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Clint Crisher

With many of his remixes and music videos in heavy rotation, Clint Crisher and his catalog of over 100 songs, provides popular material for the likes of XM Satellite Radio, ABC Radio Networks and nightclubs across the country. Clint is a prolific recording artist with 8 plus albums released, most notably, ‘Perfect World’ and ‘Terrific Distraction’. Clint’s mantra is “Music Is The Reason”, with a Pop/Electronica /Dance sensibility and strongly believes in the integrity of his compositions. He has been recognized as a ‘Billboard Breakout Artist’ in 2007 for the hit single ‘Spotlight, The Remixes’, with his work in demand on both sides of the Atlantic. The Florida native is a multi-faceted artist who plays the guitar and trombone, as well as sings, writes, produces, acts, dances, models and emcees. Clint is musically influenced by the works of Elton John, George Michael and Michael Jackson. Clint’s youthful and seductive stage presence has likened him to Elvis Presley, however with a broad audience appeal. Vocally, he has been compared to George Michael, David Bowie and David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Clint’s musical compositions are soulful, with an energetic beat and well crafted lyrics. Although starting in the south, Clint has moved throughout the country in pursuit of his passion, performing in such celebrated venues as Crobar in South Beach, Webster Hall in New York, as well as numerous festivals and concerts across the United States. Clint also has the distinction of singing for Her Majesty, as part of his high school music group. As his portfolio of performance and compositions grew, Clint formed an independent label, ‘Crisher Entertainment’, and has recently licensed his work for use on motion pictures, television, radio and the internet. Clint resides in Los Angeles, California where he continues to hone his craft, awaiting you to book his premiere world tour. Clint Crisher is ‘Exclusively Represented’ by Nferno Entertainment Agency, LLC 8581 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 444 West Hollywood, CA 90069-4120 Phone: 310.691.3949
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Tema Duración
1 Clint CrisherMusic Is the Reason Loved track 6:03
2 Clint CrisherThe Hot Boys World - Peter T After Hours Loved track 8:01
3 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Danny James Radio Edit) Loved track 3:21
4 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (DJ Boom Remix) descarga gratuita Loved track 3:52
5 Clint CrisherPerfect World Loved track 6:50
6 Clint CrisherSpotlight Acapellas Loved track 3:52
7 Clint CrisherClint's Read Loved track 5:46
8 Clint CrisherNever Again descarga gratuita Loved track 3:50
9 Clint CrisherTerrific Distraction Loved track 3:31
10 Clint CrisherPrecious Jewel Loved track 3:36
11 Clint CrisherGet Connected descarga gratuita Loved track 3:42
12 Clint CrisherSurvival Loved track 5:26
13 Clint Crisher & Painted SunSlow Dancing By Myself Loved track 5:57
14 Clint Crisher & Painted SunWet Loved track 3:41
15 Clint Crisher & Painted SunEndless Sleep Loved track 3:02
16 Clint Crisher & Painted SunTrainer Wheels Loved track 4:41
17 Clint Crisher & Painted SunPerfect World descarga gratuita Loved track 3:47
18 Clint Crisher & Painted SunEight Loved track 4:11
19 Clint Crisher & Painted SunBig Boy Loved track 3:34
20 Clint Crisher & Painted SunMonogamy Loved track 3:09
21 Clint Crisher & Painted SunMystic Mermaid Loved track 4:48
22 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Barona & Stringfellow Progressive Dub) Loved track 8:40
23 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Dena Cucci Big Room Mix) Loved track 8:11
24 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Danny James Dirty Electro House Mix) Loved track 4:04
25 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Muzikal Azylum Underground Mix) Loved track 8:09
26 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Mike Strip Unzipped Mix) Loved track 4:33
27 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Danny James Filthy Electro Dub) Loved track 4:06
28 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Allan Beck Amalgamated House Mix) Loved track 6:01
29 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Moog Lee France Mix) Loved track 4:48
30 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Penny and Ashtray Japan Mix) descarga gratuita Loved track 5:59
31 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Sam Philt Filterdisco Mix) Loved track 5:17
32 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Richie Rico Remix) Loved track 4:33
33 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run (Danny James Extended Mix) Loved track 6:01
34 Clint CrisherIntro: The Sun, Moon & Stars descarga gratuita Loved track 4:21
35 Clint CrisherDestiny Loved track 4:41
36 Clint CrisherOne More Try Loved track 5:50
37 Clint CrisherEight Loved track 8:22
38 Clint CrisherBig Boy Loved track 7:57
39 Clint CrisherI Believe It descarga gratuita Loved track 5:52
40 Clint CrisherSurvival (Willie's Velvet Mix) Loved track 10:34
41 Clint CrisherI Knew U Were the 1 Loved track 3:24
42 Clint CrisherRun Baby Run Loved track 3:35
43 Clint CrisherSuzie Cream Cheese Loved track 3:43
44 Clint CrisherSpotlight Loved track 3:54
45 Clint CrisherTwilight Zone Loved track 3:05
46 Clint CrisherU & Me Loved track 3:42
47 Clint CrisherBeen There, Done That Loved track 4:40
48 Clint CrisherTinker Bell Spell Loved track 4:10
49 Clint CrisherPsycho Killer Loved track 5:57
50 Clint CrisherDr. Grip Loved track 3:37
51 Clint CrisherSay What U Will Loved track 3:54
52 Clint CrisherLet Me Watch - Peter T.ech House Mix Loved track 5:45
53 Clint CrisherGet Nasty - HERSH Club Mix Loved track 4:40
54 Clint CrisherForeplay - Peter Tanico Remix Loved track 4:44
55 Clint CrisherIn and Out Motel - JJ's No Vacancy Mix Loved track 8:02
56 Clint CrisherNaked Medley - McGowan Empulsive Crosspromo Loved track 9:44
57 Clint CrisherForeplay - Peter Tanico Extended Club Mix Loved track 7:28
58 Clint CrisherForeplay - Dj Mike Strip Mix Loved track 4:23
59 Clint CrisherNaked Medley - McGowan Empulsive Mixshow Edit Loved track 6:01
60 Clint CrisherStroke It - PT's Wet Dream Club Mix Loved track 7:04
61 PrinceI Wanna Be Your Lover 2:58


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