• EXO-K & EXO-M

    6 Jun 2012, 13:02

    I've been listening to EXO-M for some time now.

    Of course, my 10 year old cousin noticed/heard the difference when I started listening to EXO-K.

    He was like...

    "Hey, is that a different version of what you usually listen to?"

    Of course, I was like...

    "Oh, you noticed? Yeah. This is the Korean versions. These guys are called EXO-K while the one you always hear is EXO-M."

    It was a surprised to me that he noticed since he's not into KPOP.... but he's into MALICE MIZER and the GazettE.

    And other metal bands... lol.

    Of course, his interest to MALICE MIZER and the GazettE was influenced.... by the awesome me.