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  • Parachute '10 Review - Pt. 1

    1 Feb 2010, 21:05

    Fri 29 Jan – Parachute 2010

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    I have just got back from Parachute 2010 up in Mystery Creek, Hamilton. It was an awesome weekend with heaps of bands, heaps of stalls and attractions and lots of giveaways. I am going to do a three part review of the entire weekend, I will post one part a day, Today I am covering what happened on Friday, tomorrow I will post about Saturday and on Wednsday I will post Sunday’s review.

    When I first arrived on Friday I decided to have a look around the place and check out some of the stalls. There were tons of food stalls, but as you would expect most were quite expensive. There were also lots of craft stalls, a book-shop with performing artists CD’s for sale and also Parachute merch. And if you could stand the sweltering heat in overalls you could have a go at paintballing. At Parachute there were 6 stages: The Dome, the Massive, The Apollo, the Deluxe, the Palladium and the Mainsatge. And they had bands playing all most non-stop at each of them from about 1 in the afternoon to almost midnight each night.
    The first night I was over at the Mainstage where everything seemed to be happening. Some of the headlining bands that night were: The Smart (a pop rock band from Aussie), All Left Out (a power pop/pop punk band), Falling Up (a rock band from Oregon, USA) and my favourite of the night Rapture Ruckus, a hip-hop/rock band from our very own Welly.
    The first band up on the Mainstage was reggae band Three Houses Down. I can’t really tell you what they were like as I am not very experienced in the Reggae music department. But they were definitely not matter what you music taste (unless you absouletly hate reggae). After them was The Smart who were my second favourite band of the night their music seemed very dramatic or orchestral if you know what I mean. Their single, Smithereens had heavy piano, very pounding, driving drums and a very slow marching sort of tempo until later on in the song, I would definitley go to see them live again. The third band, New Empire I didn’t have a chance to listen but from what I heard they were very good.
    Next up was All Left Out a power-pop/pop punk band from Hamiltom, my third favourit band of the night. Their music is very upbeat and energetic, but also very catchy. And they are definitley set on breaking on to the Kiwi music scene, having opened for bands like Fall Out Boy and Rage Against the Machine. “As the founder of the Vans Warped Tour, I have seen many great bands come and go over the past 14 years,” says Kevin Lyman. “There are few I remember fondly, for both their musical talent and their drive to be successful as a band. All Left Out is one of those bands.”
    The second to last band of the night was the extremely hyped hip-hop/rock band Rapture Ruckus. Their set started with some amazing pyrotechnics and they had the best lighting effects during the whole of Parachute, in my opinion. I wouldn’t really listen to their music if it was on CD, but when it was live they were amazing, pretty much my favourite band of the whole weekend. The last band of the night was Falling Up but unfortunately I also missed them.

    Check back tomorrow for Part 2. Seeya!