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30 Abr 2006, 6:28

OGDEN YAZA 'Up From The Cracks'
2000-02-16 Review"A CD-ROM with 72 minutes of trial, error and success. The DIY design is hip and fun, and some of the 27 tracks are pleasant variations on the alternative music scene. The short "Synthetic Church Bells" followed by an instrumental 'Hipno' seem to be my favorite. They aren't perfect - sort of jazz experimental meanderings of guitar, bass and keyboard. Then there are the scary sort like "The Bleachy Head" which is dying to be included in Andy Warhol's Jekyll and Hyde; you can't understand the words, but the bubbles and general dark demeanor of the place will eventually get to you.

The CD is so varied that you'll have to like Eno or noise to completely dig this homemade CD. Elements of metal creep in like liquid nightmares, but the beats don't come into it. Open your mind, that's all I say."
By: Ben Ohmart
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