wallace Vanborn, Wardhill, Wardruna, Warlocks, Warpaint, We Are Scientists, We Have Band, Weezer, White Hills, William Fowler Collins, Windhand, Witchrider, Wolfmother, Wovenhand.

X- X, Xutos e Pontapés, Xyloris White.

Y- Year Of No Light, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (x2), Year Long Disaster, Yeasayer, YOB (x3), Young The Giant.

Z- Za!, Zombi.



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