My Top 10 Artists Stats


26 Dic 2007, 0:18

I saw this on another journal, and decided to do it myself. I'm using my top 10 artists for this.

1. Hoobastank
First song I heard: Connected
Song that made me love them: The Reason
Current favorite song: Escape
Overall favorite song: The First Of Me
Least favorite song: Pieces

2. Celldweller
First song I heard: Stay With Me (Unlikely)
Song that made me love them: Switchback
Current favourite song: Birthright (Demo)
Overall favourite song: Switchback
Least favourite song: Klayton - Beginning of the End

3. Breaking Benjamin

First song I heard: Blow Me Away
Song that made me love them: Blow Me Away
Current favourite song: Simple Design
Overall favourite song: So Cold
Least favourite song: Topless

4. Nickelback

First song I heard: How You Remind Me
Song that made me love them: How You Remind Me
Current favourite song: Rockstar
Overall favourite song: If Everyone Cared
Least favourite song: Diggin' This

5. Linkin Park

First song I heard: Crawling
Song that made me love them: In the End
Current favourite song: Valentine's Day
Overall favourite song: What I've Done
Least favourite song: X-Ecutioner Style

6. System of a Down

First song I heard: Chop Suey!
Song that made me love them: B.Y.O.B.
Current favourite song: Spiders
Overall favourite song: Spiders
Least favourite song: Psycho

7. The Rasmus

First song I heard: In The Shadows
Song that made me love them: In The Shadows
Current favourite song: Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)
Overall favourite song: Sail Away
Least favourite song: Immortal

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

First song I heard: Californication
Song that made me love them: By the Way
Current favourite song: Hump de Bump
Overall favourite song: Dani California
Least favourite song: My Friends

9. Lostprophets

First song I heard: Wake Up (Make a Move)
Song that made me love them: Last Train Home
Current favourite song: A Town Called Hypocrisy
Overall favourite song: Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)
Least favourite song: The Handsome Life of Swing

10. Foo Fighters

First song I heard: Best of You
Song that made me love them: DOA
Current favourite song: Long Road to Ruin
Overall favourite song: Monkey Wrench
Least favourite song: New Way Home


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