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    28 Nov 2008, 12:02

    well...just what the title says really. i joined this thing just a few weeks ago and it had already taken up a little bit of my life (as exciting as it was really). This is fantastic! Why hadn't anyone told me of this site before eh eehhh?

    It's just the thing for geeks(musically) like me. I don't know what it is about the whole charting of plays on your ipod but there is something weirdly appealing about it.

    Never was a sucker for statistics until i signed up for this. I've already baffled most of my mates with this site because they dont see the point of it. i can understand what they're getting at. "Charts, i mean what good can really come out of this site"? "Its just numbers and stuff". It was only after my 100th scrobble when things started to get interesting. The recommendations are coming thick and fast and to be honest, i dont quite know what to do with most of them haha. So far had a few people ive never met, hit me up, and put me onto a couple of great bands. One of whuch im seeing tonight, Four Year Strong! :)

    My charts pale in comparison to most peoples on here but should be getting into the swing of things in the next few weeks. This really is the social music revolution and its only going to get better! Im gonna be using this journal for posting pointless rants and general banter. All of which is probably going to be read by one person-Me.

    My ultimate goal(on this) is to get some sort of podcast going to share music and waffle. Kinda like but..y'know on a much much lesser scale.oh and without the celebrity guests but you never know.

    ps Off to see New Found Glory at brixton academy tonight which is gonna be great. The acoustics at that venue are notoriously poor but NFG are a good enough band to step up the plate and tear the place apart. They never fail to put on a good show and though i can be biased towards NFG i can say that with absolute honesty. They'll be great!

    Lets get our melodic-hardcore on!!..or melodic hard-on? mehh. Same difference.

    Speaking of Same Difference. Looks like they're making a comeback a year after x factor. God help us all.