2007 - A year in review


22 Dic 2007, 15:22

Here is my "review" of 2007, mostly metal... and more precisely "melodic metal"! I've decided to sum it up in different classifications rather than long boring speeches... it has been hard to list all this stuff and I may have forgotten (or not listened lol) some albums but anyway, I hope it will be enough!

Top 10 - Best Albums of 2007

1/ Ensiferum - Victory Songs
2/ Dark MoorTarot
3/ After Forever - After Forever
4/ Symphony X - Paradise Lost
5/ Axxis - Doom Of Destiny
6/ Helloween - Gambling with the Devil
7/ TurisasThe Varangian Way
8/ AmorphisSilent Waters
9/ TherionGothic Kabbalah
10/ Circus MaximusIsolate

Honorable albums from these bands (no special order there): Spheric Universe Experience, Threshold, Powerwolf, Raintime, Messiah's Kiss, Sonata Arctica, Finntroll, Domine, The Dogma, Vision Divine, Epica, Olympos Mons, Russell Allen & Jorn Lande, Andre Matos, Mind's Eye, Galneryus, Sybreed, Voyager, The Poodles, Sieges Even, Grimmark, Primal Fear, Dogpound, The Old Dead Tree, Samael, Tacere, Avalanch, Stainless Steel, Masterstroke, Burning Point or Dark Tranquillity

Top 10 - Best Songs of 2007 (NB: I chose only one song by bands)

1/ EnsiferumWanderer
2/ HelloweenThe saints
3/ TherionSon of the Staves of Time
4/ Dark MoorDevil in the Tower
5/ TurisasFields Of Gold
6/ EpicaSancta Terra
7/ Symphony XSeven
8/ FinntrollEn Mäktig Här
9/ Sonata ArcticaThe Harvest
10/ SamaelSuspended Time
10/ RaintimeAnother Transition

Other songs worth to be mentioned (no special order there): After ForeverTransitory, Messiah's KissBabylon, AmorphisA Servant, SybreedTwelve Megatons Gravity, The Old Dead TreeDive, Gamma RayInsurrection, KamelotGhost Opera, AxxisDoom Of Destiny (Arabia), Circus MaximusArrival of Love, Mind's EyeFeed My Revolver, NortherFrozen Angel, ThunderstoneForevermore, Vision DivineThe 25th Hour, Iron SaviorThe Omega Man, Olympos MonsThe Price, GalneryusLast New Song, ExcalionThe Wingman, AvantasiaAnother Angel Down, Dream TheaterProphets Of War, Freedom CallQueen Of My World, Ride The SkyA Smile From Heaven's Eye, Silent ForceRunning Through The Fire, Andre MatosLetting Go, IronicaMake me whole again, ProphesiaLiving for the Night, Dark TranquillityMisery's Crown, The PoodlesThunderball, DomineI Stand Alone (After the Fall), Mors Principium EstThe oppressed will rise, BattleloreSummon the Wolves, MegadethSleepwalker, Primal FearNew Religion, Nightwish7 Days to the Wolves, DerdianNew Era, The DogmaBitches Street, SireniaThe Other Side, AquariaFirewings, Mägo de Oz - Deja de llorar (Y vuélvete a levantar), Korpiklaani - Let's Drink, Battlelore - Summon the Wolves or Pain of Salvation - Disco Queen

Top 10 - Best Debut Metal Albums of 2007

1/ Andre MatosTime To Be Free
2/ KeldianHeaven's Gate
3/ Civilization OneRevolution Rising
4/ PathosrayPathosray
5/ Emerald SunEscape From Twilight
6/ GwyllionAwakening the Dream
7/ ProphesiaEye Of The Storm
8/ IronicaConsequences
9/ MehidaBlood & Water
10/ Ride The SkyNew Protection

Top 10 - Best Heavy/Power/Symphonic Metal Albums of 2007

1/ Dark MoorTarot
2/ After Forever - After Forever
3/ Axxis - Doom Of Destiny
4/ Helloween - Gambling with the Devil
5/ TherionGothic Kabbalah
6/ Powerwolf - Lupus Dei
7/ Messiah's Kiss - Dragonheart
8/ Olympos Mons - Medievil
9/ Galneryus - One for All, All for One
10/ The Dogma - A Good Day to Die
10/ Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising

Top 10 - Best Progressive Metal Albums of 2007

1/ Symphony XParadise Lost
2/ Circus Maximus - Isolate
3/ ThresholdDead Reckoning
4/ Mind's EyeA Gentleman's Hurricane
5/ Sieges EvenParamount
6/ Spheric Universe ExperienceAnima
7/ XystusSurreal
8/ Knight AreaUnder A New Sign
9/ Pain of SalvationScarsick
10/ Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos
10/ Pagan's MindGod's Equation

Top 5 - Best Folk/Celtic/Pagan Metal Albums of 2007

1/ Ensiferum - Victory Songs
2/ Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup
3/ Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto
4/ BattleloreEvernight
5/ Moonsorrow - V: Havitetty

Top 5 - Best "Other" (non-Power/Prog/Folk) Metal Albums of 2007

1/ AmorphisSilent Waters
2/ SybreedAntares
3/ The Old Dead TreeThe Water Fields
4/ Mors Principium EstLiberation = Termination
5/ Dark TranquillityFiction

Top 10 - Best French Metal Albums of 2007 (NB: 'cause I am French, I couldn't forget that lol)

1/ The Old Dead Tree - The Water Fields
2/ Spheric Universe Experience - Anima
3/ Eilera - Fusion
4/ Dornfall - Précieux Secret
5/ Frantic Machine - The Beginning
6/ Zuul Fx - Live free or die
7/ Style Trip - Gargoyles In Nightmare
8/ WildpathNyx Secrets
9/ Anken - Te Varvo
10/ Deafening silence - Backlash

Noticeable Non Metal Albums

Blackfield - Blackfield II
AngeSouffleurs De Vers
HolophonicsA Land To End My Flight
The Birthday MassacreWalking With Strangers
Les Rita MitsoukoVariéty

That's all!
Feel free to comment on this "review", as I told you I may have forgotten some bands/albums... but some others have disappointed me too! lol


  • MartinW

    Hm, you think Unia and A Good Day to Die were better than Ghost Opera (the album)? Can't say I agree, but whatever, it's not my list. :)

    30 Dic 2007, 0:57
  • MelonMan1981

    Ghost Opera (the album) is among the biggest disappointments of the year for me, along with Nightwish, Within Temptation or Freedom Call albums! :) But it's your right to disagree with me of course... :)

    4 Ene 2008, 14:50
  • Pharaun_

    Propably you haven't heard debiutant Witchking album :/ But list is pretty good.

    5 Ene 2008, 20:34
  • MelonMan1981

    I've heard Witchking's first album but I didn't like it very much, a bit too repetitive and boring IMO! ;)

    6 Ene 2008, 11:23
  • onewinteronly

    That's great work right there. Check out my blog, I'm doing my own list, you might like some stuff there. :)

    10 Ene 2008, 11:44
  • robert7

    Ride The Sky was the best thing of 1007 imo

    18 Ene 2008, 18:48
  • robert7


    18 Ene 2008, 19:27
  • TheMusicalVito

    I'm tagging this for later. Cool.

    19 Ene 2008, 20:06
  • hurricane_mario

    Top 10 - Best Debut Metal Albums of 2007 Why isn't Wildpath #1 on that list??? You fail. :(

    12 Feb 2008, 14:15
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