• My Proposal (Bride March Version)

    5 Feb 2007, 22:26

    This little piece of music is an instrumental version of a pop ballad I wrote and produced to propose marriage to my wife. It was always my wish to see my bride pacing towards the altar accompanied by a piece of music he wrote only for her.

    And the scene was great: Successively three bridesmaids walked down the aisle (that's why the little trumped "tada"s were necessary as starting signals) and with a flourish (at 1 minute 14 seconds of the bridemarch) my bride appeared.

    Unfortunately a complete symphony orchestra was too expensive ;-) Everything you can hear is completely computer-made. But even if it sounds not 100 percent like a real orchestra (meanwhile there are much better orchestra samples available and affordable) it is quite close to it and worked really well at the ceremony.
  • Fantasy For Two

    5 Feb 2007, 22:21

    This little duet for cello and piano was played as part of our wedding ceremony. However, the version you can listen to on is completely computer-made. Of course the cello cannot compete with the beautiful sound of a real cello played by a skilled cellist.

    I'd really like to offer you the live recording of the wedding ceremony performance. But unfortunately you cannot hear much of the cello part in it because we were not prepared to do a high quality recording.